SA supermodel Candice Swanepoel jets into Cape Town to work with with Woolworths

Last week Candice Swanepoel, one of South Africa’s hottest, not to mention most successful, model exports, popped into Cape Town.

If I looked like this I'd do my grocery shopping in a thong.
I need to stick this shot on my fridge to stop me from raiding it when I get home late at night after launches.

The Victoria’s Secret model was down to shoot a campaign for Woolies and do a bit of work with Operation Smile and a bunch of media peeps were invited to a little meet and greet. Alas, I wasn’t able to make it as I’d already made family plans. Fortunately, my friend Tracy Branfield was free and, as fate would have it, possibly the biggest Candice Swanepoel fan in Cape Town. She was only too happy to go along in my place and wrote the following piece for le blog:

You’ve probably heard of our ridiculously gorgeous, local export, Candice Swanepoel. If you haven’t, I suggest a quick Google search that will make you drop that cupcake you are eating faster than Miley can twerk (ha!). Jokes aside, I have had the Victoria’s Secret model in a bikini as my wallpaper for well over a year now as motivation to get into top shape for summer and I’ll admit I am a HUGE fan. She is one of my greatest role models so you can just imagine my excitement when I heard I had the opportunity to meet Candice in person.

Candice was here to shoot a Woolworths campaign entitled ‘Operation Smile’, which gives children born with cleft lips and palates the gift of a new smile. To celebrate the successful shoot, a bunch of lucky peeps were invited to the swanky Mount Nelson hotel for a meet-and-greet and, as it turns out, Candy (I’m totally calling her that now) is as beautiful in person as she looks in the glossy magazines. She had been shooting since 6am that day but still looked radiant in a black slit dress.

That's actress BLAH on the left and I'm assuming that's Candice's family on the right.
These piccies are courtesy of Clayton Morar, the PR who helped organise the bash. That’s Candice with local actress Vanessa Haywood on the left and I’m assuming those peeps on the right are Candice’s family.

She gave a speech to thank Woolies and all those involved, even tearing up when she mentioned that she made some of the children smile for the first time during the shoot. The campaign is clearly very close to her heart and her gentle nature makes her title of VS Angel very fitting. She happily posed for hundreds of photos with everyone at the event (regardless of how tired she must have been). I managed to get a snap with her but it came out a little blurry.

Jirre, Trace, it's time to get a decent digicam. This cell phone thing isn't working out for you.
Okay, so only I’m blurry in the photo. Candy looks like a total goddess.

Speaking of her beauty, Candy keeps herself looking flawless by going for facials every 3 weeks, exercising regularly (she loves boxing and yoga) and using tea-tree oil on her face and coconut oil on her body. Her skincare routine consists of cleansing, toning and moisturising, and she eats nutrient-dense foods like fish, vegetables, nuts, avocado and goji berries for a glowing complexion. Her weakness is peanut butter and chocolate ice-cream, making her human like the rest of us.

Thank you to Woolworths and Clayton for making one of my dreams come true as soppy as that sounds. I now more inspired than ever to push myself to new heights. Keep your eyes out for Candice’s campaign.

Tracy Branfield x 

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