Sunscreen review en masse: Avene Very High Protection lotion, Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch and Payot Payot Sun Sensi protective anti-aging face cream

A bunch of sunscreens recently crossed my path and I took two of them with me on a beach holiday to Kenya, one being Eau Thermal Avene Very High Protection lotion SPF 50 for sensitive skin (R299 for 250ml, Clicks and Dis-Chem).

Ahoy there, boat buddy!

I was very grateful to this guy as he saved my skin on a day when we took a snorkelling tour which meant hours on a boat as well as in the water on a blazing hot day that was a little bit overcast – perfect ‘burn weather’. Being very water-resistant, it stayed on my skin for ages and lived up to its promise of not serving up any white marks. I also like that it contains a mix of antioxidants.

The only negative is that it felt a little sticky but, hey, this is what kept it on my skin for so long. For this reason I’ll reach for it again when I’m doing something sportsy (i.e. super sweaty) or water-orientated as it works like a boss but won’t use it as a ‘daily’.

The other holiday gem? Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch SPF 50+ Golden Tint (R259,95, Clicks and Dis-Chem).

He likes pina coladas AND long walks in the rain.

If you’ve got an oily/combination that’s prone to spots and want a matte looking facial sunscreen that also provides a healthy-looking tint then this is going to hit the spot. In fact, it might be the nicest tinted sunscreen I’ve tried to date!

So, what’s in the mix? Salicylic acid to help keep your pores clean and clear; an antioxidant complex proven to stop your face’s natural oils from turning thick and gunky which also contributes to clearer pores over time and soft-focus powders to help mattify and diffuse the light.

I found the shade Teinte Doree (Golden Beige) was a perfect match for my skin (which was a little darker than usual thanks to self tan) and gave me a healthy-looking tint. If you’re unsure of your shade, my best advice is to lean towards the dark side as its super sheer. Still, because of its tint, an even application is important, so I smoothed it on with a sponge to create a flawless-looking finish.

Initially, I worried that if it shifted on my face from all the sweat (it’s super hot and humid in Kenya) it would look like I was wearing foundation that was melting but nope, I just looked ‘regular’ sweaty, and the only way you’d tell I was wearing a tint was if I rubbed my face on a light coloured towel. Still, it’s probably best suited for a day when you’re going to be in the sun but aren’t going to sweat up a storm.

Lastly, once I got back from my trip, I was very happy to receive a tube of Payot Sun Sensi protective anti-aging face cream SPF 50 (R369, Dis-Chem).

Hello sunshine!

A while back, I reviewed Payot’s Pate Gris, a cult spot fighter that, while effective, was sensorially unpleasant. It was a bit of a surprise as the Payot I know is an indulgent, spalicous-feeling brand that’s all about dreamy, creamy textures and soft, pretty scents. Their sunscreen, however, is completely in line with ‘pampering Payot’ as, despite serving up a super high SPF, it feels just like (lightly) floral-scented daily moisturiser.

Being oily-combo, many sunscreens, particularly if they have high protection factors, make my skin feeling greasy or occluded but this little darling serves up just the right amount of hydration, absorbs fast and doesn’t feel sticky in the least. I’ve been wearing it while I run off all the pina coladas I downed in Diani and it’s been an absolute pleasure. In fact, if I had a regular skin type (i.e. not one that’s super oily and requires a feather light lotion), I could easily team this with a good antioxidant serum and wear it every day.

Love, love


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