Pravda spoiled me with a bottle of their (damn) fine Polish vodka

A little while back I was gifted with a bottle of Pravda vodka (thanks Little Black Book PR!) and I just had to show it off.

Is this not the prettiest li’l booze bottle you ever did see?

Pravda hails from Southern Poland, dates back to 1743 and was once reserved for Polish nobility but can now be enjoyed by mooi meisies soos ek en jy. I think it’s an especially lovely birthday gift as, aside from being in a ‘pretty pretty’ gem-bedazzled bottle, it’s also the kind of thing everyone can never have enough of in their drinks trolley. Much like my favourite OTC muscle relaxants which I may or may not have a problem with, vodka mixes well with everything.

Look Leo, it's the Heart of the Ocean!
Look Leo, it’s the Heart of the Ocean!

Speaking of mixers, I decided to share my Pravda with my friend Jax, swizzling it with a little Cintron, that energy drink I fell in love with at last year’s Pink Polo.

It's made with mineral water and real fruit juices and the pineapple flavour is the shizzle's nizzle.
It’s made with mineral water and real fruit juices and the pineapple flavour is the shizzle’s nizzle.

When our sundowner session started, both Jax and I were like ‘God, we’re so tired. Can this day just end so we can take our bras off and lie on our backs and binge watch series on our laptops like the exciting, glamorous women we are?’ However, a few glassies in, the Cintron’s caffeine and taurine kicked in and we decided to pull on our sequin hot pants and hit the Hout Bay strip in search for sexy surfers and a sick beat.

Cheers, biets!
Cheers, biets!

Okay, so that’s a total lie. We just got the energy to get up in search of sushi which turned into a killer curry at The Indian Oven* but trust me that’s an impressive turn around.

Anyway, enough rambling. If you like your vodka the way I like pretty much everything and that’s ‘pretty’ – Pravda is your baby and you’ll find it at most good bottle stores including Makro while Cintron likes to hang out in Norman Goodfellows.

Love, love


*Ermmmigod! The Indian Oven! Have you been? Their garlic naans are thin and crispy, their butter chicken tastes like the second coming and their menu is one of the biggest I’ve seen in ages. Seriously. If it’s Indian, they’re making it!

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