Beauty bits and pieces: Essence’s Effect eye shadows and win with Gillette Venus&Olay as well as POND’S

Essence sent me a few goodies a while back and I quite liked their new Effect eye shadows (R60, and Clicks), available in five shades.

Available in five shades, here are two: BALH and BLHA.
UK’s Stone Henge on the left and Brazil’s Sunset on the right. (Clearly they were named after natural wonders.)

They remind me a of Clinique’s cream/liquid shadows but the texture’s slightly more ‘runny’ and are great if you want a simple ‘wash’ of colour on lazy, almost no make-up kind of days. When used with a primer, they lasted all day on my lids without any creasing which is pretty impressive, especially since I’m an oily-skinned girl.

Essence’s Soo Glow! cream to powder highlighter (R54, and Clicks) is a goodie too. Cheap as chips as does as good a job of spotlighting as other products that cost triple the price.

Pretty, pretty
The shot on the bottom right is in direct sunlight so you can see the kind of sheen we’re talking about.

Other news? Gillette Venus&Olay have launched a new variant of their popular five-blade razor with an Olay moisture bar, this time with a fruity-floral ‘Sugarberry’ fragrance. (To my nose, it’s a lot like strawberry.) I’ve been using the regular Gillette Venus&Olay razor for a while now so I was thrilled to be sent the new variant. It really does serve up a super smooth shave in record time.

Thanks Gilette Venus&Olay!
Gillette Venus&Olay Sugarberry razor with refill, R126,99.

Anyway, to celebrate the launch, Gillette’s teamed up with Cosmo to run a Win a trip to Mauritius competition. You’ll find all the finer deets over here but for the most part know that it involves snapping a ‘legsie’ (yep, that’s a thing now) and sharing it to twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the tag #VenusLegsie.

Another beauty competition on the go? POND’S are offering you the chance to see your face on a billboard for their new foaming face wash and scrub.

POND'S foaming face wash
POND’S Spot Clear Even Tone Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub, R6,99 for 15mls, R32,99 for 50ml and R49,99 for 100mls.

To enter, simply share your picture on twitter, POND’S Facebook page or Instagram using the hashtag #PONDSNOFILTER or upload it over here.

As for the facial foam/scrub, it promises to blitz blackheads thanks to pore-exfoliating salicylic acid and contains kaolin in a bid to minimise oil. They’ve also included a ‘brightening essence’ (pigmentation-inhibitiing niacinamide) but that ingredient will give you best results if it’s used in a product that remains on your face as opposed to gets washed off, something like POND’S Flawless Radiance Anti-Spot Intensive Even Tone serum. (God, they just looove their seriously long names, don’t they?)

Love, love




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