Review: Scholl Velvet Smooth electronic foot file

Confession time! I am biiig into foot files. Like for real. I honestly have about three of them – the regular non-electronic kind – and for someone who’s OCD-addled and freaked out by ‘excess’ that is a very big deal. Even when I went to Thailand and wanted to take the bare freakin’ minimum I was like ‘Should I pack a file?’ and eventually talked myself out of it, thinking I could totally survive two weeks without paying too much attention to my feet. Sadly, in the end, I totally broke down and bought one from a Boots mid-holiday. Having silky smooth, perfect-looking feet is important to me.

So! Having said all that, I was genuinely thrilled to receive an electronic foot file from trusty Scholl.

Scholl Velvet Smooth electronic foot file, R399.
Scholl Velvet Smooth electronic foot file, R399.

A battery-operated hand-held device, Scholl’s foot file features a large replaceable ‘Micralumina’-covered barrel that spins at a rapid rate to file away excess skin on your feet with minimal effort.

Does it work? Hells yes. It does a great job of ‘thinning’ out dry, hard skin in a flash – immediately turning it to dust – but you’ll still need to murder the odd callous with a regte egte foot file, one you can use vigorously while applying lots of pressure.

Now, the obvious question is how does this compare to Emoji’s MicroPedi that I reviewed just the other day. This is where it gets a little tricky in that I feel each can learn from the other. For example, Scholl’s foot file is a lot bigger and heavier than the sleeker-feeling MicroPedi. However, Scholl’s barrel kind of ‘floats’, making it a lot easier to klap more angles than you would with Emoji’s head which is kind of ‘buried’, if that makes sense.

Out of the box.
See what I mean by free-floating?

As far as grit comparison’s go, this is a tough one. My Emoji’s head needs replacing and I can’t for the life of me find my blerrie spare. Scholl’s is brand new and chipper and does the job very nicely. I didn’t consciously go ‘Meh. The MicroPedi did it better’. As far as pricing goes, Scholl and Emoji have exactly the same price point – R399. In the end, my hatred of excess is going to see me giving one away, but I’ve honestly yet to decide which one is getting the chop.

I'm not sure how much the refills go for, but will find out and update soon.
Want a refill? They’re R149,99 and you get two in a pack.

Anyway, if you’re looking for an electronic foot file, this is a very nice pick.

Love, love


10 thoughts on “Review: Scholl Velvet Smooth electronic foot file

  1. I got one for mother’s day. It doesn’t have great instructions. How often should it be used

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