Steve Madden shoes are coming to Cape Town

Steve Madden make some gorgeous shoes; I often see then when I cruise for the perfect summer wedges on Amazon; they tend to pop up in my ‘You like that? You’ll probably like these too’ panel.

Anyway, Jozi girls have had easy access to Meneer Madden’s footwear for a while thanks to a dedicated store in Fours Ways mall in Sandton. Now, however, us Cape Town girls are getting a Steve Madden store too, opening in Canal Walk in September.

My friend Georgina is the SA brand manager and invited Clouds and I to come take a peek at their new stock. Out of everything I got to see, these babies were my favourites:

First up, we’ve got le Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired pump:

Studlyy pumps, R999

Studs and rivets are big, big news right now and this works the trend to the max. They’re also the perfect multi-tasker in that it doubles as a boyfriend-thrashing device. You know, for when he leaves his bloody coffee mug next to the bed for the millionth time. Or comes home blind drunk and crashes into your carefully categorized beauty stash while trying to take off his pants. Those situations…

Another goodie? This cute neon ‘n nude sandal:

P-lemon sandals, R499

When I wear flats, I feel like a huge hulking fat ass. Seriously. It’s like the moment my foot isn’t in an arched position I mentally gain 20kgs. This is why I like my flatties with a little bit of heel-age, which is exactly what these cuties provide:

Sjoe! Thank God!

I also thought these black espadrille wedges were pretty sweet:

Manngo wedges, R899

Last, but not least, they’ve also got a few bags including this neon number that’s been spotted on Kim Kardashian:

B Pandora bag, R799

Spot anything you like?

Love, love


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5 thoughts on “Steve Madden shoes are coming to Cape Town

  1. Hi there Leigh, I am Noluvo..Do you perhaps have Georgina’s alternative email besides the “” as I emailed her a month ago however she hasn’t opened my email.Please this is really urgent. Thank you 🙂

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