Review: Ellips hair treatment, Chapstick lip scrub and balm and WooBamboo toothpaste

Despite being someone who takes a zillion supplements, I don’t like to review them on the blog. As I swallow so many, I could never tell which were doing what. This is why I almost said no to trying out Ellips Hair Vitamin hair treatments, exclusive to Clicks. At first glance, it looks like something you’d swallow. But don’t do that! Each cute little capsule is actually a hair treatment.

The range is divided into three lines – Hair Repair for damaged hair, Nutri Colour for colour treated hair and Smooth & Shiny to combat frizz. Their ingredients, however, are very similar – a mix of sleekening silicones and a natural oil.

You’re looking at R45 for 6, R89 for 12 and R289 for 50.

Having recently highlighted my hair, I gave the pink Hair Repair capsules a bash and made a regte stuff up ‘cos I kind of expected it to be a bit like a VO5 hot oil treatment. (Remember those?! God, how old am I?!) I basically squeezed the entire capsule into my palms and massaged it all over my hair, roots and all, and was left looking like a wet seal. Oops! I soon came to realise that each capsule is essentially 99% silicone and 1% oil and that a little really does go a long way!

Do not swallow!

The next time I used one, I did it properly and got great results. Simply rub a few drops in between your palms and smooth it down the lengths (just the lengths!) of towel-dried hair before reaching for your hairdryer and BOOM, you’ve got shiny, silky-feeling locks! Also, because it’s basically silicone, it acts as a heat protectant. If you’re someone who likes to travel and doesn’t want to lug a bottle of silicone serum around with you, I reckon Ellips’ cute li’l capsules are a really nice pick.

Moving on, let’s chat about Chapstick. I had big plans for this press drop. I wanted to make an obnoxious Katy Perry-inspired Instagram story in which I’d attempt to force my girlfriends to kiss me on camera. You know what I’m talking about, right? (“I kissed a girl and I liked it! Taste of her cherry Chapstick…”) but then some super stressful life shit happened and I didn’t feel especially cheerful nor get the time. (Sorry Tamryn!)

Cheers Lip-Ice. It’s been real…

Of everything in the drop, I’ve most enjoyed the Total Hydration conditioning lip scrub in Fresh Peppermint (R156, Clicks). It’s basically a blend of sugar and moisturising plant oils like coconut and passionfruit (weirdly listed as maracuja) and tastes delicious – like a yummy peppermint candy cane. I liked that it was scrubby enough to actually exfoliate but oily enough not to hurt.

When you’re done, you’re supposed to wipe it away, but I just licked it off like a savage and tasted great. (I might’ve even dipped my finger into the pot a few more times than necessary for an extra dash of hopefully non-toxic yum!) Afterwards, the oils remain on your lips so they feel nice and smooth while the peppermint makes them tingle. I like!

I think I’ve eaten more of this than what I’ve used to exfoliate.

As for the actual Chapstick? I slicked on the infamous Classic Cherry (R42, Clicks) and liked that it felt “smooth” like Labello, not gross and Vaseline-y like Lip-Ice. It’s got a subtle, sweet and fruity taste and, despite being pink in the tube, leaves no visible tint on your lips. (Fab for an all-over smearfest when you’re sitting on an aeroplane.) If you’re looking for a basic, paraben-free lip balm that does what it says on the tin (prevent and soothe dry, chapped lips) and won’t break the bank, Chapstick fits the bill.

Bisexuality starter kit in your pocket.

Lastly, you should know about Woobamboo. They make eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes that are panda-friendly as well as fully recyclable so they’re not going to end up in some landfill like the plastic dude you’re probably using.

They make kiddies brushes too as well as eco-friendly floss.

While the brushes are nice and all, I’ve developed a new obsession with their fluoride-free Sweet Cinnamon toothpaste (R140) in full recyclable packaging.

How cute is the bamboo cap?

It tastes EXACTLY like the icing you’ll find on a Cinnabun. No mint, no spice, just sweet, delicious cinnamon icing! It’s so good, in fact, I find myself wondering if it’s actually cleaning my teeth. It feels like it though. I think. And either way, I now actually look forward to brushing both day and night. If you’re keen to give it a bash yourself, you’ll find it at selected health shops online, one being Loved By Nature.

Love, love


5 thoughts on “Review: Ellips hair treatment, Chapstick lip scrub and balm and WooBamboo toothpaste

  1. That toothpaste sounds amazing! I had no idea that this brand existed – I have been breaking the bank ordering sustainable bamboo and wood toothbrushes from a Nordic company online (the irony of the carbon footprint I’m creating by shipping these things around around the world is not lost on me.)
    I can’t wait to pop into a clicks and stock up on the whole range – thanks for the entertaining review. xoxo

  2. Hi, Quick quesh: You mentioned only a few drops of the hair oil will be sufficient… but what do you do with the rest thats left in the capsule? Can you keep it? Won’t it leak out? OK, sorry – 3 quick questions haha

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