Reviews: Lamelle Vita C 30 Cream, Elemis Superfood Berry Boost mask and REN & Now To Sleep pillow spray

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’m a freak for retinol but don’t wear it every day because I like a nice, sterk 1-percenter. (For the record, my fave is still Dermacetic’s.) So, on those in-between days, I like to apply a high strength vitamin C product. Much like retinol, vitamin C can also stimulate collagen production, inhibit pigmentation and trick much younger boys into falling in love with you.

If you’d asked me to name my fave vitamin C product a month ago, I’d have told you it was Lamelle’s killer good 20% cream. While the first tube was given to me by the PR, I was on my second bottle that I’d bought myself. (That’s kind of like the best compliment I can give considering the amount of free stuff I’m sent. You can read my review over here. ) Now, however, I’m hooked on their latest and greatest – Lamelle Vita C 30 Cream (R945, Online Skin Shop). It contains – you guessed it – an intense 30% pure ascorbic acid, the most potent form of vitamin C you can get.

Lamelle Vita C 30

Like it’s predecessor, it’s in airtight packaging and the texture is pretty silicone-y. As I’ve got an oily skin type I’m not a big fan of silicone, but super strength vitamin C has the potential to irritate and oxidise so it’s kind of like a ‘must’ to soften its delivery and protect it from losing it’s ‘zing’. If you’ve got a dry skin type, you won’t consider its texture a negative. If you’ve been using a 20% vitamin C product (good girl!) and haven’t found it sensitizing, then it’s time for an upgrade and Lamelle’s newbie can fit the bill.

Moving on, let’s chat about Elemis. The brand sent me their new Super Food Berry Boost Mask (R720, Edgars). Inspired by antioxidant-packed smoothies, it contains purple Brazilian purple clay and a ‘super berry’ complex. It’s not really clear what’s in the latter but if you scan the ingredients list you’ll spot a whack of antioxidant-rich plant extracts and some of them are berry-related, namely bilberry and blackcurrant seed oil. Oh! And it also includes a sugar-derived prebiotic to help balance your skin’s bacteria, but again, I’m not sure what they’re talking about specifically.

Elemis Superfood Berry Boost mask

Still, in saying all that, I really, really like this mask. So much so that I tossed it in my suitcase and dragged it across the other side of the world with me. (I’m currently sitting in a beach bar in Penang!) It smells like a blend of black Fruit Pastille and new My Little Pony and sniffing it makes me happy. (My dog was a big fan too!) Also, and I know this is revolting, but it did a very nice job of drawing any nasties to the surface of my skin so they were easy to extract. At just over R700, it’s got a hefty price tag, but if you can afford it, I doubt you’d regret the purchase.

Tiggy approved!

Another product I’m currently travelling with? REN & Now To Sleep pillow spray (R385, Woolworths). I come from a long line of insomniacs and, like the rest of my fam, have to drug myself to sleep each night. REN’s pillow spray does not put me to sleep, Zopimed does. But it does a good job of kicking up the comfort factor each night. As I change hotels every 3 or 5 days and will continue to do so for the next couple of months (I know, I have a weird life) it’s nice to be able to create a familiar environment each night with a quick spritz.

REN & Now To Sleep pillow spray

Most sleep sprays contain lavender and REN’s no different, but it doesn’t smell like it. Thanks to other soothing essential oils like cedarwood, frankincense and ylang-ylang, it’s got a sweet yet slightly masculine scent that lends a sense of ‘continuity’ to every foreign pillow. I like! I also used it while I was in the P of E visiting the folks and got to trial it with a VERY fussy sleeper and you’ll be glad to know he liked it too.

He hates it when I work late with the light on but it was an easy fix.

See anything you like?

Love, love


P.S. For those who’ll ask: Yep, my dog ACTUALLY sleeps like that. It is not a posed shot. The moment I slip that mask on him he lets out a sigh (!) and heads to dreamland. If I forget to take it off him after I turn out the light, he’ll wear it the entire night. And it’s not like he can’t remove it with a head shake. It’s one of those cooling, gel-filled masks and he’s super into it. So ja. Dude be cray.

5 thoughts on “Reviews: Lamelle Vita C 30 Cream, Elemis Superfood Berry Boost mask and REN & Now To Sleep pillow spray

  1. WTF Leigh!!!! Why aren’t you writing blog posts about your current travels – they are the best….

  2. Hi again Leigh, been needing a mask so will look into Elemis (also love anything purple)!!

    PS: Your dog’s the cutest!! ❤

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