Beauty reviews: Pond’s Pimple Clear, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical cleansing oil and Rimmel Only 1 Matte lipstick

Pond’s has launched a new duo to help treat spots – Pond’s Pimple Clear face wash (R52,99) and a fabulously affordable leave-on expert clearing gel (R34,99). Each product contains something Pond’s refer to as their ‘Thymo-T Essence’, a blend of thyme and pine extract. The brand says its their biggest breakthrough in years as it fights spots in a way that’s different to anything else on the shelf.

Forgive the piccie quality, my camera haaates low lighting as well as fluorescent and this was a combo of both.

How? I got to sit down with Pond’s dermatologist, Dr. Pholile Mpofu, who explained that the active actually penetrate the pimple causing bacteria’s cell and ‘poison’ it from within. Having taken a look at the ingredients list, I can see there’s very little of it in each product but Dr. Mpofu assured me that you only need the teensiest smidge of it to work and can back that up with clinical studies. At the launch we were shown a graph of a double-blind study that pitted Pond’s face wash against one of the leading competitors and the amount of bacteria that it blitzed by comparison was almost double. (Pond’s wasn’t allowed to mention who the competitor was but, being a civilian, I can happily reveal that the rumour on the street was that it was Johnson’s Clean & Clear.)

Yes please!

I’ve tried the face wash and really liked it. It foamed up nicely despite being SLS-free (I love foaming face washing) and left my face feeling nice and clean but not tight. As far as the pimple treatment goes, I haven’t had any new spots of late to test it on (touch wood!) thanks to Dermalogica’s clearing gel. Formulation-wise, I like that, aside from the Thymo-T Essence, it also contains niacinimide (a soothing antioxidant) as well as a antibacterial salicylic acid to help exfoliate your pores from the inside out. The only downer here is that there’s a fair amount of alcohol in it which is why I wouldn’t apply it to my entire face but would happily use it to target treat trouble areas for a limited amount of time.

Keen to learn more? If you’re in Jozi you can step into The Pond’s Institute in Sandton City. It’s a pop up Pond’s clinic of sorts that runs until the 12th of March. There you can get a free skin assessment and walk away with a free sample of the face wash plus a R10 voucher to put towards any Pond’s purchase.

Moving on, Kiehl’s have launched their most lustable cleanser yet – Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil (R650).

FYI, this baby’s soap-free, sulfate-free and mineral-free too!

Yes, the price is steep. But a little goes a long way and now that I’ve tried it I can justify its purchase as ‘buying happiness’. Essentially an oil-based cleanser that emulsifies with water, it dissolves make-up with the greatest of ease. You can use it as you would a face wash but I like to put some on a cotton pad to wipe off my mascara and then rinse everything off with warm water. I love how, despite working like paint stripper, it leaves my skin feeling super soft thanks to all its moisturising ingredients, namely squalene (a botanical lipid) and omega-rich Evening Primrose Oil.

The ingredient I love most, however, is its lavender essential oil. I’m a huuuge fan of lavender – the real deal, expensive-smelling kind, not the synthetic crap they put in bath and body products for your aunt. The way this product smells is absolutely blissful and if they ever make a Midnight Recovery pillow spray, fragrance or candle then I’ll be in second heaven followed shortly by a debt rehabilitation programme. On the upside, Kiehl’s is currently running a promo. If you buy any two products at Edgars and get 20% off until 26 March. 

Lastly, Rimmel have launched a new collection of matte lippies called The Only 1 Matte (R119,95).

Eight new wallet-friendly shades all ready for your loving.

Each raspberry-scented lippie glides on effortlessly and delivers high impact colour that’s beautifully matte and long-wearing but won’t dry out your lips. It truly is one of the better matte drugstore lipsticks I’ve tried for its price point. Another nice hit for Rimmel following their fab Magnif’eyes shadow palettes.

Keen to get swatchy? Going left to right you’re looking at Run the Show, The Matte Factor, Take the Stage, Leader of the Pink, High Flyer, Salute, Look Who’s Talking and Keep it Coral.

Click this piccie for a much clearer view. WordPress compresses everything horribly.

Of all the shades, I most liked The Matte Factor. It’s a lovely blue-toned berry that’s perfect for when the change of season kicks in. that’ll create the illusion of whiter-looking teeth and should flatter most skin tones. I’ll be sure to update this post with an ‘on face’ piccie soon.

See anything you like?

Love, love


Beauty reviews: YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush duo stick, Bodyography Brow Assist and Morgan Taylor Daily Elixir

Love hardworking multi-tasting make-up in super luxe packaging? You’re going to love YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush duos (R415). A clever little swipe-and-go colour stick, it serves up two hues that can be used alone or blended together.

When ultra luxe meets super cute!

When ultra luxe meets super cute!

They’re available in seven shades and I was given No. 1 Marrakech to Paris – a bright coral and fuchsia – and I love it. The colour’s silicone-based so it glides on like a dream but doesn’t slide off your face as the day goes on.


I’ve been wearing the fuchsia on my lips and the coral on my cheeks. I love how, being blue-based, the fuchsia makes your teeth look whiter (not that I need too much help, I bleach the living shizzle out of them) and the coral creates a healthy-looking blush that isn’t too orange.

Don't you love it when your test shots comes out better than your real one?

I didn’t intend to lie down for this pic but, ironically, my test shot came out better than those I took after it. Ha!

I also got to try Bodyography Brow Assist (R250, Placecol salons and online), a vegan-friendly long-wearing brow pencil with a triangular tip that lets you define and fill depending on how you position it.

Bodyography Brow Assist in Taupe.

Bodyography Brow Assist in Taupe.

Shade-wise there are two pick from – Brown which is actually very dark and Taupe that’ll go down well with blondes who want to fill in their brow but not darken it. I do think there’s definitely room for a middle shade.

You'll see it fills in but doesn't darken my brow as the colour's a perfect match.

I had to wait for my brow tint to wear off before I could match with Taupe.

I like that this dude does what it says on the tin and the slightly waxy-feeling formula lasted from dusk until dawn without fading. Also, can we get a yay for the spooly brush attached to it? So many brow pencils exclude them and I really don’t know why. Having to reach for a separate spooly is just a las, las, las.

Last, but not least, Morgan Taylor have launched a new nail care treatment called Daily Elixir (price TBA).

Morgan Taylor Daily Elixir

Morgan Taylor Daily Elixir keratin nail treatment

Despite having a brush, its not a polish that you slick on. It’s more of a citrusy-smelling creamy serum that works in two ways. First, it instantly moisturises your nail thanks to hydrators and soothing panthenol. Then, it ‘repairs’ your nail thanks to hydrolised keratin peptides that bind to existing nail protein to help bolster it’s strength. The more you use it, the more bonds are created so the effect is a cumulative one.

I recently took gelish off my toes and my nails were dry and miserable-looking with lots of little white spots on them. Applying the elixir did a good job of instantly hydrating them and the smaller white spots disappeared the moment it absorbed into my nail bed. I don’t know if my nails are stronger as I can’t really measure that but I kept slicking it on whenever I remembered and it definitely improved their appearance. I’d have liked to have used this for longer but I’m a cruel master to my toes and hid them away with another gelish application two days later.  Still, I’m very glad to have this on hand and hope to use it properly in the future. For the short time it was in action, it really did make a visible difference.

Love, love


Fragrance reviews: Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary Petale, Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure, Alaia Paris Blanche and Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa

Ready to roll?

Personally, I’m usually not a big fan of straight up florals but Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary Petale EDP (R1 225 for 90ml, Dis-chem) has got me good. Much like the original Extraordinary, it’s a soft, easy to wear mix of flowers but in this case orange blossom (which I love!) takes the lead instead of cherry. It’s also a lot more ‘sparkly’ thanks to fresh top notes like bergamot and – wait for it – champagne!

Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary Petale EDP

Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary Petale EDP

Officially, the notes are bergamot, mandarin, champagne accord, orange blossom, rose, jasmine, vanilla orchid, musk and amber.

On me it’s a light ‘pretty’ floral that smells clean and fresh. It’s pink hue suits it well as it’s a cheerful, sunny thing that makes me think of a casual champagne brunch enjoyed outdoors with the girls. I like that, despite it’s subtlety, the staying power is pretty good. I reckon it would suit a woman of any age but it’s definitely skewed towards the younger set. If you like easy-to-wear, uplifting florals like Boucheron Quatre (another orange blossom-led fave) and Marc Jacobs Daisy then you’ll have to give this a sniff.

Next up, we’ve got something a little different and that’s Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure EDT (R910 for 30ml, R1 400 for 50ml and R1 790 for 90ml). When I first sniffed this on the card at the launch I was all ‘meh. It’s nice but whatever’ and now I’m completely addicted to it. (This is pretty much the same relationship trajectory I had with sushi!)

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pure EDT

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure EDT

Inspired by pure spring water, Mr Miyake’s new scent is a soft, aquatic delight that smells wonderfully clean yet comforting at the same time.

The notes? Marine accord, orange blossom (again!), Damask rose, jasmine, lily, grey amber, musk and cashmere wood.

In a way, it’s like spritzing yourself with the essence of a cleanse in a marble bathroom’s rain shower before wrapping yourself up in a big, cashmere towel. I’ve been dousing myself in it on boiling hot days as it’s an instant, soothing pick-me-up. Again, this is a fragrance any woman – young or old – could easily wear, especially anyone who appreciates ozonic, aquatic scents like Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia Essenza or Kenzo l’eau par Kenzo or even just softer, ‘clean’ fragrances like Cacharel’s sadly discontinued Eau d’Eden. (Anyone else remember that beauty?!)

Moving on, let’s talk about Alaia Paris Alaia Eau de Parfum Blanche (R845 for 30ml, R1 270 for 50ml and R1 835 for 100ml, Woolworths).

Alaia Paris Alaia Eau de Parfum Blanche

Alaia Paris Alaia Eau de Parfum Blanche

I’m quite the fan of the original Alaia, a leathery-musky mix that’s great for a cold winter’s day or an evening out. This newbie, however, is very different – a powdery white floral that’s better suited to the day time. Still, you can definitely tell they’re sisters as they share a certain muskiness that’s different to most of the other musk-based scents on the shelf. Somehow Alaia manages to make their musk a lot more anamalic and exotic-smelling than the rest.

Notes-wise, you’re looking at white flowers, vanilla, solar notes, that very particular musk and powder.

On my skin, I pick up the musk, a teensy dash of leather, something ‘milky and sweet’ that makes me think of a creamy rice pudding and lots and lots of powder. In fact, if you enjoy powdery fragrances like Chanel’s Allure Sensuelle or Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree (another powder-musk mix) then you could easily buy this blind and probably love it.

Overall, I see this fragrance appealing to sophisticated women (not girls) who’re understated in their elegance. They’re wearing designer labels, but you’re not going to know it unless you can identify your Pucci from your Gucci sans logo. She’s going to order a G&T or Tom Collins, not a frozen margarita. And yep, she plays tennis.

Last, but not least, Salvatore Ferragamo fragrances have officially launched in South Africa. The famed Italian footwear designer has been churning out fragrances for years now but they haven’t been available, at least not on a large-scale, in SA. Not everything he’s created is here (no Incanto collection, I’m afraid) but you will be able to get your hands on a selection that includes Emozione and a handful of the more popular Signorina fragrances.

I recently attended the launch (you’ll find piccies on my Insta – I’m @lipglossgirlxoxo) and left with the ‘mysterious’ night time edition, Signorina Misteriosa EDP (R810 for 30ml, R1 200 for 50ml and R1 730 for 100ml).

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa EDP

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa EDP

A yummy gourmand-type scent, Signorina Misteriosa is all about wild blackberries, neroli, orange blossom, tuberose, patchouli and black vanilla mousse! While it’s most certainly a sweet scent, you might think it would be cloying but it’s not.

On me, I get an initial blast of juicy black fruit pastilles (one of my favourite sweets ever!) and I kind of wish this would linger longer but know you can’t walk around smelling like Maynards all day. This is very fleeting, however, and is soon replaced by dry down of warm, creamy vanilla with a dash of soap. It’s the kind of scent that, yes, is more geared towards night-time but there’s nothing stopping you from wearing it on a cold winter’s day. Ferragamo’s idea was to create an ‘elegant yet flirty’ scent and that’s a good way to describe it. Anyone who likes vanilla-type fragrances, things like Kenzo Jeu d’Armor L’Elixir or Britney Spears Rocker Femme Fantasy minus the coconut.

See anything you’d like to try yourself?

Love, love


I tried a L’Oreal Professional Smartbond treatment at Tanaz Hair, Body & Nails in Jozi and I loved it

I flew up to Jozi the other day with a bunch of beauties for a string of media launches and, thanks to a crazy amount of rain, one of them got washed out. Eek! Fortunately the PR kindly set us up for the day with a bit of spoilage at Tanaz Hair, Body & Nails in Illovo. (Shot Celeste!) Major props to owner Shelene Shaer who took us all in like a bunch of stray puppies. She even fed us from the little restaurant at the front of her salon, hooked us up with a half hour massage at the on site spa and let us abuse her Wi-Fi for hours.

The best thing, however, was that we all got to experience a L’Oreal Professional Smartbond treatment (R450) and I love, love, loved it!

Forgive the piccie quality. Low lighting and lots of fluoro don't make for magic.

Forgive the piccie quality. Low lighting on a gloomy day and lots of fluoro don’t make for magic.

A treatment that helps strengthen your hair from the inside out, Smartbond is the kind of thing you can include in your colour treatment or just have sommer so to enjoy stronger, healthier hair. For this reason it’s being compared to Olaplex but it works a littlee differently. While Olaplex repairs broken bonds within your hair shaft, Smartbond acts like a ‘lubricant’ when you colour in a bid to prevent them from breaking in the first place whilst bolstering those that are weak. In this way, Smartbond is a lot more beneficial to use when you’re actually colouring your hair but, if used as a stand alone treatment, is definitely does make a very tangible difference.

Once the treatment was applied, I got to hang out in a towel turban for about twenty minutes.

A particularly dashing look, you'll agree.

A particularly dashing look, you’ll agree.

Once this was washed out, I got a quick blow dry and could immediately notice that my hair’s colour looked fantastic. I’d had highlights put in about ten days back and these definitely looked brighter and ‘refreshed’, as though I’d just had them done.

As far as my hair’s texture goes, it felt super duper soft. I kept running my hands down my pony tail and feeling the tips with my fingers which are usually the tiniest bit ‘rougher’ than the rest of my hair due to mild splitting and saying ‘Feel this! Feel how soft it is!’ to the other beauties.

In all, if you’re looking to throw in a treatment when you colour or want a quick reinforcing boost I can highly recommend Smartbond. I haven’t tried Olaplex so I can’t compare the two but I know that Smartbond is less expensive and for me it totally did the trick.

Love, love


Beauty reviews: Matsimela Marula Nut exfoliating mud scrub, L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew The Double Care serum and Indola Innova Divine Blond

For those not familiar with the brand, Matsimela is a proudly South African, cruelty-free range of home spa products made using natural ingredients sourced from rural communities in a bid to help uplift them. I was sent two items from their Marula Nut range (they have several including Rooibos & Honey and Litchi & Rose) and really liked the Exfoliating Mud Scrub (R103,50, Matsimela).


That mini Marula Nut fizz bolletjie on the left is just R19,80.

While it looks exactly like chicken liver pate (and will make you hungry to look at if you love it like I do), its ingredients include hydrating marula nut oil but the main ones are bentonite clay and silica sand. I really didn’t expect it to be exfoliating and thought it would be kind of like a mud mask with a slightly grainy texture but oh boy did I underestimate this guy. It exfoliates like a boss! Even more so if you apply it to slightly damp skin as opposed to wet. It did a bang up job of removing old self tan and now it’s on my list of favourite super scrubby scrubs – the only kind I like to use.

Anyone got melba toast so we can dig in?

Anyone got melba toast so we can dig in?

Moving on, L’Oreal have added to their Revitalift Laser Renew line with a new serum called The Double Care (R260, Clicks). It makes use of a stable form of vitamin C (a collagen-encouraging antioxidant with brightening properties) at a very mooi 2% as well as something L’Oreal refer to as Pro-Xylane. A naturally derived ingredient, Pro-Xylane helps stimulate your skin to create glycoaminoglycans (GAGs) that help defend your skin against water loss, so you could get away with calling it a ‘plumper’. However, for good measure, the formula also contains mega water-binder hyaluronic acid.

Props to L'Oreal for the airless packaging!

Props to L’Oreal for the airless packaging. I’m not sure if this piccie makes it clear but it’s one of those dual-chamber bottles that mixed two fluids together when you pump it.

While I wouldn’t rely on this as a sole solution to zapping wrinkles (for this, retinol is possibly your best ally), it could temporarily plump up your skin to soften the look fine lines and anything that helps preserve your natural collagen stash is a good thing. However, where this really shines is in the instant beauty benefits department. It’s got a whopload of silicones in its mix so it feels fabulously silky and acts like a primer, instantly blurring the look of pores and fine lines. If it stopped there you’d be looking at a matte finish but, thanks to a quick mix with a pearlescent fluid from its second chamber, then end result is  ‘blurred with a beautiful glow’ – almost like you used a perfecting primer then gave your skin a light dusting of highlighting powder.

It's tough to capture the gleam but it's there.

Pumped on the left, blended on the right. It’s tough to capture the gleam but it’s there. Clicking on this pic will enlarge it and vastly improve the quality.

Because of this, I’d be loath to apply a moisturiser and foundation on top of this as you’d lose the effect. Luckily, being oily-skinned, I can use this on its own without the need for an extra hydrator and then spot treat with a little concealer where it’s needed. If you’re in the same boat, this is a nice pick for a day time ‘flash beauty’ pick me up.

Lastly, let’s chat about Indola. A German professional hair care brand, Indola was specially developed for smaller salons to offer them top-notch quality at an affordable price, but is now available at Dis-Chem. I learned all this at a recent launch where I left with an Indola Innova Divine Blond shampoo (R170, Dis-Chem salons) and treatment (R200, Dis-Chem salons) tucked into my sakkie.

Hallo neue freunde!

Grüße neue freunde!

Each product contains hydrolised keratin and silk (hydrolised meaning the molecules have been made super small so they can penetrate into your hair) along with a few natural oils  and is supposed to help neutralise brassy tones but neither product has a violet tint to it – a very good thing for me as I wash my hair daily so I’d eventually turn grey! (If you’re a blondie like me, you’ll know finding a non-violet ‘for blondes’ product is a rarity.)

Anyhoo, I liked that the shampoo cleansed my fine, highlighted hair very well but didn’t leave it feeling stripped. But the real star here is the treatment. A small amount goes a long way and I left it on for two minutes (not even the required five to ten as I was in a rush) but it worked like a charm. My hair was hydrated to the point that, while drying, I didn’t have to reach for a spray-con detangler (a miracle that doesn’t happen often) and, when dry, it was still left with a bouncy swish. (There are loads of deeply hydrating products out there that would make brushing my wet hair a breeze, but then it’s left looking limp and flat.) So here’s a big ‘yay!’ for that.

Love, love


Beauty bits and pieces: Revlon Powder Blush, Garnier Ultimate Blends The Delicate Soother Delicate Oat shampoo and conditioner and Shield MotionSense Germ Defense antiperspirant

Revlon have added five new powder blush (R239) shades to their line up. Two are matte (Rosy Rendezvous and Bronze Beauty), two are shimmer (Dare to Bare an Ravishing Rose) and one is satin (Orchid Charm). I don’t have all of them to show you so can google anything that sounds exciting but I was sent Ravishing Rose and really like it.

Revlon Powder Blush in Ravishing Rose.

Revlon powder blush in Ravishing Rose.


I'd describe this shade as a cross between pink and peach. It reminds me a little of MAC's Springsheen.

A pinky and peach colour, this shade reminds me a little of MAC’s Springsheen.

The colour’s nice and buildable which is good as this goes on rather sheer but you can pump it up with about three sweeps. If you’re fair and cool-toned like me I reckon it’s a super pretty day-time flush.

See what I mean about sheer?

See what I mean about sheer?

Want? It, along with the other new hues, will be in store come mid March.

Another nice beauty extension comes from Garnier Ultimate Blends hair care line. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I really like The Colour Illuminator duo (the one in the red packaging) as it walks a perfect balance between bouncy and hydrated for my fine, colour-treated hair. Now, there’s a newbie in town and that’s The Delicate Soother Delicate Oat for sensitive scalp and fragile hair.

A smaller 250ml bottle is R39,95 and the larger 400ml bottle is R59,95 at Clicks.

A smaller 250ml bottle is R39,95 and the larger 400ml bottle is R59,95 at Clicks.

Both the sham and con are paraben-free, infused with a teensy dash of rice cream and oat milk and have been tested on sensitive scalps. I’m very lucky in that, while I do have fragile hair thanks to colouring and heat styling, I don’t actually have a sensitive scalp so I can’t vouch for the former claim and reckon anyone with a serious scalp issue should chat to their dermatologist or doc who can recommend something to suit and chances are it’ll be fragrance-free.

Speaking of fragrance, I really liked the way these smelled. The scent is calming and soft in a way that reminded me of The Body Shop’s new Almond Milk and Honey line. Then, much like the Ultimate Blends for coloured hair, it left my hair with a bit of swish but it was still easy to detangle when wet. It’s really nice to have another option I can reach for in this pocket-friendly collection as I find The Shine Revitaliser (lemon and green tea variant) too ‘strippy’ and everything else that isn’t The Colour Illuminator (argan oil and cranberry) too heavy.

Moving on, let’s chat deo! A while back Shield launched MotionSense antiperspirant with microcapsules activated by friction. This way, when you move around, you burst open new ‘deo bubbles’ for renewed freshness as the day goes on. Anyhoo, the brand’s now whipped out Germ Defense. It also makes use of MotionSense’s ‘bubble’ tech but also promises protection from the germs that cause odour.


Shield MotionSense Germ Defense is ready to protect and serve.

Shield says you’re getting ‘ten times as much protection’ but they’re comparing it against the use of soap, not another antiperspirant, so I’m not sure if this newbie’s ‘stronger’ than the germ-fighters in the original MotionSense or if it contained any germ-fighters at all. Luckily, I couldn’t give a toss either way. It’s a twenty buck deodorant – not a crazily-priced face cream promising the world – so I don’t feel the need to scrutinise. I’ve used it on a crazy hot day and yep, it works. And that’s good enough for me.

I also like that, despite being scented (Shield says its notes include ginger, pink peppercorn and sandalwood), my nose doesn’t really register it. To me, it just smells ‘clean’ and that’s exactly how I like my antiperspirants – to smell like ‘nothing’ or have a scent that’s incredibly subtle. I don’t want my deo fighting with my EDT, if you know what I mean.

See anything you’d like to try yourself?

Love, love


L.O.V Cosmetics is now available in South Africa and I’ve got a hamper worth R2500 to give away

We all know about Essence and it’s big sister Catrice cosmetics, right? Well, now the same group launched L.O.V Cosmetics, an even more sophisticated sister, in selected Dis-Chem stores as well as online at

I got to play with a few of their goodies at the launch and found their prices on par with more upscale drugstore brands like L’Oreal and Bourjois. Despite being connected to cheap and cheerful Essence (which I love and adore), you’ll see the quality is vastly improved, specifically in the packaging department.

Ready to fall in L.O.V?

Ready to fall in L.O.V?

In fact, the Loviconyx eyeshadow and contouring palette (R299,95) is seriously lustable and totally deserves a proper look.

Gorgeous, right?!

Gorgeous, right?! I love that the case comes with a big mirror too. Just toss that brush and get thee a MAC 217 or Sigma E25.

This quartet is called A Walk on the Beach with Marilyn. There are two others available – one’s all about smoke (think gunmetal and black satin) and the other’s more champagne and violet.


I loved that each shade stroked on beautifully, were totally buildable and blend like a boss.

Something else that really impressed me was their Lovlicious Caring Volume gloss (R125). The shade below is called Fuchsia but you can see it’s really more of a rosey pink.


See what I mean?

The hydrating formula (infused with antioxidant-rich tsubaki oil from Japan) reminds me a little bit of MAC’s in that it’s highly pigmented, doesn’t feel ‘tacky’ but really does stick around. It’s not going to slide off your lips two minutes after you slick it on. It’s got a super subtle scent and slightly sweet taste but nothing so noticeable that it would annoy those who hate anything fragranced. (For the record, I don’t mind my cosmetics smelling pretty in the least, provided the scent isn’t over powering.)

As far as the mascara goes, I was initially given one called The Forbidden Dramatic Volume mascara and we just couldn’t make friends. It had a weird ‘double ball’ shape that, I felt, didn’t do anything to enhance the application at all. If anything, it just made it awkward. I’m really glad I got to try another variant, however, GuiltEyes Fan Effect mascara (R215) as it’s awesome.

Short li'l bristles perfectly spaced = yes please!

Short li’l bristles perfectly spaced = yes please!

The little plastic bristles are perfectly spaced (too wide apart is a pet hate of mine as you don’t ‘trap’ anything) so they catch each and every lash and coat them in a jet black formula. I don’t know if I’d called the effect a ‘fan’ one, although you can grab your corner lashes with ease. It’s more like a perfectly defined with zero clumps. This is personal favourite lash look so it definitely goes onto my list of good drugstore mascaras.

I'm wearing all the shades from A Walk on the Beach with Marilyn on my lid and BLAH mascara on my lashes.

I’m wearing all the shades from L.O.V’s A Walk on the Beach shadow palette in A Walk on the Beach with Marilyn on my lid and L.O.V GuiltEyes fan effect mascara on my lashes.

Last, but not least, I appreciated the Perfectitude mattifying primer (R215).

Wear it alone to instantly blur the look of pores and fine lines or under makeup for a lovely even application.

Wear it alone to instantly blur the look of pores and fine lines or under makeup for a lovely even application.

I liked that the formula is super lightweight and runny, not stodgy, so it spreads out like a dream and doesn’t feel occlusive.

Dolloped on the left, spread out on the right. Click on this pic to enlarge it and improve the quality.

Dolloped on the left, spread out on the right. Click on this pic to enlarge it and improve the quality.

It’s hard to capture its effect on camera but trust me it’s very obvious, specially when it comes to pores.

Now! Who’s feeling lucky? I’ve been given a hamper worth a whopping R2 500 to give away and, if you win my competition, it could end up winging its way to your door. Entering is easy. Simply leave a comment below telling me which of L.O.V Cosmetics’ products you’d most like to try. You can explore the range via their international site as well as their local FB page.

There’s another way to enter too. Hit me up on twitter with a ‘Hey @lipglossgirl! I’d love to win a LOV Cosmetics hamper worth R2500’ and include the link to this post. (A lot of you guys enter but don’t do the latter and then your entry doesn’t count.)

This competition closes at 5pm on 1 March and is open to South African residents only. A winner will be drawn from both twitter or the comments section pool via a random number generator.

Good luck girls!

Love, love