Review: Veet wax strips, hair removal cream and in shower hair removal cream

A little while back I got to have lunch with a group of beauties and two of the Miss Veet finalists thanks to Jill Groger of Zebra Square who helped with the competition’s PR. While the meisies I met didn’t win (ag nee, girls!) they still get to walk off with their zexy race horse pins – the kind of legs that, if I had ’em, I’d pretty much never wear pants.

Odirile Sepeng has been crowned Miss Veet sa 2015.
Odirile Sepeng has been crowned Miss Veet sa 2015.

As for me? Well I have ‘regular girl’ legs that require constant de-fuzzing and have often relied on hair removal cream to do it, especially when I also want to ‘loosen up’ a little ‘old’ self-tan before exfoliating it off. I also use hair removal cream in my bikini area (yep, this post’s going to go there. Boys, avert yours eyes now!)

So! I was thrilled when Veet sent me a large box containing a bunch of the bestselling hair removal products – everything from their wax strips to cream. (Thanks Jill!) I’ve now worked my way though it and am happy to share my thoughts, the first being ‘hot damn, their ‘bikini’ wax strips are teeny tiny!’

This would be fine for your face but I'd have to use the whole pack to sort out my bikini area.
This would be fine for your face but I’d have to use the whole pack to sort out my bikini area.

I then opened their rose-scented Supreme Essence wax strips (R55 for 18 strips, Dis-Chem) that, Veet say, are infused with essential oils.

Ah, much better!

I’d used strips from a different brand in the past and found the wax would often pull away from just the one paper when you peeled them apart. Veet’s, however, peel apart just the way they should. I cut them in half and put them to work in my bikini area and thought they were very good at their job. Afterwards, the treated skin was a little red, but not ‘crazy welty red’ which is something I experienced with the other brand. I don’t know why that is, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Still, while wax strips might be the ultimate bikini area solutions for women with nerves of steel, I’m a bit too much of a wuss to use them to the max. To explain, I can merrily blitz the majority of my bikini area hair but then totally chicken out when it comes to venturing, er, further down. So this is where Veet hair removal cream comes in.

Veet pics1-001
Veet Hair Removal Cream (R41,95 for 50ml, R55 for 100ml at Dis-Chem.)

Available in variants for ‘sensitive’, ‘normal’ and ‘dry’ skin, the latter Veet hair removal cream did a great job of taking off the hair in the super sensitive areas that I wasn’t willing to hit up with wax. You simply slap it on, wait about two minutes and then wash it off in the shower. Boom! It’s that easy and this is how I like to roll. I opted for the dry variant despite having normal skin ‘cos I figured sensitive might need to be left on longer (I didn’t read the instructions, so I don’t know for sure) and am always happy to give my skin more bonus hydration.

I then tried it on my legs but found you needed to lay it on thick if you want to blitz each and every hair. This isn’t especially cost-effective so I’d stick to using it as small surface area solution only. i.e. underarms and bikini.

As for Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream (R89,95 for 150ml, Dis-Chem, this dude’s a winner.

Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream – this is the guy I generally end up buying when I run out of freebies.

Maybe its because it contains more cetearyl alcohol (a fatty, non-drying alcohol derived from coconuts) but somehow this formula doesn’t dry on your skin as much as the ‘regular’ cream so you don’t have to slap it on as thick. The next bonus is that there’s less waiting around for it to work it’s magic. You can hop in the shower after one minute, wait for two (keeping any lotion-slathered areas away from the direct water stream) and then rub it off with the supplied sponge which works a lot better than the ‘scrapers’ that come with the regular cream. For me, it’s the perfect way to blitz hair on my legs as well as in my bikini area and yes, I know I then don’t benefit from the longer-lasting effects of wax but hey, that’s okay with me.

Anyhoo, this is the part where I could say ‘Thank you Jill! I think of you every time I blitz my bits’ but that would probably just be rude.

Love, love


SPECIAL ALERT: I’ve listed Dis-Chem prices as I couldn’t find any others online but I do see that Clicks are running a special until the 21st of this month – buy any 3 Veet products and you’ll get the cheapest for free. Yay!

2 thoughts on “Review: Veet wax strips, hair removal cream and in shower hair removal cream

  1. lol…”blitz my bits” – that’s really funny leigh 🙂 … i would like to try the in shower cream sometime- thank you for this wonderful review. you make such a boring topic so funny and entertaining and above all, readable!

  2. All these models are gorgeous, the brand Veet is always number #1 in the world. Also off course my favorite brand as well. Thanks for sharing a detailed review about the product, I loved your article keep it up your good work 🙂

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