Review: Schwarzkopf Intense Therapy and Supreme Length shampoo and conditioner PLUS win a haircare hamper worth R750

Just before I headed to Malaysia, Schwarzkopf Gliss gave me their two latest lines to try. As I wanted to test them thoroughly, I’m now touring South East Asia with a suitcase overflowing with hair products but it’s all good ‘cos my bag is otherwise empty. For now. When I return it’ll be stuffed to the brim with Lemon Drizzle Kit Kat.

Meet the new kids!

The first line I want to chat about is Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy with Keratin Serum + Omegaplex. I know I’ve said it a thousand times but if your hair is damaged in any way, be it due to colouring or heat styling, you definitely want shampoos and conditioners that contain keratin, a protein that gives your hair its strength. Once you’ve damaged your own, you can’t replace it, but you can fortify what you’ve got, and this makes the world of difference. As far as Omegaplex goes, Schwarzkopf says it’s a complex that helps to repair the broken bonds within your hair, leaving it stronger and sleeker-looking. In a way, it’s kind of like their answer to Olaplex.

As I’m on the road, I lightened my hair using a hydrogen peroxide bleaching spray. If my hairdresser reads that sentence, she’ll die, but it’s actually worked really well. Still, my hair definitely did require a lot more TLC, especially in the week following my initial bleach blitz. Happily, Intense Therapy was up to the job. As my hair is quite fine and I wash it every day, it added a little bit of weight, but I’m in a sweltering country right now so I’m always tying it up and this is the teeniest concession for hair that’s super easy to detangle when wet and a healthy-looking shine. If you have thicker hair or a dryer hair type, you won’t notice any “weigh down”. Also, I want to emphasise that the weight is surprisingly minimal. As my hair is so fine, I assumed Intense Therapy would eventually coat my hair, icky Pantene-silicone-fiesta-style, but it hasn’t. Here I am, almost a month into my trip and I’m still using it.

If you have dry hair or are in need of damage control, Intense Therapy is your BFF.

The other duo I was given Schwarzkopf Gliss Supreme Length shampoo and conditioner. These guys are 100% up my street! Again, they contain liquid keratin to repair as well as “micro repair lipids” that I suspect is “fancy talk” for apricot kernel oil. Either way, the shampoo does a brilliant job of cleansing my oily roots without stripping (I wash my hair every, single day!) and the conditioner gives me the EXACT amount of moisture I’m after – enough so I can detangle, but not so much that my hair feels flat. Also, they smell amazing! Like pink petals, lollipops and candyfloss! When I return to South Africa, Supreme Lengths is going to become my every day sham and con.

Ultimate Lengths is my new ultimate fave.

Right! So let’s get to what I know you’re waiting for… your chance to win an awesome Schwarzkopf hair care hamper tailored to suit your hair type worth R750! To enter, simply tell me who is the last celeb you took a screenshot of to show your hairdresser. (Mine was Emma Stone ‘cos I thought I wanted her fringe, but I came to my senses pre-snip when I remembered how much hard work they are! If you’re currently rocking a fringe right now, respect!)

Love, love


P.S. If you’re keen on trying any of Schwarzkopf’s’ newbies, now is the time as there’s a “buy 3 pay for 2” promo running at Clicks until the 18th of June.

This competition is now closed. Congrats to winner Simonne Stellenboom. 



36 thoughts on “Review: Schwarzkopf Intense Therapy and Supreme Length shampoo and conditioner PLUS win a haircare hamper worth R750

  1. I think we all did the Jennifer Aniston bob! Why? My latest was Sam Chapman of Real Techiniques. I love her hair colour!

  2. I had my hair cut of 25 cms few weeks ago and I just said to the hairdresser (first visit ever, no fear at all) please cut…no picture! we just heard that we were going to adopt twins so I needed a change and something easy to take care of 😉

  3. Haha, I too saved a pic of Emma Stone for her fringe to show my hairdresser. Also Ashley Simpson’s fringe on an old pic. I have super long hair, down to my ass so really keen to try the Supreme length

  4. Samantha Smith the actress. I wanted a longer version of her curly, layered bob (without the fringe) as I want to work with my natural texture.

  5. After showing a hairdresser a pic of a random model I saw in magazine at age 13 and ending up with the worst haircut ever, I decided to never ever do that again..haha! So,yeah, no celeb to mention…

  6. I got my hair done last weekend and showed my hair dresser a picture of Lucy Jake’s hair and its exactly what I got!!

  7. I got my hair done last weekend and showed my hair dresser a picture of Lucy Hale’s hair and its exactly what I got!!

  8. Jennifer Lopez to get her beautiful bronde hair colour! Who hasn’t wanted to be JLo at some point?!

  9. Gwyneth Paltrow’s long bob or ‘lob’ (I actually hate that word!) circa 2008.
    I’d been growing my hair for YEARS to have long hair for my wedding, plus I had 4 boxes of extensions put in, so by the time my wedding was over and the extensions had grown out I was dying to chop everything off!
    I’d never gone that short & almost immediately regretted it – especially since most people said:”OMG YOU CUT ALL YOUR HAIR OFF!” but i’m learning to love it and it doesn’t strangle me in my sleep any more, so there’s that. 🙂

  10. I didn’t know taking a photo to the hairdresser was a thing, maybe this is where I went wrong. I went to a new hairdresser yesterday for a colour and trim, my hair was nice and long, down to the small middle of my back, she chopped over 20cms off. Why though. I am still crying inside. She said my hair was dead. Clearly I need some gliss in my life. I’m loving the sound of that supreme length

  11. Priyanka Chopra❤ i would give anything to have thick, glossy and beautifully styled hair like her❤❤

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