Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish

Sally Hansen have created a new polish system called Miracle Gel. They say it’s the only true 2-step gel manicure with no light needed and I just have to take issue with that. I mean, the very characteristic that defines a ‘gel’ polish from a regular one is the fact that it doesn’t dry on it’s own. You need a light to cure it. Sally’s polish, however, doesn’t need curing. It just dries, mos like I every other polish on the block so I don’t know where they get away with their whole gel spiel. But ja, that aside, I was given the top coat and a shade called Red Eye and, for the most part, really liked both of them.

Sally's Miracle duo
Sally’s Miracle duo

Red Eye is a very ‘primary red’ shade that comes on a bit a sheer. After two coats, I can still distinguish the white tips of my nails. Three coats, however, and you’re good to go. I liked that it dried fast and set to a shiny finish even without the top coat, but obviously you want to apply that if you’re to keep your mani for longer than a day.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish in Red Eye.

Another plush? Sally’s Miracle Gel polish uses the same brush her other nail colours do in that it’s thick and slightly curved at the tip to make applying the polish a total breeze.

You can’t really see it here but the brush fits into your cuticle’s curve like a dream.

As for the top coat, many of the same points stand – it dries fast, looks super shiny and the brush is a dream. In saying that though, it’s still no match for the brand’s penultimate gem, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat. Have you ever tried that boy? Errrmigod, it’s incredible! I used to be a huuuuge Seche Vite fan until my nail’s obsessed friend Alize was like ‘Bitch please, Insta-Dri whoops SV’s ass’. I was a total indignant ho bag but then, when I compared the two, I totally had to eat humble pie. I now can’t believe I spent so much of my PayPal balance rukking Seche Vite off eBay when I had the miracle that is Insta-Dri on my door step all along. Argh! Now, the big question? Did Miracle Gel deliver the ‘up to 14 days of colour and shine’ as promised Hells no! I got two days of wear before one nail chipped and by day three it was time to take it off. But in saying that, that’s the average as to how long most colours last on me even when teamed with a good top coat. I’m super duper hard on my hands, you guys! Washing dishes sans gloves, ripping open boxes and boxes of products, typing like a mofo… Maybe if I was in a coma I’d get up to two weeks of wear. I do know that nail colour seems to last forever on my toes and that’s probably ‘cos I’ve yet to master cracking open a can of Coke Zero with my feet. Anyway, in short, I reckon Sally’s ‘just like gel’ claim is utter rubbish, but when you remove that from the equation you’re looking at yet more shades to love of her top quality nail colour with a brush I deem one of the best. Love, love Leigh

3 thoughts on “Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish

  1. Very disappointed. I bought two. They make ugly streaks and are not nearly like a gel finish. I love your other products and have always recommend you but the miracle gel is not nice at all.

    1. Ag nee! Sorry to hear it. In all fairness, I only tried the one shade and while it took more coats then I’d have liked to go opaque I did get a nice even finish from it. I think it might be a case of a range where not all the formulations are the same. For example, I adore Essie polishes because most of them are perfect but every now again you get a shade that’s just a complete dud. I have the same ish with Morgan Taylor too. Again, sorry you ended up with two kak ones. I hate it when that happens x x

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