Thierry Mugler Alien and Angel Aqua Chic EDT review

I have a bit of a tumultuous relationship with Thierry Mugler’s Angel. It’s one of those divisive fragrances that you either love or hate and, upon first sniff, I totally fell into the hater category. Years went by and I ended up being given a fresher, lighter, ‘summer version’ of the scent and decided I rather liked it. Alas, I lost interest in it after a few months and passed it on to a friend. Now, however, another even more luminous version is on the shelves and I’m totally back in the Angel zone.

In a nutshell, Angel is like a bad ass ex boyfriend I keep on running back to time and time again. Or maybe that’s a bad analogy ‘cos Angel isn’t ‘bad for me’ per se. Nor did it ever dumped me (for the second time!) in between shovelling Thai food in its face and saying shizz like ‘I know you hate me, but you really have to taste this… Hey! Stop crying and taste this! It’s sooo good…’

But ja, I’m totally rambling. What I really want to tell you is that Mugler’s created yet another set of limited edition lighter versions of his two most iconic scents; Angel and Alien Aqua Chic:

Is it just me or does this shot make the bottles look like they’re doing a watery tap dance a la Rihanna’s Umbrella video?

Like the other summer versions of years gone by, their notes have been given a tweak, but this time, their formulations got a makeover too. To explain, while the regular EDPs are composed of 15 to 20% perfume mixed with water, the Aqua Chic EDTs contain 30% floral water. So, if you found either of them to be a little too overpowering in the past, it might be a good idea to give these new guys a bash.

Having given Angel Aqua Chic a sniff, I can instantly tell you that it is lighter and yes, fresher, thanks to the addition of lemon and pink peppercorn top notes that surround a cornflower water heart. To my nose, however, the pink pepper smells like juicy red berries. This is what I get immediately after the dry down along with a subtle hint of lemon. When the base notes come through (patchouli and vanilla), they’re still sweet but not half as loud as that of the original EDP.

Alien Aqua Chic also has water at its heart but it’s ginger-scented. Yum! Its other notes include lemon verbena, freesia and jasmin on an amber and cashmeran wood base. I struggle to pick out any individual notes with this one. To me it just smells like a much more translucent version of the Alien I know and I love. (I’m a BIG Alien fan; it’s been one of my ‘go to’ winter scents for years.)

Curious? They in store as I speak going for a rather reasonable R675 for each 50ml bottle. If you give them a sniff please let me know your thoughts, good or bad. And do you have any ‘we break up but then I go running back’-type of scents? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Love, love


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3 thoughts on “Thierry Mugler Alien and Angel Aqua Chic EDT review

  1. I’ve bought D&G Light Blue and ended up selling it to someone in my office twice now. I really want to wear it but get nervous that it smells dated.

    1. Light Blue always reminds me of high school. I wouldn’t worry too much; it’s a scent from ‘back in the day’ but enough of a classic not to smell like you’re stuck in the 90s or anything. Or I’d hope. I quite like it too.

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