Steve Madden shoes opens shop in Canal Walk, Cape Town

After much anticipation, Steven Madden is finally open in Canal Walk. (Their other SA stores are all in Jozi).

Steve Madden

I popped into the grand opening last week to admire their pretty shoesies and completely destroy my pre-St Tropez diet with cake pops:

I ate all the lilac ones; they had marzipan cake in the middle. Sooo worth the kJs…

Once my sugar high wore off, I proceeded to face plant (with shame and despair) into the popcorn bucket:

Nice n’ spicy… mmm…

But ja, I know you’re not here to stare at food snaps so let me show you a few of their uber-mooi goodies…

I actually might go back for those tan wedges with the stripey soles; they’ve totally grown on me.

As for this bag, it deserves its own shot:

I have another one that’s so similar that I can’t justify buying it, but I just can’t… stop… thinking… about… it!

Want to see more of their stuff? Check out my Steve Madden pre-post over here or visit Clouds’ and Karisa’s blogs too; they also attended the launch. The best way to get your fix, however, is to actually pop into the shop.

Love, love


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