New Coverderm Perfect Legs fluid review & the sheer beauty that is the Tintswalo Atlantic

Due to the amount of launches I go to, I’m lucky enough to spend time in all sorts of pretty places. One of the nicest I’ve been to in ages, however, has to be the Tintswalo Atlantic in Hout Bay. Looky, looky…

These piccies still don’t do it justice…

This ridiculously beautiful spot was where Coverderm held a product launch and spoiled us (disgustingly so) with a cocktails and pedicures on the deck plus an indulgent three course lunch. (I had the beef fillet, it was melt in your mouth delish. Their chef is just as good as the view.)

Anyway, one of the products we got to get up close and personal with this boy:

Coverderm Perfect Legs fluid SPF 40, R495.

If you’re familiar with Coverderm, you’ll know they’ve already got a product called Perfect Legs but it’s got more of a creamy, thicker consistency. Perfect Legs fluid is lighter and easier to spread around but doesn’t skimp on the coverage. It’s pretty much the perfect solution to hiding ‘leg imperfections’ like spider veins, bruises, stretch marks, vitiligo and what not. It’s so pigment-packed, in fact, that it can even cover up a tattoo and is available in colours to suit both light and dark skin tones. Other pluses? It lasts 24 hours and is 100% waterproof so you can wear it to the beach or around the pool. Just bear in mind that it’s got an SPF of 40 and could create crazy tan marks if you’re not careful to protect any bits you expose but don’t ‘cover’.

I got the Coverderm treatment experience and was impressed that it could be applied to my legs without having to moisturise them beforehand. (Doing so is fine, but it will sheer out your coverage. Same goes if you apply it with a sponge which is why it’s best to blend it in with your hands. Once it’s on, you can break out the sponge, wet it and use it to ‘set’ your handiwork.) I liked that it ‘evened out’ the skin on my legs and did a decent job of hide the teensy li’l spider veins I have on my calf, the result of working my ass off as a waitress for half of high school, all of college and the first few years of my career in advertising*. I was also impressed by how it did rub off all over my clothes or the cream-coloured couch I sat on later that day.

Sexy legs darlings! (And please know that I did not rock up to the event in that hat. It was a gift from Coverderm…)

The only thing that could make you HATE this product is if you pick the wrong colour. Going too light will make you look ‘ashy’, like you’re wearing flesh coloured pantyhose (ew!) and picking a shade too dark with make your legs look ‘muddy’. My suggestion is that you test it on your actual legs as opposed to your arms and try as many shades as possible before settling on the one that works best. And if you only ever bare your legs while wearing self-tan, make sure you’re wearing it when you’re testing the shades.

After our leg make-over, each of the beauty editors was given one of these guys…

…a ‘wishing rock’ with their name on it!

This is an old tradition of the Tintswalo Lodge Atlantic (I know, how much do you love it?!) in which guests get to toss their rock over the balcony into their ocean while making a wish. Mine was pretty simple; ‘Could I find a nice, sweet boy who, unlike my ex, doesn’t want to sleep with my friends?’ I closed my eyes, pulled back my arm and threw as hard as I could and BAM! My rock fell on the bloody stones behind me.

I’m now paranoid that this is going to affect the potency of my wish but the nice Tintswalo people assured me that the tide does come in and my sad little rock will indeed end up in the ocean. Please hold thumbs!

Thanks Coverderm, this was a beautiful launch and one of the nicest I’ve attended in ages.

Love, love


*I used to earn a cool R4K as Hunt Lascaris’s ‘highest paid’ junior copywriter. Thus, there was a super fun period of my life where I’d sleep in my car between 5 and 6 and then go wait tables while scrawling ad campaign ideas for Woolworths on my note pad between taking orders. For the record, I was an intensely kak, uber-distracted waitress and have been fired from pretty much every restaurant in Cape Town. I am, however, the world’s best tipper.

12 thoughts on “New Coverderm Perfect Legs fluid review & the sheer beauty that is the Tintswalo Atlantic

  1. where can I get a hold of this coverderm perfect legs fluid spf 40 products in south Africa cape town cause I would really love to buy it

  2. Hello. May I ask how much the coverderm perfect legs liquid is? And would you have an idea as to its effectiveness of hiding stretch marks on a black person’s skin (on a naturally tan toned skin but not too dark)?

    1. Hi Lee! I’m actually not sure how much it costs and haven’t tried any of the darker shades. I reckon get into a store that stocks it and play around with it on your skin to see if it works. The people at Nailmetics will be able to give you more info –

  3. Hi I bought three coverderm products for my son who has vitiligo. and for the first time in his life he could wear a shorts but I did not know about the coverderm perfect legs, so can I use the perfect legs instead of all tree products because we had to mix the 3 products to get the right color that fits his skin color.

    1. Hi Anthea! It would be hard to say. You’d have to take him in store and try it on him to see if Perfect Legs comes in a colour that matches his legs. If not, you might end up having to mix the shades again. I hope you find a solo shade that works!

      1. I’m not sure hun. This is an old post and I’ve had no dealings with Coverderm in ages. Your google or call to a stockist will be just as good as mine x x

  4. It’s not waterproof, I purchased Coverderm legs cream thru Lazada for $43.5 ( Php 2,155 ) in our money last July 24 it was delivered. And I am so disappointed because it’s not what it says.

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