GIVEAWAY: I got my ears pierced at Claire’s and have a R500 voucher you could win!

So I got my ears pierced the other day… at the ripe old age of thirty-freaking-eight! While I’d pierced them a million years ago at the age of 13, I went through a phase where I never wore earrings and the holes eventually closed up. Now, however, I’m happily re-holed and was very happy to have gotten it done at Claire’s.

You don’t need to make an appointment. Just rock up ready to roll.

I had no idea they did piercings but, as it turns out, they’re the world’s leading ear piercing specialists! Better yet, if you buy one of Claire’s ear piercing ‘starter kits’, you can get your ears punched for free! The kits include a bottle of ear cleansing solution and a pair of earrings from their piercing line.

These range from basic sterling silver balls starting at just R200 to fancy 18K gold with cubic zirconias. I picked out a pair of sterling silver cubic zirconia studs for R300 and then we got down to business which took all of two minutes. The friendly well-trained staff pulled on a pair of gloves before sterilising the ear piercing station, all the equipment and my ears. Also, the ‘gun’ that does the actual piercing is a pre-sterilised single use punch that holds the earring of your choice.

See the teddy in the background? You can squeeze her if you’re scared.

Despite regularly swiping my credit card to get needles poked into my face (hello Botox!) I was stupidly nervous about getting this done. The moment my piercer pulled the trigger I jumped and squealed, anticipating a terrible stab. Amazingly, it didn’t hurt at all and hasn’t caused me a drop of pain since. I’m now happily ‘sparkled up’ and am religiously using the special cleaning solution that was included in the price of my earrings.

Claires piercing
Gotta love that hideous Spur lighting. (But a post-piercing waffle is a must!)

I’m now looking forward to the future because, in six weeks time, I’ll be able to swap out my studs for something else. Like llamas!

Ya or nah?


They had baby ellies too.

My favourite, however, were these dangly pineapples…

Mooi, ne?

Also, thought these drop earrings with li’l turquoise stones would look good with the white sundress I bought the other day.

Pretty pretty!

Now let’s get to the exciting bit! I’ve got a Claire’s gift card worth R500 to give away to one lucky reader! Entering is easy – simply use the comments section to tell me how you’d like to spend that gift card.  

I’ll be running this comp on Instagram and Facebook later today too. This competition is open to South African residents only and closes at 5pm on Friday the 10th of May 2019.

Llama bebbeh key ring wishes you good luck!

Love, love



56 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: I got my ears pierced at Claire’s and have a R500 voucher you could win!

  1. I already have a few ear piercings but lately have been considering getting more haha so this voucher would def go to another set of holes now that I know Claire’s does piercings!

    1. I’m tempted to get a high up hole so I wear one of those big brooch-type ‘top to tip’ statement earrings. I have no clue what they’re called 🙂

  2. Oh boy Leigh, I am so grateful to my mom for having my ears pierced when I was 9 months old. I tried to have my ears pierced again when I was a teen to have an additional 2 holes in each ear,a trend at the time, but they hurt so bad and closed up. So now I only have my original piercings but I love reading your experience and I would most definitely go to Claires for another ear piercing and get myself some cute silver balls .😁

  3. my little girl is 7 and has autism but is in love with claires! anything furry (hello cute teddies) anything sparkly (she loves bracelets) and because of her sensory issues she hates having her hair tied up so alice bands and head bands are our life saviour. as much as id love some nice sparklies for myself, id want to spend this whole voucher on her. xx

  4. I love love their earrings – all things llama and their owls and their pretty sparkly hair bands

  5. My niece turns 9 on 01 June so I would let her spend the voucher on a shopping spree at Claires……wonder if her mom would notice if she got her ears pierced?!

    1. I would get my ears pierced at the tender age of 38 and take my daughters with who is 16 and 3 and never had piercings. And with the rest buy ourselves some lovely Claire goodies. I love their earrings.

  6. I’d love to use this gift card to spoil my daughter who celebrates her first Mother’s Day this year, and whose birthday is also on the 10th of May. 💕

  7. I would love to buy all the lovely unicorn goodies, like notebooks and so forth..

  8. They have such lovely unicorn goodies and I would love to spend the prize on that!

    1. I have been planning on getting second piercings on my ears, so I’m going to use it on that, I also didn’t know that Claire’s does piercings, so ya I’m definitely going to use it on that.

  9. I would so love to buy some of their stunning earrings.. I live unique and different earrings!

  10. i would purchase earrings for my daughter for her 5th birthday and then a pair for me as well for birthing her haha.

  11. I would like to spoil myself with some hoop earings since the ones I have changed their colour and were hurting my ears.

  12. I would like to spoil myself with some hoop earings since the ones I have changed their colour and were hurting my ears.

  13. Got my ears pierced at 16.. Then again at 21..but that lady pierced the earing so bad that the pin went into my ear (as in it was not out back, it went in like arrow… Horror) so I never went again.. Think now I would love to go again mm also want fancy pineapple earrings hehe… Llamas are very cool so by the way 💕

  14. I didn’t even realise Claire’s is in SA! This is great news to me as they actually have the best selection of nose piercing jewellery! I love their earings as well; if I won, I’d spend the prize on a Mum & Daughter Day! Bella, my 7yr old, would love to get her ears pierced and we’d probably spend ages in there choosing gorgeous things from their cute and quirky treasures! 😍

  15. I would take my niece to get some cute things, she’s just the sweetest little girl with an attitude and personality like no other. I have multiple piercings, so she always looks through all my jewellery. I think it’s time for her to get her own jewellery collection.

  16. I would take my niece to get some cute things, she’s just the sweetest little girl with an attitude and personality like no other. I have multiple piercings, so she always looks through all my jewellery. I think it’s time for her to get her own jewellery collection.

  17. I need a new obnoxious “look at me I’m totally awesome” phone cover…. Claire’s is my go to. I also love having ridiculous fluffy “clueless Cher” style note books to whip out at important meetings, so I look like I don’t give a F. Again, Claire’s ticks all the boxes. Plus I need one of those bulging eyes fluffy creatures for my dashboard. For street cred. Any change I’d use to buy jiggly flamingo earrings I saw there the other day.

  18. Their headbands are so cute! And their clips and chains and phone accessories and earrings and rings and EVERYTHING. Definitely not getting my ears pierced again though because I might be a strong independent woman but ya girl is too thankful her parents did it for her when she was small and didn’t know any better. ~The NeedLeS pIErcE thRoUGh youR SmALL dEfEnselEss ears~. I probably would’ve talked myself out of it. Kudos to you for braving it out! It’s so worth it with all the funky earrings available!

  19. I would love new earrings.. haven’t bought new in years. A new pair for work and weekend…

  20. I have a friend’s birthday coming soon and she really surprised me by getting me a gift (okay I know this is weird, I’m not used to getting gifts, especially on my birthday (cause of the fact that it falls in January – you know…. everyone pretty much broke from the festive season) so! Since she’s a HUGE fan of Claires i wanna surprise her on her birthday like she did with mine, just to say thank you and that I love her dearly. So would really appreciate to spend the voucher on her.

  21. Well as most of my earings sets are either out of fashion or got lost. I would love to use this voucher to get me some new funky, cool Claire earings.

  22. I’d getting some more ear piercings and grab myself and my daughter some earrings.

  23. I would love to get loads of Claire’s earrings and accessories for my 2 little girls who love Claire’s

  24. I’d love to get second piercings in my ears. I absolutely love that hoop earrings are back in so I’d have to definitely get some!

  25. I would give it to my second mother and neighbour Nokuthula- her daughter celebrates her sweet 16th next month and funds are tight because of family responsibilities. This would make both her and her daughter ecstatic. I only wish I had more that I personally could do for them

  26. It was a absolute pleasure to read this wonderful review thank you and for this giveaway.
    I will treat myself to a selection of beautiful earrings as well a few pairs for my adorable niece.

  27. I lost one of my favourite pearl earrings that I wore almost daily,last week. So I’d use the voucher to find a new favourite ( those pineapples maybe 😉 )

  28. I would get a new helix earring as they have a nice selection (currently wearing one of theirs now) and a Hello Kitty squishie (because I am a weird type of grown up).

  29. Hi luv!!!
    Enjoyed your post..
    My 12 year old has been sick this whole week. Viral infection ..
    I know 100% it would cheer her up tons!!
    She too loooooves earings. So those lamas are on the list and any other cutie pie earing sets.

  30. Wow this actually reminded me of how I need to do the same for my two year old daughter. We want to get her ears pierced so I think this would be a great opportunity and we could get her some nice accessories to begin with

  31. Well I would use this voucher to re-pierce my ears.

    My mom took me to Game Stores (I know) when I was about 5 or so and I screamed like a bloody lunatic and moved as at the moment they pierced each hole.

    This has subsequently resulted in me having the most unequal piercings – one is high up and the other is down low, so my earring always looks like it’s hanging on for dear life 😂

    So yeah a fresh piercing for me and new earrings I can wear without feeling lopsided,

  32. I would definitely use the gift voucher to get my mom a nice bracelet or even better get her ears pierced and a nice set of earings … #ClairesBestMother’sdayGift

  33. I have convinced my daughter, who had her ears pierced in November last year that she has to wait a whole year before she can get new earrings. Maybe if I win this, I could be persuaded to change my mind and treat both of us to some new bling.

  34. I would really love to win this voucher because I have never won anything in my life before & this would be a perfect gift to spoil my mom & thank her for everything that she has done for me up until today & also because it would be a early birthday surprise & gift 4 her.

  35. Damn so this is what happens when you don’t go on Twitter for a day (miss an awesome competition 😔)

  36. I stupidly didn’t end up piercing my daughters ears when she was small. We tried when she was 2 but it was not a great experience… She’s now asking me to do it again (she’s 3) and I’ve only heard great things about Claire’s for piercing kids ears. Crazy coincidence that you’d have a comp running 😂

    1. They were great! I was so impressed with their hygiene standards. Also, they pierce so many ears they can do it in their sleep. They’re like the Sorbet of piercings 😂

  37. I would really like to get my ears pierced too ive never done it before and i think earrings could suit me

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