About me

My name’s Leigh van den Berg and I’m a beauty addict. 😉 If you want to get in touch, drop me a line on zebraempires@hotmail.com (Don’t laugh, I’ve had that addie since Std 7…)

I love how thin my arms looks in this picture. Yep, I'm that shallow.

I love how thin my arms looks in this picture. Yep, I’m that shallow.

I live in beautiful Cape Town and work full-time for The Jupiter Drawing Room recently left my glam advertising job for a short-lived stint to edit a local beauty website that retrenched me after four months. No bitterness there. I’ve since moved on to become the fashion and beauty ed for a popular online women’s magazine.

Prior to this I used to be the beauty ed for Women24 and spent four years working as the assistant ed for Clicks ClubCard magazine. This was a super-fun job in that every three months we got to turf out this huge store-room filled to the brim with beauty goodies and perform the ‘big girl’ equivalent of the Reggie’s Toy Run. I also learned more than I ever wish to know about vitamins and came to realise that there are people out there who take Sudoku very, verrry seriously. For realzy. You screw that puzzle up once and you’ll get half your bodyweight in meticulously penned hate mail…

I also do a lot of freelance writing on the side. Mostly about beauty, health and sex. (Thank you Cosmo!) Thus, in the last ten years I’ve covered topics that range from ‘get flawless skin in a flash’ to ‘how to shag your man while cleaning your house’.  (My mad Aunt Rosie came up with the best position of the bunch – the Rug Bugger! It’s when you gooi your carpet over the washing line and beat it with a stick while your guy does you from behind…)

Anyhoo, I’m thrilled to have a medium to blab on about all things ‘beauty’. It’s something I’m passionate about and I just can’t seem to leave the industry alone.

So, get your glam faces on chicas – it’s time to talk product*!

Love, love


*Just so you know, all reviews are just my personal opinion and do not reflect on whoever my employer happens to be at the time. I also never have and never will accept money to review a product. That’s just biased and wrong and gross.

31 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Leigh,
    Thank you for taking the time to visit us at Canal Walk. Look forward to your article about INGLOT.
    Kind Regards Ronnie Fivelman

    • Hi Heidi! Thanks so much for this, it’s much appreciate. I’m not going to have time to create a blog post about it or answer those questions any time soon though. I’ve taken on a giant freelance gig – working as a copywriter for an agency in the avies – so I’m in a bit of a time crunch in between that, my morning job, freelance writing and getting out a big product post backlog. So if you want to give my nomination to someone else I’ll totally understand. But thank you again x x x

  2. Hi Leigh
    I have a very bling product id love for you to try out. Heard of vajazzle? I import and would love to start getting it out there. Cape Town is quite slow on the trend.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Nadine! Thanks for getting in touch but I’ve already written about Vajazzle (for All4Women.co.za, I think) about a year ago. Wishing you all the best with your venture.

  3. hi. i have seen your blog a few times previously through google image search results, for beauty products that i become interested in before i buy. so i just like to see what google and beauty bloggers, such as yourself have to say about products first. i really like your blog. this is the first time though that im actually visiting your site via the computer because i wanted to see what your blog actually looks like!
    i really like how you write-youre funny 🙂 and witty too. wow that comment about : ‘…gooi your carpet over the washing line…’ -absolutely hilarious lol 🙂 …anyway, i just wanted to stop by to say that i like your blog and have “followed” you, so look forward to seeing your posts in my reader from now on. keep up the good work! blogging is hard work and so time consuming- i tried-and i failed- lol 🙂 … but i might give it another go at some point in the future. maybe. im not sure… anyway. take care and keep on keeping on, you funny, intelligent, pretty girl. 🙂 ❤ xoxo, aarthi…

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  5. So I’m doing some research for work and stumbled upon your very enjoyable blog – so much so that I’ve been reading for the past half hour. Much respect on the consistency – I know just how much of a commitment that is.

    x bt x

  6. There are blogs and then there is your blog ,I must say I am envious (yes green eyed monster envious ) your blog is equally entertaining as it is informative keep up the good work and I love how you also feature local brands you are committed and relate to your followers all the best cant wait for your next post

  7. I never learnt to put on foundation etc let alone keep posted on makeup langauage. I am popping in to say hello to a fellow South African blogger at WordPress. Pleased to meet you and I wish you all the best Leigh. Have a lovely evening. 🙂

  8. The posts are so well written that this is a pleasure to read. Each post captures the truth or essence of something which leaves the reader fulfilled…

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