Review: Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Eight Hour Daily Defense Moisturiser SPF 35

Elizabeth Arden sent me a whack of goodies the other day and there have been a few stand outs. Firstly, you should know that their relaunched Beautiful Colour Natural Eye Brow Pencil is still a fave. Also, I’m really falling in love with Sunlit Showers, the latest incarnation of Sunflowers (full review coming soon). Today, however, I want to chat about new Great 8 Eight Hour Daily Defense Moisturiser SPF 35 (R425).

Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Eight Hour Daily Defense Moisturiser SPF 35
Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Eight Hour Daily Defense Moisturiser SPF 35

While it’s got a nice, high SPF, Great 8 has a fabulous feather-light gel-creme texture that feels far too lovely to be a sunscreen. In this way, it reminds me a lot of Cetaphil DermaControl Oil-Control Moisturiser SPF 30, another product that feels like a moisturiser, but serves up a surprising whack of sun protection. Still, Great 8’s formula is LOT more luxurious-feeling. I like that it gives my oily-combo skin the perfect dose of hydration – enough to make me feel supple and plump but not aggravate the oilies. It also gives my skin a slight glow, leaves zero white cast and plays beautifully under foundation.

Ingredients-wise, Great 8 packs a fab antioxidant punch thanks to horehound flower extract (ja, I laughed too) and “deep sea organism ferment”. A bit of googling revealed that Arden’s organism is actually an aquatic bacteria, so I can understand why they’d get a li’l cloudy with it’s name. People hear the words bacteria and immediately think “gross” or “bad”. Most don’t realise our bodies carry over 30 TRILLION bacteria cells and the vast majority of them are “good”. Arden’s deep sea bacteria, is also good, so it’s essentially a probiotic. Also, free radical-fighting aside, it can replenish our glycoproteins (a peptide required for smooth, healthy-looking skin) and there’s evidence it mitigates airborne pollution

Another ingredient worth noting? African Whitewood Tree bark extract, another antioxidant that’s able to slow down oil production. Then there’s the Blue Light aspect. Most sunscreen can protect you from the sun’s dangerous UVA and UVB rays, we’ve since learned it emits a slightly less damaging but still unwanted wavelength that is Blue Light. In terms of topicals, your best bet for Blue Light protection are antioxidants, so Arden’s Great 8 definitely fits the bill.

Love, love


P.S. If you’ve been hearing a lot about Blue Light and it’s something that concerns you, this is an interesting read that can help you save money. Ultimately, it’ll leave you realising you don’t have to splash out on a special “Blue Light sunscreen”. Anything containing antioxidants can do the trick. Also, while your cell phone most certainly emits Blue Light, it’s far less damaging than the media would have you believe. Still, like I said, antioxidants are your friend and the more you include in your skincare routine the merrier!

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