Review: Skin Renewal’s mega-moisturising, radiance-boosting Hydra Touch facial

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m not a big fan of facials – or at least the typical “layering” kind. If a therapist is merely slapping on products I could easily buy and use at home, I’m not interested. However, I was super keen to try Skin Renewal’s new Hydra Touch facial (R895) as it’s performed by a super fancy multitasking machine with various attachments. I.e. not the kind of thing I could do myself on a big night in.

To begin, my lovely and very knowledgeable therapist Megan gently removed my makeup (except my eye shadow and mascara ‘cos I was like “biets, I don’t want to look kak in my photos!”) before kicking things off with a hydradermabrasion session. This involved running the machine’s aquatip nozzle across the surface of my skin so it could deep clean my face much like a power hose blitzing a dirty driveway. It made a weird squelching noise and the water felt like a gentle tickle, not a blast. Also, the water used to cleanse my face wasn’t just any old water. It was hydrogenated, meaning it had an extra hydrogen molecule. This could bind to any cell-damaging active oxygen in my skin (free radicals) and convert them to plain old water. Simply put, the HydraTouch’s fancy water could hydrate while acting as an antioxidant.

Behold! The aquatip!

Super clean sorted, the next step was to apply an alpha hydroxy acid peel. Again, this solution was delivered via the machine’s aquatip, something that’s designed to release liquid while acting like a mini vacuum. This way, I could benefit from the peel while the machine hoovered any nastiness out of my pores. Again, this wasn’t something I could “feel” and I wondered if the machine was actually doing anything. “It feels like nothing!”, I whined. “Are you suuuure it’s doing anything?” But then I touched my face and immediately shut up ‘cos it felt unbelievably smooth. Like a velvety puppy’s tummy! Whatever was going on, it was subtle but undeniable.

Forgive the lighting situation. I’m not this corpse-like in real life, I promise.

Peel done and dusted, Megan whipped out a new attachment – one that could perform a transdermal mesotherapy session as well as LED light therapy. Some big words there, so let me explain. Transdermal mesotherapy involves using a device that emits gentle electrical currents that push beneficial ingredients much deeper into your skin. In this case, it was a mega-moisturising hyaluronic acid serum to help temporarily plump up my skin from the inside out. As far as light therapy is concerned, Megan explained that exposing my skin to optimized light at a specific wavelength could help with various skin concerns. Red LED light, for example, can stimulate the creation of collagen. Again, this new attachment didn’t hurt a bit. If anything, I felt a slight electrical thrum.

Unicorns make the best friends.

Next, it was skin tightening time! Using yet another attachment – roller balls that emitted a gentle current – Megan could stimulate my face’s muscles to create a subtle “lift” effect while boosting my circulation. Again, it wasn’t painful in the least. Everything about the HydraTouch facial is a pampering treat. It’s not an invasive, hard-guns “no pain, no gain” type of treatment.

Ready to roll!

To finish up, a straight-up hydrating mask would typically be applied, but because I have oily skin, Megan suggested we go with a hydrating beta hydroxy acid (BHA also known as salicylic acid) mask instead. I loved this idea ‘cos I’m a huge BHA fan. Unlike AHA that exfoliates the surface of your skin, BHA can get deep into your pores to keep them clean and clear. Once this was painted on using a brush, Megan gave me the most amaaaazing shoulder massage that nearly put me to sleep using the most divine-smelling neroli moisturiser. She then removed the mask, applied a basic facial moisturiser and just like that we were done and dusted!

Can we take a moment for how never-say-die my lip stain is? It’s one of these cheap “magic colour changing” ones from Dis-Chem.

After my facial, I floated out of the clinic on a cloud. My skin felt incredibly soft, looked less lined and more “relaxed” as well as wonderfully radiant. Yay! I ended up kind of sad that I had to stay in and work that evening ‘cos I’d have loved to have taken my newfound mooiness out on the town. But ja. Deadlines. Still, next time I have a big event, feel like a spoil and want my skin to look it’s absolute best, it’s good to know an indulgent Hydra Touch facial can help me get my glow on.

Love, love



2 thoughts on “Review: Skin Renewal’s mega-moisturising, radiance-boosting Hydra Touch facial

  1. Hi Leigh! If you remember me I’m not sure 🙂 you came to the little home salon in Plumstead some years back, and had a Naturalmente treatment.
    Since then I’ve established my own home salon, the past years from my home in Sea Point, and using the organic brand OWAY.
    If you’re open to do a review in exchange for a hair treatment and organic facial with OWAY that would be divine 🙂

    1. Hi Jason! I do remember you! Glad to hear you’ve kept on trucking 🙂 I haven’t actually blogged in ages ‘cos I travel too much these days. Have been out of SA since March and currently in Turkey before heading to Dubai. Thank you for thinking of me though. Wishing you every success with your new salon x x x

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