Brighten up with White Glo Express Whitening System

Remember how I got to rate and review White Glo toothpaste? Well, I got another White Glo goodie to play with – White Glo Express Whitening System, R179,99. Essentially, it’s a home whitening kit consisting of a mouth tray and whitening gel that’s double the strength of the one they used to use.

White Glo Express Whitening System - all you need is 5 minutes a pop!
See this tray?


I didn’t think for a second that it would fit in my mouth as it looked so bulky, but it turned out that you can actually customise it to fit. Simply drop it in almost boiling water so it turns nice and soft, stick it in your mouth and press it to your teeth and then dunk it into cold water so it hardens up again. Just like that, you get to create a gum tray that’s moulded to your teeth.

A perfect mold. Also, you can twist that tab off of it, so you can close your lips over it completely.

Using it is also easy – once you get the hang of it. You’re to pour a little of the peroxide gel into the tray and pop it in your mouth for 5 minutes, which sounds easy enough, but it took me a good two tries before I got over the way it made me drool and drool and drool. I also found a little of the gel would run out the back of the tray and into my mouth. (Fortunately it doesn’t taste bad at all – like peppermint). Eventually I got to grips with it by using it in the shower like the box suggests. One the (sexy) drool build up hit le max, I’d just tilt forward and let it pour down into the drain.

The first time I used this, I didn’t see much of a difference. By the third time, however, I could see that it had lightened up my teeth. Not considerably, but enough to spot the difference between my top and lower set. Eventually, by the sixth time, I could see a very visible difference. I imagine if I keep going, it’ll only get better. The box says I get a good 60 applications out of it, so that’s a good thing.

Anyhoo, like I said, I’m completely addicted to Crest Whitestrips which I buy off the net. They work twice as fast as the White Glo kit and you can’t even feel that you’re wearing them. However, if they had to disappear off the net, I would definitely toss a White Glo kit into my trolley. There simply isn’t another product on SA shelves that can offer the results it does. It’s also much less expensive and I like that it’s very kind to teeth and doesn’t cause any sensitivity. (Crest’s strippetjies, as much as I love them, tend to leave my teeth very feeling very ‘delicate’, making v. cold shizz like ice cream a real no no. Les tragique!)

In all, I reckon if you want to whiten up, can wait a week and don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket (or your teeth), White Glo’s a very good option.

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8 thoughts on “Brighten up with White Glo Express Whitening System

  1. R179,99 my love. Use it morning and night for a week and you’ll def see results. I made a point of doing just my top teeth to compare the diffs and it’s definitely v. visible.


  2. today is my first time using the whitening pen and strips and i already can see the diffrence and i got it from dis chem and they are on a special i think i can go buy again tomro and keep it before the price go back to normal i have never see such fast results before i love ur product

  3. Awesome that this product has been reviewed by a fellow South African 🙂 i got the whitening system from Glomail…UTTERLY USELESS!! Im hoping this will make my teeth white again as they have become discolored over the years…

    great review will buy my own in a few days!

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