I tried FitChef, South Africa’s leading healthy meal delivery service, and it’s utterly delish

The other day FitChef got in touch and said they wanted to send me a snack and I was all ‘Hey, sure! Whatevs!’ I mean, you can never have too much biltong and nuts in your life, right. But then they dropped off a huge box full of frozen meals, smoothies and more and oh boy was I glad. Their food is seriously delicious and fabulously good for you too. In fact, I don’t think my bod has seen this much yummy veg in such a short space of time since… gosh, maybe forever?

Love it!

Love it!

Anyway, let’s step back a bit. If you didn’t know, FitChef is currently South Africa’s leading ‘healthy and convenient food company’. They create a huuuuge array of healthy meals to fit just about every eating plan – from low carb or low cal to vegan, vegetarian and sports performance. Ordering up your meals is as simple as selecting which ones you want online and then you can collect them from their offices or have them delivered to your door. They also have a nice selection of ‘programmes’ to help make things easier. For example, they’ve got a 21-day weight loss/detox plan consisting of a meal plan plus 54 meals, 44 smoothies and a bunch of healthy snacks.


Not pictured are the chocolate salted cashews. Those babies lasted all of two seconds.

On the subject of smoothies, I really, really enjoyed their GAP variant, a surprisingly sweet (yet sugar-free) mix of grape, apple, beetroot, banana and pear (pictured up top).

As far as the meals go, I got to try several and there wasn’t a single one I didn’t enjoy. The standout, however, was the lentil and tomato bredie with sweet potato mash.

There's that beetroot juice again. So good!

There’s that winning beetroot juice again…

They also do a non-veggie version made with boerewors and that was epic too. Another winner? Ostrich potjie with mixed veg.

Ostrich potjie with cauliflower and greens.

This was so satisfying and filling, I couldn’t believe it was only 750 kilojoules!

Despite looking squishy and unexciting in their little bakkies when frozen, each dish was brimming with flavour and varied ingredients. It wasn’t just a case of giving you a meat and a single veg – there was almost always an extra green thrown into the mix. Also, it was clear that each dish had been tried and tested for deliciousness for making it’s way onto the FitChef menu.

Speaking of delish, you have no idea how good FitChef’s famous beetroot brownies are!

Made with Belgian dark chocolate and beetroot (although you'll never know it), each little square is a sweet, moist and decadent little piece of heaven.

Made with Belgian dark chocolate and beetroot (although you’ll never know it), each little square is a sweet, moist and decadent little piece of heaven.

If you’re a busy person who don’t has time to cook, can’t cook or simply want all the ‘thinking’ and prep work removed from the challenge that is eating healthfully, pay a visit to FitChef’s site. Their meals aren’t cheap (you’ll find all the pricing there) but they’re not outrageous considering what you’re getting. Many grocery chains, for example, have loads of ready-made-meals you can freeze, but unlike FitChef, most of them contain added sugars, gluten flours and preservatives.

Thanks again, FitChef! You’ve got a new fan.

Love, love


Looking for a great value spa AND lunch special? The Westin Cape Town’s Secret Lunch hour is a gem

Lean in girls, I’m about to fill you in on something you’re going to want to know about it… The Heavenly Spa at The Westin Hotel in Cape Town is running the most fabulous special right now called Secret Lunch hour. For just R650 you get to pick a 45-minute spa treatment of your choice and enjoy a 2-course lunch in ON19, the hotel’s restaurant in the sky, conveniently located right next to the spa.

How gorgeous is Heavenly Spa's pool?

How gorgeous is Heavenly Spa’s pool?

While the special is on to celebrate Women’s Day, it’s going to run for a while and I got to indulge in it the other day with one of my besties, Gia, and we both love, love, loved it! The treatments you can pick from include a 45-minute mani, pedi, facial or back, neck and shoulder massage. Because we’re both hard working li’l stress balls we didn’t hesitate to opt for the massage and thought both of our therapists, Nurse and Alicia, had magic hands. We loved how they were able to get ‘medium to hard pressure where needed’ and instinctively found all the muscles that needed a real going over.

Don't forget to grab a choccie when you leave!

Don’t forget to grab a choccie when you leave!

If we’d had time, we’d have arrived early or left late, spending time at the spa’s pool which definitely has the best view of the city. You can also hang out in the lounge area where they serve up tea along with killer chocolate-dipped crunchies. (I know, ‘cos I happily pilfered two of them.)

This is where you're going to sip your tea and pack away those crunchies.

This is where you’re going to sip your tea and pack away those crunchies.

After drifting out the spa, we headed over to lunch (again the views are epic) and decided our two-courses would be starters and mains, but if you’d rather do main and dessert that’s an option too. I’ve eaten at ON19 a couple of times before and have always been impressed with how their food looks just as good as it tastes and this visit was no different.


Views for dayyyys, yo!

To start, I ordered the grilled calamari salad made using tender strips, rocket, lemon and celery.


It’s got a nice, spicy kick thanks to a bit of chilli.

As for Gia, she picked the lamb and goats cheese fritters and declared them ‘yum’.


FYI, the roast pepper hummus it’s lying on is really good too.

For mains, Gia decided on the Happy Hog, a verjuice and honey-glazed pork belly…


…served with apple chemoula, bitterballen and sweet potato puree…

…and I opted for the crispy, sticky lamb porcetta.

While the meat was great, I really, really enjoyed the generous portion of creamy, dreamy BLAH that it was served on. When mixed with the meat's gravy it's a total treat!

While the meat was great, I really, REALLY enjoyed the generous portion of creamy, dreamy pistachio and lemon gremolata, barely, beans and romesco sauce it came with.

Afterwards, we were so full we couldn’t even squeeze in a cappuccino!

If you’re looking for a way to spoil or enjoy a day out with a friend, this is the way to go and it’s stellar value for money too.(While travelling up to the spa in the lift, I noticed it’s menu on the wall and saw that a 45 minute massage alone was about R500!) Also, if you’ve got the kind of job that won’t permit a two hour lunch break, know that this special runs on both Saturday and Sunday so now that’s the best part of your weekend in the bag.

Love, love


Review: Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencil and ka-Brow! eyebrow cream-gel colour

Right mense, are you ready for a Benefit Brow bonanza? The brand’s reworked their brow offering and the line up includes something ridiculous like over 40 products. Also, don’t freak when you hear 40, this is if you count the colour options of each item. Most of the items come in up to 5 shades so you’re sure to find one to suit. Still, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in store going ‘Good God, which one do I choose? WHICH ONE?!’

Lucky for me, I got to attend the launch and walked off with several goodies packaged in a super cute ‘pinball’ box.


Love it!

Included in the mix was Gimme Brow (R335), a slick-it-on-and-run volumising brow gel, which is great as this is a product I’ve tried, loved and am happy to have more of. You can read my review over here.


Benefit Gimme Brow!

Of everything else I’ve played with I’ve now landed in a brow love triangle that now includes Goof Proof eyebrow pencil (R335) and ka-Brow! eyebrow cream-gel colour (R335). I don’t want to play favourites ‘cos I’m worried Goof Proof will attempt to stab me while I sleep (it’s got that vicious glint to it, you can see it, right?) but let’s start with him.


Hello hun bun!

If you’re in the biz for an easy to use, daily brow pencil then Goof Proof is your friend. It’s got a twist-up head so you don’t need to bother with a sharpener and the colour glides on well and stays put. Also, I love that it’s got a spooly brush at the end. So many eyebrow pencil’s don’t and I just don’t get it.


Girls, you all need a spooly brush, mkay?!

To show you his work, let’s start with my brow au naturale. Forgiveness in advance for not having had the time to really shape them properly.


Yep, that’s me!



And here we’re all dressed up using Goof Proof. A nice, subtle ‘every day’ look.

Moving on, let’s chat about ka-Brow or he’ll get jealous.


Benefit ka-Brow!

When I first saw this product it intimidated the living daylights out of me. It made me think of gel-cream eyeliner and I’ve just never been able to use it, not because it’s rubbish but because I’m utter kak at applying eye liner and need it to be as idiot proof as possible. Ka-Brow, however, is super duper easy to use.


You simply dip the brush into the pot and colour in your brow using the ‘precise’ side to define and the ‘flat’ side to colour things in.



See? Depending on how you hold the brush, you can create a super fine or thicker-looking line.

The result is a lot more impactful than what you get from Goof Proof (don’t hate me GP! You can be my day time brow buddy) so it’s the perfect dude for an evening look or if you’re simply having a day where you want to head out looking fierce.


Fab, right?! This is ka-Brow all on its own. I wiped off Goof Proof before applying it.

I honestly can’t believe I didn’t think this product would work for me ‘cos now I love it to bits.

Next time you’re anywhere around a Benefit counter (you’ll find them in selected Edgars stores) do yourself a favour and check out the new brow line. You’re going to find some regte gems.

Love, love


Urban Decay finally hits South Africa and I got a sneak preview of their new store in Sandton

Finally! Urban Decay has returned to South Africa with a bang.  When their store officially opened in Sandton City, Urbies were lined up outside the doors.

See that girl in the foreground walking away? She's going to her car to fetch her switch blade 'cos she's just realised that if they sell out of Primer Potion things are going to get real...

See that girl in the foreground walking away? She’s going to her car to fetch her switch blade ‘cos she’s just realised that if they sell out of Primer Potion things are going to get real…

The brand also launched a pop-up palette shop that almost broke the internet. This brand is making noise, yo!

To celebrate the launch, a bunch of beauties hit up Dakota Lee rockabilly bar in Jozi for a blur of burgers and booze that included a temporary tattoo parlour and Spin & Win colour wheel that saw spinners get an application of whatever colour it landed on.

Nina, this was the best of the bunch, I promise. I'm asking you for forgiveness in advance.

Nina, this was the best of the bunch, I promise. *ducks* Also, for the record, I’m wearing Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder on my face and Smog and Half Baked shadows on my eyes.

Anyhoo, the night got intensely ‘fun, fierce and female’ (to put it mildly) and myself and a bunch of beauties decided to adult like utter pros by downing yet more bubbles when we got back to the hotel. The end result was the kind of (well-deserved) post-party hangover that made us all want to gouge our eyes out. Seriously girls! I thought my head was going to explode like a bloody grenade so standing in the UD store the next day with neon lighting and loud music nearly broke us but oh my God were we there and were we AMPED! At one point I thought I was going to black out over the blush stand but nothing, NOTHING, was going to stop us from swatching up a storm. This in itself is a testament to the power of the beauty world’s most wondrously pigmented eye shadow.

Naked palettes hungry for your lovin'...

Naked palettes hungry for your lovin’…

Beauty friend: I feel like my brain is leaking out my ears but I can’t stop applying lipstick.
Me: My liver is about to shut down but I’m compelled to try on every shade of highlighter.
Beauty friend: My skull is being squeezed in a vice but I’m not leaving until they call our names over the loudspeaker at the airport…

Hello there jungle friends!

Hello there jungle friends!

So, what is in this cave of wonder that you’re going to want? The short answer is pretty much everything… and boy do they have it. I’ve been snapping up Urban Decay products for years via various department stores and Sephora stands across the globe but I’ve never seen so many of their products all in one place.

This is just a sliver of what's waiting for you, meisiekind.

This is just a sliver of what’s waiting for you, meisiekind.

We’re talking every ‘standard’ eye shadow single plus the new Moondust line up… All the Naked palettes you know and love as well as limited edition lovelies like the UD XX. It’s not just their bestselling eye shadow primer – it’s whole line up in every shade (yep, they come in shades) including the anti-ageing variant. It’s all there girls, just waiting for your credit card.

The lighter silver pans to the right are the moon dust shadows. For when ordinary sparkle just doesn't cut it.

The lighter silver pans to the right are the moon dust shadows – for when you reach Sparkle Unicorn Level 2000 and ordinary shimmer just doesn’t cut it anymore.

They’ve got all the new Vice lippies too – super pigmented, ultra glidy lipsticks in every shade known to man and available in an array of finishing that include creme, matte and balls to the wall glitter.

Gorgeous display, right?

Gorgeous display, right?

Now let’s talk price! This is the big question everyone keeps asking me so let’s whack at it. Urban Decay isn’t a ‘cheap n’ cheerful’ brand but their items aren’t going to financially destroy you either. (Well, unless you lose your mind and buy everything and yes, there is a real danger of that happening.) To give you an idea, their shadow singles are R220 a pop which is pretty on par with MAC’s, which, last I checked, was R210. A few years back I probably would’ve told you to play in store and then buy online from the states, but now that our Rand has hit the skids buying locally is almost dollar-for-rand identical to the states and in many cases even less expensive.

So, the next big question is ‘What did you buy?!’

Being surrounded by all that UD mooiness was tough as there were so many things I wanted but I can’t justify buying another lippie when I’ve got five million at home, more arriving every time I open my door and an expensive car service coming up that isn’t going to accept payment in gently tested BB cream. Thus, I did the Very Adult Thing and curbed my credit card in favour of making a mental note of the items I want and plotted to get them via my standard Urban Decay payment plan – emotionally manipulating my rich biets sister when I return to St. Tropez. (‘See this scar from when you me flung that nut cracker at me?! That’s a primer potion right there, girl!… You’re doing dinner with Karl Lagerfeld? Sounds almost as awesome as my about-to-expire, marked down Checkers lasagna. I’ll take that Suspect shadow single, thanks!)

Still, there was one item I wanted immediate access to so I broke down and snapped up this boy…

Naked Skin Ultra Definition powder foundation, R550.

Naked Skin Ultra Definition powder foundation, R550.

Hoekom? Because THIS recently happened to my beloved Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder.



How it broke almost deserves its own blog post. Would you believe me if I told you I’d literally just dropped off a bunch of stuff at a charity I support when a small, cricket bat-bearing child came flying out of nowhere to smash at my handbag like a freakin’ piñata? God! Is this not the perfect example of no good deed going unpunished?! The best/worst bit was when my friend freaked out and got all ‘WHERE ARE HIS PARENTS?!‘ while everyone stared awkwardly at the ground ‘cos, um, hello, where we at a blerrie orphanage…

Anyway, let’s get back to bizness… Until that powder met it’s untimely demise, it was a ride-or-die cosmetic BFF. I love it for it’s great, natural-looking yet medium to heavy weight coverage. Perfect for when I really want to bring the mooiness – like for a big evening out or when I have to yak it up on Expresso and need something a bit more opaque than the sheer loveliness that is Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra Compact foundation, a great ‘day time’ powder foundation. Before Naked Skin and I hooked up I’d been using Geurlain Parure Gold Radiance powder foundation but, now that I’m saving to buy a house, I just can’t justify a powder that costs over a grand anymore, regardless of how much I love it.

So, while my hand auto-reached for the Naked Skin powder, I thought I’d take a gamble on the powder foundation and, while I’ve since realised it doesn’t serve up the coverage the powder gives me, I don’t regret it. I like that it evens out my skin, feels unbelievable light on my face and mattifies without looking ‘flat’. Also, as the powder’s so finely milled and specially coated, you can apply it multiple times a day and it never, ever gets cakey. But ja, like I said, even though it’s billed as a ‘powder foundation’ (which gives the impression it would offer more coverage), I find that the plain old ‘powder’ (the one that got smashed) delivers more cover. So now, this newbie has been put to work as my new favourite ‘day time’ powder to replace the Lancome one that’s about to run out.

Right! It’s now time to wrap this up ‘cos I’ve got a script to write. The long and short of this post is that Urban Decay is now open and waiting for your love if you live in Jozi. More stores will roll out in South Africa soon and Cape Town will probably be next but the PR peeps are being tight lipped as to when.

Urban Decay Launch 2016-3063

I didn’t take this pic. The official photographer did. I just thought it was pretty.

As far as the pop-up shop goes, I can see that’s still going strong and I’m not sure when it shuts down or when/if it’ll get expanded on to include more products but here’s hoping. I’ve actually had a lot of people ask me about the Naked Basics shadow palettes it features and want to stress that, while they’re lovely, all the colours are MATTE. Please be aware of this when you buy because, in my opinion, Urban Decay’s shadow greatness really shines brightest via their satin, shimmer and sparkle textured shadows. Those are the dudes that are going to blow your mind open, so if you didn’t specifically turn up for a matte shadow fiesta and you’re about to hit ‘Add to cart’ for your first taste of Urban Decay, know that YES it really is worth sucking it up and springing for the full palette. Just trust me, okay?

Ooh! Before I forget! Something else that Urban Decay do fabulously well is brushes that are all cruelty-free and made using recycled materials. I now regret being too drugged up on painkillers to make a mental note of the eye shadow brush I used in store but am almost convinced it was the UD Pro tapered blending brush. It did THE BEST JOB of applying a darker shadow to the outer corner and crease of my eye and I’ve been thinking about it ever since…

(Hey l’il sis! Sorry to interrupt a session with your live-in masseuse but I finally got a break from the stress of my multiple jobs. Remember that time we went to Wimpy and you emotionally scarred me for life by saying my arms were looking ‘middle aged’? Well! How lucky are you that I found a little somethin’ somethin’ that could totally take the edge off…)

Love, love


Got a MySchool card? You can now support your charity of choice when you shop at Loot

If you’ve got a MySchool card you’ll know its the easiest way to give back. Simply swipe your card at its partner stores and BOOM a portion of your spend at no extra cost to you goes towards your chosen charity or school. But it gets better! MySchool’s just teamed up with Loot.

If you don’t know about Loot, you’re missing out. They’re one of SA’s top 5 online e-tailer’s and a bit of an ‘Amazon’ in that they sell pretty much everything at a great rate and deliver it to your doorstep. I often use them to stock up on books before I go on a holiday as their prices are usually the best.

Giving back made as easy as pie.

Giving back made as easy as pie. Or soup! Keep reading for that to make sense.

Aside from donating to MySchool every time you shop, Loot is celebrating this upcoming Youth Day by donating 2 300 Tutudesks (a clever li’l lap desk) to underprivileged learners who don’t have a desk. You can learn more about that over here in an old post that saw me working on the floor in a bid to raise awareness. Trust me, working without a desk is a horrible thing. Fortunately, as it stands, The Tutudesk campaign (they’re a MySchool beneficiary) has already helped out 1,3 million kids across the continent.

To use your MySchool card next time you shop on Loot simply enter your card number at check-out. What? You don’t have a MySchool card? Please sign up online over here. It won’t cost you a cent but you’ll become one of the many who help generate funds for a good cause via the simply act of swapping.

Speaking of which, I was given a R500 Loot voucher to blow and didn’t waste any time in snapping up a Philips blender for just R497 that was swiftly delivered to my door.

No lugging this dude around a mall for me. No way!

No lugging this dude around a mall for me. No way!

I’ve been wanting to make a slew of soups for winter so the blender was a must and I christened it with a yummy spicy lentil and tomato number using a recipe I found online.

I used lots of garlic and you have no idea how good this smelled while it was cooking.

I used lots of garlic and you have no idea how good this smelled while it was cooking.

My only revision was that I left out the kale and used cayenne pepper instead of red pepper flakes and it turned out DELISH!

It was also incredibly economical to make and 99% of the ingredients where already in my pantry.

It was also incredibly economical to make and 99% of the ingredients where already in my pantry.

I’m now souper-amped (ha ha! You see what I did there? And yep, I know I’m a total dork…) to make a whole bunch more of them so if you’ve got a killer soup recipe please link to it and leave it in the comments section below and I’ll love you long time.)

Now get that blerrie MySchool if you don’t have one. Like I said, it’s the easiest way to give back.

Love, love



YSL’s new boutique store in Sandton City is a luxe-loving girl’s paradise

I know many of you have mourned the departure of YSL’s gorgeous gold-clad products from Edgars but if you live in Jozi you’re in for a treat. The first YSL boutique has opened up in Sandton City and boy is it worth the trip.


I usually use my own pics but am featuring those provided by YSL this time ‘cos my cell cam haaaates mall lighting.

A destinational playground for luxe beauty junkies as well as anyone who’s addicted to the brand’s bestselling Touche Eclat highlighter pen (i.e. everyone), the new store serves up everything from make-up and fragrance to skin care. Yep, YSL do skin care too and you haven’t lived until you’ve felt the awesome that is their Top Secrets Universal Makeup Remover melting balm in oil (R550). It works like paint stripper but feels like an indulgent oil massage for your gesig!

Anyway, let’s get back to business. The new store is beautifully laid out and, despite being a gilded, swish-looking space, it’s not intimidating at all. There’s no having to ask someone to get you something from a glass case.


I’m waiting for you, hunneh lamb…

At YSL  ‘play time’ is encouraged so all the products in every shade are laid out for you to experiment with and make-up stations with mirrors are the order of the day. A clever move on the store’s part because to experience their items is to fall in love with them. A case in point? I really don’t need a R550 Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in my life. I mean come now. That’s just silly. But then you try it on and BOOM you’re down the rabbit hole of ‘I want, I want, I want!’


The open lippies are dummies so they don’t melt under the lights. I had the most evil fun using them to ‘draw’ on unsuspecting beauties’ shirts and especially enjoyed nearly inducing a stroke in Candice from In My Bag.

You really don’t know how luxe-feeling a lippie can get until you let one of these babies touch your skin. I was standing in the store with Chantelle from Not Another Poppie (a girl who’s just as jaded as I am when it comes to yet another lippie), grabbed her arm to give her a swatch and watched her eyes light up while her mouth went ‘Oooooh’.

Ooooh, indeed! These babies glide on like a magical unicorns slathered in rainbow-coloured tanning oil! (Okay, okay, so maybe that’s a bit much but GIRLS!)

My love for these lippies aside, my favourite YSL item is still their Rouge Pur Couture lip stains (R405). My bestie Karisa, who’s as frugal as all hell, is also a major fan. We love how they hit up your lips like a glossy lipstick and then, when they inevitably come off, they leave a gorgeous long-lasting stain in their wake.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain

Make-up heaven aside, the YSL store is also home to the brand’s exclusive Le Vestiaire fragrance line. In fact, it’s one of just 40 stores IN THE WORLD to stock them. Inspired by key fashion pieces in the YSL wardrobe, each 125ml EDP (R3 400) is intended to be unisex but I found that most of them either lean more to the masculine or feminine side of things.

There are some real winners in the line up, my heart belongs to Saharienne. While it’s inspired by YSL’s iconic safari-style jacket, this fragrance makes me think of the evening after you’ve spent a day at the beach.

ysl saharienne

YSL Saharienne EDP

You know that feeling, right? You’ve been in the sun all day and feel beautiful and brown and now you’ve just showered off all that sand and salt and applied a soothing, silky body lotion before slipping into a floaty off-the-shoulder top. Your body’s still radiating a little heat, but now you’re nice and cool and ready to step into the twilight for your first cocktail at the beach bar. That is what this calming mix of neroli, cottony white musks and soft pachouli brings to mind.

But ja! To wrap things up, if you’re a YSL girl, know that their new boutique is the last word in luxe.

Love, love


Review: Filorga Scrub & Mask reoxygenating exfoliating mask

Like a good enzyme-based exfoliator? Filorga have just launched new Scrub & Mask reoxygenating exfoliating mask (R770, Edgars and Red Square).


Hello new friend!

Texture-wise, it’s quite interesting as it starts out as a runny lotion with fine, gritty crystals in it but if you leave it on your skin it soon converts into a thin layer of foam, kind of like a shaving cream.



To use it, you’re to apply it to dry skin and massage it in to benefit from the initial exfoliation provided by the crystals. As they’re not very ‘concentrated’ it’s not nearly as scrubby as something like Sorbet’s Daily Skin Polish Powder (a great dupe for Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant) or The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Microdermabrasion but it’s not just the little grains that there are there to do the work – Filorga’s newbie also has exfoliating enzymes in the mix and that’s why it’s a good idea to leave it on for ten minutes, if not to enjoy the mask aspect, but to get maximum polish.

Aside from exfoliation, Filorga’s mask also aims to provide your skin with oxygen but I don’t want to comment on that too much as I’ve received so much conflicting information on oxygen facials and whether they have merit or not that I really just don’t know where I stand anymore. To its credit, however, Filorga’s mask does contain the brand’s special NCTF mix, a patented blend of antioxidant vitamins, co-enzymes, minerals and amino acids found in most of their skin care products. Still, the best way to benefit from that would be to buy one of the brand’s moisturisers.

Having used Filorga’s Scrub & Mask for a while now I can say I consider it a gentle enzyme exfoliator that definitely does work. You’ll definitely notice that your skin looks more refined after use, feels smoother to the touch and isn’t the least bit tight – as though you used one of the grainier exfoliants I mentioned early, but without the irritation.

Another story to it’s credit? I developed a monster spot on my cheek the other day and immediately sent it back to hell with prescription Differin gel, a super strong retinoid-based pimple buster that I love, love, love. Still, it left a bit of dryness and a thin scab in its wake I was pleased to see that one ten minute session with Filorga’s mask lifted it away like a boss.

Last but not least, I’d love to give Filorga some major props for the airless pump packaging.



A couple of their products are in jars but I hate exposing any active ingredients to air so here’s hoping this is something they keep up.

Love, love


P.S. I know not all of you guys have deep pockets right now – hell, I know I don’t – and that you really appreciate it when I list alternative products for less when I feature something pricy so I’m going to attempt to do that regularly from now on. In this case, Nimue also make an enzyme exfoliator that’s about R500. (Ignore the price in the post I’ve linked to, it’s an old one). Obviously it doesn’t have all the other added fabs that Filorga’s serves up, but it will dissolve the bonds that hold old, dead skin cells together so you can easily lift them away.