Reviews: Bourjois Silk Edition compact powder and Moroccanoil Volumising mousse

Ooh la la! Bourjois Silk Edition compact powder (R164,95, Clicks) is a another lovely product from the French drug store brand. It promises sheer to medium coverage, depending on whether you use a brush or the supplied sponge, to keep skin matte for up to 8 hours without looking dull.

I’m not wearing any foundation in this shot. Just concealer (my beloved Catrice Camouflage Cream) and Bourjois’ new powder.

Being an oily-skinned girl, there’s no way I could slap this on and then only touch up eight hours later. However, I liked that I could get away with at least two touch ups without heading into ‘cakey town’. (The rest of the time I use oil-blotting powders which I go through at the rate of knots, but I love how they lift away shine without disturbing my make-up. MAC’s Blot powder is also very good at this too.)

Other plus points? The powder does have a lovely silky texture (and probably lots of silicone) so it looks very natural on and yes, it does blur the look of fine lines and pores where other more chalkier-textured products only serve to enhance them. Then there’s the packaging – the sleek black compact features a 360-degree rotating mirror that kind of reminds me of the sticky dock thing that hold my car’s GPS. While it’s not especially functional, it’s certainly pretty cool-looking.

Ultimately, in a world of el cheapo, chalky drug store powders, this is one of the better ones your money can buy.

Now let’s talk about argan oil-infused Morocconoil Volumising Mousse.

Moroccanoil Volumising mousse
Moroccanoil Volumising mousse, R320 from and

For the most part, I find a mousse is a mousse is a mousse. I really struggle to tell the difference between them. I really liked this one, however, but for totally fickle reasons – it’s got that yummy Moroccanoil scent that I used to hate but have now come to love and is a great way to wear it in your hair ever so subtly. (The mask, for example, is great, but I find it leaves my hair very heavily scented and somedays I don’t mind that, but on others I do, especially if I’m wearing a more delicate perfume.)

As far as ‘results’ go, yep, it does a good job of gifting my thin, fine hair with a bit more voomah and I like that the hold is flexi – no stiffness over here. Also, you can use a good golf ball-sized amount and you’re good to go. (Morocconoil’s Root Lifter is great at doing the same thing, but only if you use a very small amount*. Too much, and you’re going to end up looking like a troll doll. So for this reason I prefer a gentle mousse where I can just plonk it on and whip out my hair dryer without worrying if I’ve used the correct amount.)

Love, love


*To be fair, some people might see this as a plus. Less product needed for lots of bang = good value. But I just like the freedom of being heavy handed should I wish ‘cos I’m a total thug like that.

3 thoughts on “Reviews: Bourjois Silk Edition compact powder and Moroccanoil Volumising mousse

  1. Sadly the Catrice Camouflage Cream has been discontinued in my shade (030).. It only comes in a Kim Kardashian level of orangey brown now as well as the lighter shades… I cried so many tears!! Still haven’t found a good alternative and on my last stockpiled potjie. May have to go back to the dreaded causer-of-pimples-Mac unless you find us something good haha!

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