GIVEAWAY: I splurged on a travel beauty haul from Clicks and have a gift card you could win!

Guess who’s on her way to South East Asia again? Yep, I’m off to live la vida digital nomad once more and yes, the term still makes me want to vom. D i g i t a l nomoooo-mad. Ugh! Still, I’m already sitting on a plane to Kuala Lumpur as I type.

Before I left, Clicks spoiled me with a gift card that I immediately blew on travel-related beauty goodies, the first being the most gorgeous pack of travel bottles for just TWENTY FIVE FREAKING RAND!

I can never have enough of these guys!

I LOVE that you get a sak within a sak. Also, it’s piiiink! And so cuuute! I’m going through a real ‘pink is life’ phase, right now. You might notice one of my little bottles is already full. I used it to decant some of the giaaaaant bottle of cleaning solution I was given after piercing my ears at Claire’s. You can read about that over here.

Speaking of minis – how adorable are Sorbet’s li’l bebbeh hair products? I picked up their volumizing sham and con (R45 each) plus a tiny dry shampoo (R45). I gave the latter a quick test drive and am pleased to report it’s very similar to my beloved Batiste.

I love minis! They’re a great way to try before you commit to a bigger buy.

Two more mooi minis? Oh So Heavenly Mum & Cherub Farm Fresh Happy Manes 2-in-1 conditioning bath wash & shampoo (R18,99) …

Mooh-la-la, darlings! (Ja, I just cringed too!)

… and Cettua makeup cleansing wipes (R24,99) for the plane.

See how tiny the pack is? Beats lugging around a giant wad of baby wipes.

I also grabbed a bottle of Skinny Tan mousse, especially since finding self-tan is mission impossible in skin lightening-obsessed Asia. Same goes for anything related to blonde hair and tampons that won’t cost an arm and a leg. For real. We’re talking R80 for a box of 12! But, ja. I’m naturally corpse-coloured but like livin’ my best life in a bikini, so I’ve tried just about every single self-tan under the sun and Skinny Tan mousse is one of my ultimate, ULTIMATE faves. If you apply it with a mitt it absorbs lightning fast without a drop of sticky ick and doesn’t have even a hint of that gross, biscuity self-tan smell – even right at the end just before you wash it off! I’ve often slapped it on my arm in the morning then headed off to freelance office gigs and nobody’s been the wiser that I’m bronzing. I just “magically” start looking more tan-a-licious by lunch.

Hello, old friend!

I also channelled my inner mermaid and bought some waterproof make-up! Ladies, if you go anywhere near South East Asia, you NEED a waterproof mascara. It’s not just a case of ‘oh, I’m going to be swimming a lot’. You WILL be caught in a tropical downpour. There WILL be times you sweat so freaking much that wearing ANY make-up, other than waterproof mascara, will be impossible. With a good one, at least your lashes will look fabulous while the rest of your face – SKIN INCLUDED – melts straight off when that cute Australian boy helps you drag your suitcase up the steps to the Bangkok sky train! (Okay, so maybe your skin won’t melt off. I was just being dramatic. But you get what I mean, right?)

L’Oreal Paradise Extatic waterproof mascara (R199,95) on the left and Essence #InstaPerfect liquid make-up (R99,95) on the right.

As far as foundation goes, I don’t get a lot of opportunities to wear it over there, but on the odd not so humid night when you hit up da air-conditioned club via an Uber it’s a real nice to have. This and curiosity saw me pick up Essence’s new #InstaPerfect liquid make-up. I gave it a bash last week and really liked it. The coverage is sheer to medium yet feels very lightweight on your skin. It reminded me a lot of Garnier’s 24-hour BB cream for oily skin that I love, love, love. Let’s see how it holds up in the sweatbox that is the far east. Either way, I bought insurance in the form of Revolution Sport Fix Fixing Spray (R139,95).

It kept my blush on after a 4km run in South Africa. So far so good.

Now, let’s get to the exciting bit! I’ve got a Clicks gift card worth R500 that could be yours if you get in it to win it. As always, entering is easy peasy. Just leave a comment below telling me what you’re going to blow your gift card on.

Later, I’ll open the comp up on Facebook and Instagram too, so keep an eye out, okay? It closes on 22 May 2019 at 5pm and is open to SA resident only.

Good luck meisies!

Love, love


109 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: I splurged on a travel beauty haul from Clicks and have a gift card you could win!

    1. Gift card gonna be blown on facial products…my face needs to a bit of rejuvenation so I’m definitely blowing on the Nivea facial wash×Scrub,the Nivea toner and their vanishing cream

    Sorbet products for sure! Love their exfoliators and moisturisers, AWESOME

    1. My makeup bag needs a major overhaul so it will definitely be makeup, makeup and some more makeup. Really want to get The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation

  2. Safe travels! We enjoy reading about your adventures!
    Makeup! And those travel bottles because that clear case is so cute!

  3. Ugh that Essence foundation was so bad I got rid of mine. I tried it with all number of primers and application methods and it just always ended up looking greasy and separating around my nose and on my chin. And I LOVE that Garnier BB cream! Let me know what you think after more use, but I found it was more of a win on drier skins than my combo one.

  4. Love your writing Leigh. You never fail to make me LOL.

    I would probably try a couple of the products you’ve recommended. That fixing spray sounds like a definite.

    Happy travels!

    1. My basket haul 💙 Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara, Skin Republic Face Mask, E45 Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Oh so Heavenly Bye Bye Stress Handcream and Rimmel Lipstick 💕💕

  5. Wine………OH WAIT, SORRY, WRONG SHOP……..
    I’m a mommy of a 2 year old who spends ALL my money on diapers and bumwipes! So I would spoil myself this time with something lekker like sweet and salty popcorn and chocolate to start with, make up brushes as I have NONE, and I’ve been dying to try The Body Shop’s Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Powder Wash 🙂

    1. Well…. Tomorrow is my 40th birthday 😁😁😁
      Would love to pamper myself with some Sorbet goodies…. So I’ll definitely spend it on clicks awesome Sorbet range

  6. Definitely that fixing spray and the travel bottles. U can’t have too many. And probably a new makeup brush or sponge

  7. I will go and buy more body/skin products for winter as I need them right now as the weather is changing, and my body becomes so dry in winter.

  8. I’m going to try the Skinny Tan. I’m not a self tan kind of person because they were always too sticky, smelly etc. You’ve convinced me!

  9. Yay, you are traveling again! Enjoy it!
    I would probably get another jewelry box or tray as Clicks’ ones are great and some Marc Anthony hair products as they are my go to for my curly, wild hair.

  10. Hi Leigh. I would love to buy the sorbet mini shampoo and other products for traveling. I also love the sorbet lip gloss. My favourite!

  11. Whoop whoop for your upcoming adventures! I would spend on a sorbet facial brush and lash paradise mascara 🙂

  12. I cannot wait to read about your travels again.
    I think i would try the Skinny Tan mousse – getting to old to lie in the sun
    Safe travels

  13. If I’m being honest, it’s going to be the toilet paper special, cute baking stuff and Batiste dry shampoo

  14. Sorbet Hydrating Face Mask Clarifying & Moisturising works like a charm after a hectic day at work! Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliator keeps skin fresh without feeling damaged. And basically everything from Essence cosmetics!

  15. Definitely skinny tan, travel accessories, collagen tablets (because the wrinkles are here), Water Less dry shampoo and Betadine shampoo.

  16. Essence Nail Polish. Oh So Heavenly Body Lotion. Yardley Lipstick. Aunt Jackie’s Hair Products

  17. I thought you were going to say just kidding! About being on your way back but OMG you’re doing it again. I’m so amped for all the posts to come. I would definitely blast it all on skincare. I’m pregnant and my skin is just not happy minus my beloved BHA, AHA and retinols

    1. Oooh I’d buy all the oh so heavenly soaps, Maybelline mascara, a Real Techniques foundation brush and some nuts!! I love clicks!!

      1. Definitely tons of Sorbet face masks and The Body Shop’s Coco Calming or Rose Dewy Glow Face Mist ❤️ maybe even both 😉 Def need some extra hydration for my skin this winter!

  18. I’m interested in make-up but am not brave enough to try it, so I’d probably fill it with begginers make-up essentials as well as everything sobet also the oh so heavenly body mists they smell amazing

    1. This voucher will be from heaven, and I’ll spend it on Oh So Heavenly, cream, Essence make-up and Clicks nail kit.

  19. Id spoil myself with this eye shadow pallett iv been eyeing and prezzie for mom never bought her anything for mothers day

  20. I’d spend it on Sorbet goodies for sure. It’s my 40th birthday on Tuesday and this would be the most amazing treat for me….

  21. Hand sanitizers and wet wipes 😅 I have bottle and packs in every handbag. Also Aquaphor because it’s literally a life saver. And lastly I’ve been loving the Mavala nail polish so definitely some winter colours to add to my collection 💅🏼

  22. As a preggie, confidence levels are on the down low…. I’ll definitely buy lots of make up goodies to spice up my glow🤩

  23. I’m definitely getting some waterproof mascara, OHS shampoo and conditioner, Clicks ECO-Friendly Flushable baby wipes and chocolates.

  24. Hair goodies and make-up! 😍 The 22nd is my birthday, so holding thumbs for a birthday surprise! 😁

  25. I’d use my gift card on a moisturizer for myself and some toiletries for my baby boy. 😍 Just got back to work from my maternity leave, and need extra of everything to send for creche.

  26. I would love to blow it on mum&baby products for my sister. She’s finally having a baby after years of trying and I’m just the most excited aunt ever. I want them to have everything they need and I know Clicks’ got EVERYTHING! Safe and happy travels to you!

  27. All the skincare!! Also need to stock up some makeup goodies and love the look of that Essence Foundation. Love Essence makeup and for what you pay, I think it’s SUCH incredible value. LOVE a good Clicks haul 🙂

  28. I would love to buy some Multivitamins for the Winter. I would also love a much needed new Hair dryer and some haircare products. And maybe some yummy treats with the change…. mmmmm..

  29. I love, love Clicks. I get lost in there too often.
    I would definitely blow the voucher on the following: Sorbet Rechargeable Facial Cleanser and Garnier Micellar water (both of which happen to be on sale right now.)
    I’d follow up on those “needs” with a want: Revolution Re-loaded Palette Newtral.
    Thereafter, there would be just enough remaining for my all time favourite treat: Cadbury Twirl. ❤
    Happy travels. I hope you have an amazing time (with some bizarre tossed in for the extra fun blog posts.)

  30. Treat nyself to some skincare! Been going through some tough times after duvorce 😀

  31. My basket haul 💙 Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara, Skin Republic Face Mask, E45 Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Oh so Heavenly Bye Bye Stress Handcream and Rimmel Lipstick 💕💕

  32. I recently bought foundation and highlighter at clicks now theres this eye pallett iv been eyeing ..and will throw an mothers day prezzie since i ddint get her anything

    1. Would be awesome to have Marc Anthony’s coconut and shea butter Conditioner. Love the smell, smells yummy. Makes my hair so soft and manageable.

  33. Since December my acne has been out of control and I used to be one of the lucky ones who never had skin problems but now it’s at its worst. I would spend that R500 on some quality skincare.

  34. Some sorbet goodies especially if it’s 3 for 2 and you can’t go wrong with some lindt choccies

  35. Im so impressed with Makeup Revolution great value for money so Im defn goin to go crazy on more Revolution products

  36. Concealer, mine is on the last shake, squeeze and repeat. Next step is to cut it open en wipe the last bit from the inside.

  37. Anything and everything Makeup Revolution!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Their palettes, and highlighters are just sooo gorgeous 😍😍😍

  38. R500 gift voucher would be spent on Henna hair dye to cover my grey which seem to poping up more often and then my good old faithful Clicks hair straightener has decided to stop working so would like to get the BaByliss
    iPro 235 Hair Straightener

  39. Ile definitely buy oh so heavenly products as I love the different fragrances and oh don’t forget the lip gloss

  40. I often fantasise about a Clicks Reggie’s Rush situation! I’d spend it on Bioderma and Avene skincare.

  41. I’d definitely use it to buy some face care products. Really need a good eye cream and night cream, 32 and the wrinkles are starting to creep in.

  42. Will stock up on Vital products as winter is here and we need to keep our immune system in good health.

  43. I’d definitely grab my fave Eucerin day cream and Garnier micellar water. Then my all time best eyeliner pen from Nyx and mascara from Maybelline. Finally some nappies for my little poplap 😊

  44. I would love to splurge on my travel sized products as you did because i would like to escape to Drakensberg soon ♥️♥️♥️

  45. I’ll spend my giftcard on the Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying Face SPF 50+ sunscreen and the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Serum 🙂

  46. I’d definitely use it to buy some face care products. Really need a good eye cream and night cream, 32 and the wrinkles are starting to creep in.

  47. I’d splurge on some new essence and make-up revolution products, get a few face masks and a good face cream to keep the skin looking radiant when i’m not wearing make-up! I’d get some nail polish and some body creams as winter can be very drying to the skin! Fingers crossed

  48. I’d definitely make my way to the Revlon section…love their products especially their Colourstay Foundation (literally been using it since I was a teen!)

    1. I’d blow it on makeup revolution spoils!!! ❤ I’m obsessed with their brand and what better way to spoil myself with incredible makeup to make up for exam stress! Need some happiness right now ❤❤❤

  49. Sorbet and oh so heavenly , essence I’m travelling to see my Daughter in oz in December iv not seen her in 4 years so all spoils will be for her, I missed her 21st so iv got lots of making up to do, cant wait to do mummy and daughter stuff.

  50. Dry shampoo is a must for me and hair colour because i am thinking of changing my har colour

  51. I’m pale AF so def need some Australian Gold tanning lotion in my life! And always take a walk through the make up section, love me some Essence products!

  52. I would buy myself enough Oh So Heavenly products for my bathroom!!! Love it and crazy about!! Smells absolutely divine 💗💗💗

  53. My best friend is due to have her first baby in July 2019 it’s a girl’s and we are so excited. I’d love to spend this voucher on some clicks branded baby essentials for her ❤️

  54. Oh Wow, I love to shop at Clicks cant say what I’ll buy, I always change my mind in store. But be sure I will have a splurge….. travel safe…🤗 Thank You.

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