Looking for a vegan-friendly professional hair care line? NAK Aromas has launched in South Africa

A while ago I was sent a new sham and con duo from a professional hair care brand I hadn’t heard of before called NAK. It hails all the way from Australia and is now, a selection of their items – mostly from their Aromas line – is being sold at selected salons as well as online via retailbox.

The Aromas line is specially designed for colour treated hair and infused with botanical essences like lavender, patchouli and geranium that make everything smell delicious. Aside from being vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, it’s also free of sulphates and parabens. I was give the violet-toned, brassiness busting Aromas Blonde duo to try and have enjoyed using both of them.

Hey blondie!

Hey blondie!

I like that they smell great while you’re using them but the scent doesn’t linger or overpower when you’re done. Also, while they’re both infused with hydrating argan oil, they leave my baby fine hair feeling swishy and clean – not weighed down in the least.

Purple power to the max.

Purple power to the max.

Unfortunately, as both the sham (R320) and con (R320) are violet-coloured, I can’t use them every day as they’ll end up giving my hair an ashy, cooler colour and I really like the warmer, gold shade it already is, so I can’t talk address potential ‘long game’ issues like build-up, but if you’re specifically looking for a duo to tone then this is a nice pick.

Love, love


Who wants to get colour wonderful and win a bright and beautiful Sloggi underwear set?

Spring is almost here so it’s time to turf out the old and get in with the new. Being an obsessive cleaner, regardless of the season, I gave my cupboards a good clean out the other day and this included my underwear shelf. (Nope, I don’t have a draw. It’s a shelf.) I’m always amazed by how many bras I end up accumulating vs how many I actually wear so I was ruthless but now at least I only have what I need and know exactly what I have to replace.

Ag dankie, sloggi!

Ag dankie, Sloggi!

If you’re needing a new bra in your life, you’ll be glad to know I’m giving away a bra and undie set from Sloggi’s fun new For The Love of Colour collection. The range includes ultra comfy bras, everything from front-fasteners to bandeaus, and matching panties in an array of brights including a care-free tie-dye print.

I love this one!

I love this one!

And yep, there are undies that match.

Matching undies is a big deal to me. Like major.

Matching undies is a big deal to me. Like major.

Everything’s in store as I type as well as for sale online via Triumph’s online store. Now’s a very good time to shop as most of the items are 30-percent off.

Pretty, pretty!

Pretty, pretty!

Keen to get in it to win it? Sloggi has given me a set to give away and the style and colour will depend on your size. To enter, simply like Sloggi’s local Facebook page and then leave a comment below telling me which of the bras featured in this post are your favourite. There’s another way to enter too – hit me up on twitter with a ‘Hey @lipglossgirl, I’d love to win a Sloggi Love of Colour bra’ and include the link to this post. Again, you’ll have to like them on Facebook for your entry to count.

This competition is open to SA residents only and closes on 25 August 2016 at 5pm.

Sloggi 3

Don’t you think she looks like Rihanna here?

Good luck girls!

Love, love


Reviews of Revlon favourites: Nail Care 60 seconds quick dry spray, ColorBurst Balm Stain, Ultra HD Matte lip colour and Photoready powder

A while back I went to a Revlon launch were they showed us a bunch of cool new things that were going to launch as the year rolls out. We also got to learn more about Cancervive and the good work they’re doing to help support those living with cancer. This includes an upcoming awareness rally that involves a 600km motorcycle ride across South Africa.

To learn how you can help get clicky clicky over here.

We also got to roam the room where all the Revlon goodies where displayed and pick out ten items to take home. I actually found this super difficult as I was tempted to add all my Revlon favourites to the list – the things I know and love – but really wanted to try a few new things too so I ended up with a bit of a mix. Having spent some time playing around I can now show you my favourites of the bunch.

First up, we need a standing ovation for this dude.

Revlon Nail Care 60 seconds quick dry spray (R105, Takealot*)

Revlon Nail Care 60 seconds quick dry spray (R105, Takealot*)

This pretty pink li’l can is a total gem in that it totally does what it says on the tin. Spray it on your nails straight after painting and BOOM they’re dry in 60 seconds. I have so much love for this product you have no freakin’ idea. I’ve only just learned the price and think it’s a bit expensive for what it is but it’s made my life so convenient I don’t care. The moment this can empties I’m buying another and will do so forever until I find something that does that same for less. Simple as.

Moving on, let’s talk about an old favourite of mine that I love, love love – Revlon’s minty scented ColorBurst Balm Stain (R139 each, Takealot).

NAmes of each

The slightly darker shade is Smitten and the bottom one is Lovesick.

Being a huge fuchsia fan I’ve used Smitten before but wanted to try Lovesick too to see which one I’d prefer but have since realised they’re both so similar on that they might as well be interchangeable. I like that they serve up a lovely wash of colour and feel fabulously comfy on your lips. The pointed tip makes it nice and easy to draw with and give your cupid’s bow a bit of shape and when they wear off you’re still left with a bit of colour thanks to the stain effect. This is pretty mild, however, but the colour’s definitely still noticeable so you’re never left ‘nude’ between applications.



Another honourable mention needs to go to Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte lip colours. In the past I’d been given shades that were super dark and just didn’t work for me. I felt like they made my lips look smaller than they were. Now, having tried a super flattering rose petal shade called Temptation and I can totally appreciate them.

Pretty pretty!

Pretty pretty! I hope to get some ‘on face’ later if the sun comes out.

I like that they feel completely weightless on your lips and, despite being ultra matte, don’t dry out your lips. Another plus is that, despite this shade being lighter, it still looks completely opaque when it’s on. (In the past I’ve found ultra-lightweight matte lip colours end up separating on your lips and making ‘lines’. You get what I mean when I say that, right?)

Last, but certainly not least, you should know about Revlon Photoready powder (R259, Takealot).


The shade 020 Light/Medium is my perfect match. (For reference I’m a NC25 in Mac)

This is favourite drugstore ‘every day’ finishing powder. I wear it on it’s own or over foundation and love that it evens out my skin and blitzes pores and shine while looking super duper natural. It never cakes. It never accentuates fine lines. It just makes my skin look like the best version of itself at a price that isn’t completely pocket-friendly but totally worth it ‘cos it works like a boss and lasts for ages.

Throw that crappy brush away and grab a kabuki and you'll be styling.

Throw that crappy brush away and grab a kabuki and you’ll be styling.

See anything you’d like to try yourself? Also, are any of these guys your Revlon favourites too?

Love, love


*When looking for prices online I found Takealot is currently selling Revlon items for less than Clicks. Their Photoready powder price, for example, was R40 less!)

Buy a limited edition ghd in Electric Pink and R100 goes towards the Pink Drive

There are a zillion reasons as to why you want a ghd styler in your life but now I’ve got two to toss into the bonfire that is your burning desire for seriously good hair. The first is that the brand’s recently launched a new limited edition collection in pink. And not just any pink, honey lambs. We’re talking electric Barbie and the Rockers-style pink.

'Cos all electricals look better in electric pink...

‘Cos all electricals look better in electric pink…

Like I said, Barbie and the Rockers would totally approve.

80's are go!

You see that bad ass bitch on the drums?

That’s Dee Dee, the only Rocker doll I ever owned, the only one I ever needed and a woman who was not to be trifled with.

What you lookin' at motherfucka?!

Miss you, girl! You were the only one who told that Ken fool his baby pink car was trippin’ and that you’d never settle to be his side piece when Barb’s was out of town.

But ja, let’s get back to ghd. Rockin’ pink-ness aside, there’s another even better reason to pop this particular styler in your trolley and I’ve laid that out for you in a l’il video. A word of warning, however. I’m not a natural vlogger kind of girl. I have so much respect for the girls who find it so easy whip up studio-style lighting and can get through three sentences without saying ‘fuck’. I’ve tried and failed and I’m just not that girl so I’ve just gone ahead and done it in my own way and I hope you like it. Just please ignore how blocked my nose is – I shot this while riddled with flu. Also, please set the quality up to nice and high when you watch so I don’t look like a blurry monster!

If you’d like to see more videos here and there let me know and I’ll attempt to pull finger. To buy your limited edition ghd V gold electric pink styler (R2 499) hop on over here. You can also make a straight up donation to Pink Drive without buying a styler (and then maybe you too will get flowers from Mr H.)

Love, love


Review: TRESemme’ Beauty-full Volume shampoo and conditioner

Today I’m going to be chatting about a sham and con with a bit of a twist, so before your eyes start glazing over at the thought of of the world adding yet another volumizing variant to a market that’s swamped with options, listen to this: TRESemme’s new
Beauty-full Volume line hinges on the concept of pre-conditioning – a hair trend that sees peeps using conditioner FIRST and then shampoo SECOND. Yep, you heard me. The idea here is that using conditioner afterwards can weigh your hair down, so hydrating your locks beforehand can help prevent that.

Hello there, you li'l weirdos!

You’re looking at R96,95 each at Clicks for the big ass bottles.

Now I hear what you’re thinking. Surely, you’ll then wash any conditioner out of your hair and create a crazy ass bos of flyaways that’ll be a nightmare to detangle? (Well, that’s what I was thinking…) As it turns out, TRESemme says its pre-conditioner binds to your hair so you don’t have to worry about washing it out and somehow it manages to not weigh things down. As for the shampoo, that’s formulated with ‘fleximax volumizers’ (ja, I have no idea what those are either) to help control static.

Anyway, I was super duper skeptical about having this work out. So much so that I gave it a bash on a day when I knew I didn’t have to leave the house. At best, I was expecting the ‘binding’ promises of the conditioner to be a big bunch of crap and that the shampoo itself would do all the heavy lifting – acting kind of like a 2-in-1 that you find in hotels. At worst, I was imagining the aforementioned flyaways or a binding-aspect that worked too well and left my hair looking limp.

After massaging the conditioner into my hair and leaving it on for one minute, I rinsed it out using the shampoo and found you only need a little ‘cos the ‘regular’ amount I used created the most enormous lather. ‘This is going to be suuuuuch a stuff up I thought’ upon rinsing, but – SURPRISE – the result was hair that was still easy to comb while wet (mostly because I own a Tangle Teezer, God’s gift to fine-haired girls everywhere) and swishy, clean and bouncy while dry.

I still don’t know if TRESemme’s ‘tech’ is legit or not (the binding and fleximax bit) but I’m too busy to research and don’t care as I’ve now used it for an entire week (for the record, I wash my hair every day) in a bid to see if I’d end up having to deal with a build up or something, but nope, it’s all good. When it comes to hair I don’t bother too much with the why. I just want results and this duo delivers. Still, I don’t know if I’d peg this as a ‘volumising’ shampoo as my hair felt smooth and sleek but no bigger, but as far as ‘shampoos for normal hair’ go, this one works very nicely.

Love, love


Review: Catrice Blush Artist shading palette and Essence 2-in-1 shadow and liner

I was sent a few newbies from Essence and Catrice the other day, the Catrice goodies impressed me the most and this is me pointing out two winners.

First up, how much do we love a good blush trio? Catrice Blush Artist shading palette (R79,95) serves up three pretty hues that can be worn on their own or mixed together with a few sweeps of your blush brush.


This is CorAll I Need, the pinky-peach trio of the lot. Two others are available – BronzEclat (bronzey) and Rock ‘n’ Rose (pink).

For the record, as a pedantic, OCD-riddled person, you should know that writing those stupid smooshed together names where caps get to do the Macarena right in the middle of the word caused a bit of a blood pressure spike. But I’ll get over it ‘cos these colours are pretty, pretty, pretty.

The lighter shade makes for a nice highlighter if you use it on its own.

The lighter shade makes for a nice highlighter if you use it on its own.

This blush’s staying power is pretty good and if you apply it over something it can stick to, like a primer or foundation, you’ll find it stays the whole day.

Something else you might like? Essence have whipped out a line of 2-in-1 eyeshadow & liner sticks (R53,95) that are very reminiscent of Clinique’s Chubby Stick shadow tints but at a snip of the price.

This shade's called She's Got The Mauve but it's more like a silvery taupe.

This shade’s called She’s Got The Mauve but it’s more like a silvery taupe.

Due to the creamy nature of these guys, they blend and build like a boss but I’ve found that if you use them on your lid on it’s lonesome it’s going to end up creasing, especially if you’ve got an oilier skin type like me. However, if you use a good primer (hello there Urban Decay primer potion!) they really do stay put.

Swatched on the left, blended on the right.

Swatched on the left, blended on the right.

The paler shades in this line (there are six in all) are great to use as an all-over-the-lid wash when you want a look that’s slap-on-and-go but I’ve found it also plays nicely with whatever you layer on top of it. If I didn’t already own ten million thousand eye shadows and happened to spot the warm brown shade in store, Go Bronze, I’d probably stick it in my trolley. In fact, maybe I will regardless…

Love, love


Beauty bits and pieces: The Body Shop’s two new fragrances, Lee Stafford Coco Loco and Placecol Illumine Power Firm serum

Ready for a few another round-up of beauty bits and pieces?

The Body Shop have added two new fragrances to their Voyage collection – English Dawn Gardenia and Polynesian Island Tiare (R285 for a 50ml EDT).

A breezy, ultra casual summer day in a bottle, yo!

Polynesian Island Tiare is a breezy, ultra casual summer’s day in a bottle.

If you appreciate a soft, feminine floral you might like both of these fragrances. Gardenia feels like the more grown up of the two and has a lush, dewiness to it. As for Tiare, this one’s my favourite. It’s a summery, spritz on-and-go frangi pani type of scent that reminds me a bit of The Body Shop’s Moringa line that I like.

Next up, Lee Stafford’s just launched a new coconut oil-infused range called Coco Loco (R99,95, exclusive to Clicks). It’s geared towards anyone wanting softer, silkier locks and I thought it might be a little too ‘heavy’ for my baby fine, gets-oily-quick hair type but it’s been working a treat and isn’t building up or weighing anything down, despite the fact that I was my hair every single day. I like that it’s got a soft, sweet coconut scent that makes me think of coconut ice but it doesn’t linger around and interfere with your perfume. Also, it really does deliver on the ‘silkier’ promise. My hair did feel softer and swishier after using it and was super easy to comb out while wet but like, I said, it didn’t add any weight.

Let's get Coco Loco! Also, what I would give for Speckled Eggs right now. OMG!

Let’s get Coco Loco! Also, what I would give for Speckled Eggs right now. OMG!

If you’ve got hair that’s easy to care for and doesn’t require anything repairative or serious de-frizzing this is a nice li’l duo to use. If I was in the business of buying my own shampoo I’d happily toss these guys in my shopping basket. In fact, maybe I will regardless.

Lastly, Placecol sent me their Power Firm Serum (R580, Placecol.com) the other day. I’m glad to see it’s packaged in an airless pump because at one point this brand used a lot of jar and if you’re a regular reader you’ll know I don’t like packaging that exposes any actives to air.

Bravo on the pump, dudes!

Bravo on the pump, dudes!

A light textured, easily absorbed lotion, it provides just enough moisture for my oily-combo skin and would play nicely when layered with a heavier cream for anyone with a drier skin type. As far as the firming bit goes, any dermatologist will tell you the best way to protect and boost your skin’s collagen supply is to shield it from the sun and invest in proven collagen-boosting actives like retinol, alpha or beta hydroxy acids and peptides. Placecol’s lotion doesn’t make use of any of those, but does contain hematite extract, a mineral that’s also shown an ability to stimulate collagen synthesis. How effective is it in comparison to the aforementioned collagen-boosters? Truthfully, I really don’t know as it’s not a commonly used ingredient.

Still, I can tell you about the serum’s other active and that’s niacinamide (also known as vitamin B3). Niacinimide’s another collagen-encourager but also a bit of a power house in that it improves hydration, minimises the look of pigmentation and acts as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant. Another good pigmentation buster in the mix is antioxidant peony root extract. So, while this product’s pitched as a ‘firmer’, I think it would be a nicer pick for anyone concerned with mild pigmentation provided they teamed it with a sunscreen. (If you’re dealing with serious pigmentation, consider something more potent like retinol or a super strong vitamin C serum or chat to a dermatologist who can guide you through laser and peel treatments as options.)

Love, love