Review: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil body oil

Palmer’s are kind of killing it right now. I still adore that Shea butter lotion they sent me the other day but now, as we move into winter, it’s time to bump up the hydration factor. For this, I generally like to rely on body oils as opposed to body butter. To me, it’s a way to get max moisture but without any heaviness and this where Palmer’s new Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil body oil (R62,95) comes in.

Hello new friend!
Hello new friend!

I like that it’s a cheap as chips and has a super subtle coconut scent that doesn’t linger or remind you of that time your bestie knocked her pina colada all over you and your new (possibly faux) Michael Kors in Thailand.

Currently, I’ve got enough body oil in my stash to fill a kiddie pool and host a wrestling competition so I gave this one to my flatmate, Gaylord, but am now sitting with major regrets as every time I sniff it on her I want to lick her arm. She’s also crazy in love with it so there’s no way I’m getting it back so I just have to settle for sneaking into her room every now and again to steal a little.

Natural hydrators for days...
Natural hydrators for days…

Just a note for the purists – this boytjie isn’t 100-percent coconut oil so please don’t attempt to whip up any almond-flour pancakes with it if you’re in a pinch. It’s a blend of natural oils that includes Monoi infused with Tiare flowers as well as sweet almond. It is, however, free of sulfates, mineral oil, paraben, pthalates, gluten and dyes.

Love, love


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