Zippo The Original fragrance review

Bloody hell… it seems just about anyone and anything can get their/its own fragrance nowadays. For example, did you know that the Pope might be getting his own scent? Or that Burger King has its own cologne… and Piers Morgan is the ‘face’?!

Anyway, another brand getting in on the action is Zippo. Yip, like the lighter…

Zippo 'The Original' EDT, R495 for 50mls

It’s pretty much a giant Zippo lighter complete with hinged flip top lid that makes that signature ‘click’, but instead of lighter fluid, it houses a bottle of cologne!

I wasn’t too sure what I expected it to smell like… Something heavy and smoky? Cigars perhaps? Interestingly, it’s actually nice and ‘fresh’ with notes that include Sicilian lemon, grapefruit, black pepper, lavender, cedar, Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetyver and vanilla. Zippo’s made a point of including notes from exotic locales around the globe to appeal to the Zippo man who’s a typical ‘adventurer’.

Anyhoo, I decided to take it along to my Bronkhurtspruit Matriek Afskyd-themed birthday party…

I feel pretty... oh so pretty...

…and asked a few of the boys to smell it for me. First up we’ve got Grant:

Loving the suspenders babe...

Grant rather liked it at first. He thought it smelled sporty and fresh but later changed his mind ‘cos he thought he picked up ‘an undercurrent of old man’…

Joe, however, disagreed:

Joe thought the packaging was quirky and fun adding that it, along with the scent itself, would appear to a younger crowd.  

As for Shawn, he disliked it on sight without even smelling it. He said the packaging put him off because it made him think the fragrance would smell like lighter fluid.

No thanks!

Oh and here’s my darling boyfriend Mike (who wore mirror shades and a diamond earring that evening… that’s love, girls…):

Mike thought the packaging was too young for him, but 'didn't mind' the scent. I've noticed he's quite keen on anything with vetyver in it.

In the end, Ronnie turned out to be the biggest fan. He reckoned it was ‘a clean easy to wear, every day type of smell’ that would work just as well for a summer’s night out… and the ladies agreed:

What can I say... Zippo cologne (and kortbroek) drives the bokkies wild...

If you want to try Zippo’s new cologne for yourself, you’ll find it in selected Truworths and Edgars stores.

Love, love


P.S. I just haaave to show off that evening’s mani:

Do you die?! I DIE!

I picked up the falsise at Ralo Cosmetics in Canal Walk for less than twenty bucks, added the nail stickers and sealed it up with two slicks of silver glittery polish. The result? So ugly, it’s awesome!

X x x

One thought on “Zippo The Original fragrance review

  1. OMW! Thanx so much for showing me this. My dad collects old Zippos and displays them in his bar. This will make THE PERFECT Fathers Day gift!

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