Urban Decay’s just opened a South African pop-up palette shop! GO! GO! GO!

GIRL! What are you doing reading this post? Have you not heard the news?

Urban Decay’s just opened a pop-up online palette shop so you can get your mitts on a Naked Palette, regardless of where you live in South Africa.



I have no clue how long it’ll be open for and stock is limited and expected to run out fast so what are you waiting for chica bean? Don’t think. Just slap Naked 1 in your trolley and you can totally thank me later.

Now GO! GO! GO!

I love my super comfy Triumph Magic Wire bra and you can win one too!

Want all the cleavage but don’t want to sacrifice on comfort? Triumph could be your boobs’ new bestie!  The brand’s created an ‘innovative bra technology’ (yep, they take the art of killer cleavage very seriously) called Magic Wire that serves up everything you’d expect from an underwire, but without one. How does it work? They use a silicone soft-cut wire and mesh stabiliser that’s enclosed inside the bra’s padding so you get all the lift, but only feel their super soft fabric against your skin.


Triumph Sheer Velvet Sensation push-up bra with Magic Wire.

Triumph’s Magic Wire tech features in their new spring/summer T-Shirt and Push-Up Bra collection is available in up to a DD cup so you’re sure to find one to fit. They were kind enough to send me their Magic Boost Lift Up Bra and oh boy is it comfy.

This dude's R549,95

Trust me, Triumph’s Magic Wire lace push-up bra (R549,95) is as comfy as it is mooi.

While it’s not billed as a sports bra, you could happily run in this baby, something I did just the other day and let me tell you, I don’t own a single underwire bra I could happily do that in. Also, I like the fact that it’s so pretty looking. So many bras that are primarily built for comfort but aim to throw in a bit o’ ‘sexy sexy’ just don’t get it right.

Pretty pretty!

Triumph Magic Boost lift-up bra with Magic Wire.

So! Which of you meisies want to win one? Triumph has given me one to give away and the style and colour will depend on your size. To enter, simply like Triumph’s Facebook page and then leave a comment below telling me which of the bras featured in this post are your favourite. There’s another way to enter too – hit me up on twitter with a ‘Hey @lipglossgirl, I’d love to win a @TriumphSA Magic Wire bra’ and include the link to this post. Again, you’ll have to like them on Facebook for your entry to count.

Good luck girls!

Love, love


This competition is now closed. Congrats to Rachel Williams on winning her own Triumph Magic Wire bra. 


Check back a little later today – I’ll be running a new competition

Hi girls

Apologies for not having a post up this morning. I was in Jozi last week for two launches then headed off to Knysna for the Oyster Festival. I’m now busy scrabbling to reply to all my e-mail and take care of some admin and then I’ll be sure to stick up a cool comp I know you’ll want to enter so check back in around 10 or so.

Love, love


Update: Sorry man! Things are a bit crazy this side. Dealing with a backlog deluxe so I reckon pop round tomorrow and I’ll have something lekker for you x

Looking for semi-permanent eyebrow perfection? Let’s chat about microblading at The Urban Beauty Lounge

A while back I was invited to the launch of Vogue brows’ microblading treatment at The Urban Beauty Lounge in Wembley Square. Microblading’s been around for a while but now its kind of exploding, especially since it’s rumoured to be the technique that’s given the Kardashian kids their perennially perfect-looking eye brows.

So, for those of you who don’t know, what is microblading? In short, it’s a semi-permanent brow tattoo using a new technique that sees a teensy little micro blade create lots of ultra-fine hair-like strokes. This way, you’re not getting your ouma se permanent make-up, but a realistic-looking ‘brow’. Also, the look isn’t forever. As the pigment’s only deposited in your uppermost dermal layers it lasts between one to two years, gradually fading out over time. You can view several ‘before and after’ piccies from Urban Beauty Lounge over here.

At the launch, we got to watch a live demo by Urban Beauty Lounge’s Charlie Corkill who did a brilliant job of creating a perfect set of brows while fending off a zillion questions from a hoard of captivated beauty folk. The most asked?

Does it hurt?
Nope! You’re numbed to hell and gone with an anaesthetic gel that sits on your face for 30 minutes before the blade comes anywhere near you.

Can you see a preview of what it’ll look like?
Yep. Your brows will be shaped to perfection and filled in to give you an idea of the exact shape you’ll end up. Also, the brow ink is available in a ton of colours so you’ll find a good match.

Athena, the evening's brave model, all mapped out and getting her anaesthetic on.

Athena, the evening’s brave model, all mapped out and getting her anaesthetic on.

How much does it cost?
Prices will vary depending on which salon you go to. At Urban Beauty Lounge you’re looking at a super affordable R2 500 for the first session and R1 250 for the second one a month later to touch things up. After that you’re all done.

Charlie doing her thing.

Charlie doing her thing.

What’s the down time?
There isn’t one. Straight afterwards you can expect a little redness and swelling, but you can totally go to work the next day and nobody would be the wiser. Just don’t get your brows wet for the first five days! About ten days later you’ll experience a bit of dryness and flaking, much the same way your skin creates a microfine ‘scab’ after a Dermapen session, but once this disappears, usually within two days, you’ll be hundreds.

This is Athena minutes after the treatment. I arrived late so I didn't get a 'before' but you can view it on Urban Beauty Lounge's site under 'Gallery'.

Athena after the treatment. Clicking on this piccie will enlarge it and improve the quality a bit. I arrived late so I didn’t get a ‘before’ but you can view it on Urban Beauty Lounge’s site under ‘Gallery’.

In all, I was super impressed by Charlie’s brow skills. Urban Beauty Lounge has always been one of Cape Town’s finest when it comes to brow sculpting and lash extensions and now they can add microblading to the list. Still, your results will only ever be as good as your therapist so if this is something you’re considering be sure to ask to see your brow artists own ‘before and after’ porti, or find someone who’s results you adore and find out who did them. This treatment’s revolutionary but Charlie is the only person I can endorse, having seen her great work myself.

Love, love


P.S. I asked glamtastical diva biets Jeannie D to come along as my date as she’d been interested in learning more about microblading for a while. I’m not going to say whether she eventually took the plunge or not but next time you catch her on Afternoon Express you can guess. Maybe she’s born with them… maybe it’s Charlie from Urban Beauty Lounge…

P.P.S. If you’re a beauty therapist and considering adding microblading to your mooi-making artillery know that Urban Beauty Lounge also offers training in the technique.

I’m having a real moment with Woolworths new African Ingredients Calming line

Woolworths sent me a few items from their new African Ingredients range, available in two variants – Engergising and Calming – and they’re all utterly divine. Both lines are made using natural ingredients from Africa including an extract from the resurrection plant, a mysterious antioxidant-rich shrub that ‘hibernates’ in the desert during a drought but miraculously comes back to life again at the first sign of rain.

The Energising line up features refreshing Kalahari melon and mint and has a soft, sweet smell with just a teeny hint of zingy mint. In fact, it almost reminds me of spearmint. No overwhelming menthol over here, thank you very much. The hand cream is lovely in that it hydrates like a boss thanks to glycerine and lots of Shea butter but absorbs fast and leaves the teensiest hint of fragrance in its wake.

The Calming line, however, is my baby. It’s made using soothing Cape chamomile, oats and lavender but my nose can only smell the latter and it’s heavenly. Remember when Johnson’s used to make those bed time baby wipes with that soft, sweet lavender scent? I totally mourned the day where they discontinued but now I live all my gentle lavender dreams through Woolies’ new collection.

Pretty packaging, right?

Pretty packaging, right?

Growing up, I never used to appreciate lavender as I associated it with oumas and cheap Christmas stocking-style bath products but I’ve since learned I was totally sniffing the wrong stuff. When you discover good lavender… expensive, classy lavender… the kind that conjures up the image of a French villa basking in the sunlight of Provence… you soon realise its one of the most beautiful fragrances around. (As we ‘speak’, I’m in my kitchen with one of my favourite ‘clean house’ Yankee Candles burning – Lemon Lavender – which to me smells like what I imagine the aforementioned fantasy villa would be like.)

I’m now completely in love with Woolworths African Ingredients Calming luxury bath milk (R180). It creates a gentle foam and I love how the scent lingers on your skin after you’ve gotten out the tub. I then layer up with the African Ingredients Calming Oil Roller Balm (R99) which also has the same scent. I apply it to my wrists (and sometimes even swipe it under my nose!). I like that putting it on signals ‘bed time’ which helps me to unwind and mentally prep to turn off.

Next time I’m in store I’m going to pick up the Calming body & massage oil (R180) so I can complete my lavender cloud o’ calm and hope to goodness Woolworths expands the range a bit more. If they every bring out a linen mist I’ll be buying it by the barrow full.

Love, love


Review: Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Control Moisturiser with SPF 30

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m an oily-combination skinned girl. Contrary to popular believe, however, my skin can still get dehydrated so it’s important to use a good moisturiser, but one that isn’t going to aggravate my oily T-panel. Finding products that get the balance just right isn’t always easy. On top of that, I won’t set foot out the house without sunscreen but adding it on top of a moisturiser often sends my skin to shiny town. This is why I generally look for hydrators that contain an SPF to begin with.

But this is where things get tricky as I’ve found so many high SPF products feel heavy on skin. It’s taken me a while to find an artillary of sunscreens that don’t feel like gloop on my face, but they do exist. Now, however, I’m not having to worry with that second layer as I’ve discovered Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturiser with SPF 30 (R174,95, Clicks*).

Can you tell I'm working from my bed today? Bloody flu.

Can you tell I’m working from my bed today? Bloody flu.

I love that it hydrates my skin and protects it without a drop of heaviness and doesn’t leave my already pale face looking ashy, something a lot of high SPF products often do. It absorbs super fast, but gives me a enough lee way to apply my foundation with a bit of glide. The finish is nice and matte, but doesn’t feel tight or dry in the least. (The product I tried for oily skin had so many mattifiers in it that it made my face feel tight!)

Love to love you baby!

Love to love you baby!

While it’s formulated for acne-prone skin, this isn’t something I have to deal with, but I do get the odd spot and knowing I’m using something that could help prevent them makes me happy. (The active Cetaphil’s using something called zinc gluconate that has help control the inflammation created by acne-causing bacteria.)

Other actives in the mix? Skin soothing allantoin and a liquorice extract that’s got good anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that’s been proven to help support the repair of skin that’s been damaged by the sun.

If you’ve been looking for a moisturiser for an oilier skin type that also contains a high SPF (trust me, finding these guys isn’t easy), know that Cetaphil’s little darling is a great pick.

Love, love


*Did you know that you can now shop Clicks online? OMG! I can’t believe they haven’t made a bigger deal about it, but ja, you can now have just about everything delivered to your door for free if your order is over R300. Score!

Did you catch me chatting about the blue lipstick trend on Expresso the other day?

Is anyone else sick of hearing about Kylie bloody Jenner and her stupid lip kits? I am. But either way, she’s launched two new shades and both of them are blue. Having tried blue lippie myself – on live TV nogal – I can tell you right now that it’s a super hard look to pull off.

Hating it!

Hating it! And yes, I know it’s all smudged. You try drinking a sad MacDonald’s take-away cappuccino with Avatar lips…

Literally seconds before the camera flicked on I was sitting on the couch with fellow Fash Packer Margaux Knuppe’s fingers in my mouth trying to rub it off my teeth while the set peeps freaked out about the fact that I was painting my nails at the same time. I’d have finished up that mani long ago if I hadn’t used all my prep time slapping on the blue. It’s not easy because, with a shade so dark, you have to ensure your liner’s total on point. Speaking of which, that blue ‘lipstick’ was created using a navy eyeliner with a slick of gloss. Can we get a shout out for Expresso’s magical make-up artists?

Lastly, I want to get all braggy and show off this rocking Insta shot I took of Alexis Chaffe-Mey.

Gorgeous, right?

Gorgeous, right?

She was wearing this gorgeous H&M two piece (‘Two pieces are my life!’, she says) and I thought it would look great with the floor but she wasn’t sold. ‘You want me to lie on that dirty, freezing floor?’ Girl, like, of course! Beauty is pain, darling! This is how myself and a camera guy ended up screaming ‘Do it! Do it! DO IT!’ before I eventually gave her an ‘I’m doing this because I love you’ shove to the ground when she kneeled down to give it a tentative feel. (Bullies. Stylists. It’s such a fine line.) Within seconds another crew dude had fanned out her hair and BOOM, we got our shot.

Now tell me, are you going to be doing it the Smurfy way and rocking blue lips any time soon?

Love, love