Wellness Warehouse launches its own all natural bath & body range

Don’t you love that as more and more brands go organic or start using organic ingredients, the prices seem to drop? As it is, there’s now only a R1,50 price difference between organic and non-organic milk at Woolies.

Anyway, Wellness Warehouse recently launched a divine in-house range of bath and body goodies made using all natural ingredients, many of which are organic. This means no potentially toxic chemicals, artificial additives like colouring or fragrance and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) that could dry out very sensitive skin. It’s also cruelty-free, so you can rest assured that no li’l bunny rabbits were harmed during the making of your body butter.

The collection includes a body butter, hand cream, body scrub and body wash available in six different all-natural fragrances; Citrus, Coconut & Vanilla, Mango, Strawberry, Green Tea and Lavender & Patchouli. Prices range from R65 to R105.

Wellness Green Tea body butter (R105) and hand cream (R65)

I’m a freak for green tea (Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea EDT is one of my favourite summer scents; I’ve been wearing it since college) so I was thrilled to receive the Green Tea collection.

Of everything I tried, I most liked the body wash as it was the most heavily fragranced of the bunch. (For some reason I couldn’t really smell the green tea in the hand cream or body butter. The other ranges, however, are quite strongly scented.)

Wellness Green Tea body wash, R89,95

As it’s free of SLS, a foaming agent, it doesn’t really lather up but does a nice job of gently cleansing your skin while smelling totally delish. I like that it’s got a super high concentration of aloe leaf juice which, aside from being a great moisturiser, it’s also a good antioxidant with well documented anti-inflammatory properties.

My second favourite goodie’s gotta be the certified organic salt scrub enriched with Dead Sea salt:

Wellness Green Tea body scrub, R105

At first glance, it had a lot of olive oil floating around its surface so my initial thought was ‘there’s no way this is going to have a decent enough concentration of granules to buff my self-tan off… no freaken way…’ Merrily, the moment I opened it and stirred it up, the oil blended up with the sugar granules to make a nice, thick grainy paste. It did a great job of buffing up my bod and removed my old, patchy self-tan with ease. The only negative is that, being oil-based, you can’t really use it in the bath or you’ll end up getting out looking like a slick. (I know some people like that actually, but I prefer to come out super clean.) If, however, you’re like me, use it in the shower (being careful not to get any water into the tub), follow up with a shower gel to remove any oily residue and then you’re all set.

While, I liked both the hand cream and the body butter (again, fabulously formulated with loads of natural hydrators; think aloe juice, olive oil, Shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil etc), I like these to have a bit more fragrance to them which is why I’d probably look at other variants to get my fix. Mango maybe? Or possibly some relaxing Lavender & Patchouli…

Either way, my beloved The Body Shop’s now sitting with a little bit of competition.

Love, love


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