TanOrganic Tan Trilogy ‘try me’ kit review: Their original self-tan and OilArganic dry oil are totally awesome

TanOrganic is a new self-tan line – well, new to SA, anyway, it’s been going strong in Ireland for a while now. It’s claim to fame is the fact that it’s the world’s first and only Eco-certified self-tanning brand and made using 99,6% natural ingredients, some of which are organic. It also promises to offer the perfect fade due to ‘nourishing moisturising qualities’ and doesn’t have that typical, old school self-tan smell.

I was given the Tan Trilogy kit (R599, tanorganic.co.za) to try which includes an exfoliating glove, self-tan mitt, TanOrganic self-tan and an Oil Arganic moisturising dry oil.

You can work out which is which by yourself, right?

The very first thing I tried was the oil and I’ve fallen crazy in love – using it regardless of whether I’m attempting to hydrate a self-tan or not. It’s made from an array of natural oils including olive, orange peel, argan, jojoba, avo and what not and sinks into your skin in a flash, leaving it feeling supple and ‘happy’. But the best bit is the smell! To me, it smells like red grapefruit, even though there isn’t any in the mix. In a way, it reminds me a lot of Mama Mio’s clean, citrusy ‘Gravitas’ scent. While I have several dry oils at home, including the Nuxe one French people are always gaaning aan about, this one kicks all their asses.

But ja, let’s chat about the self-tan. It’s a runny, bronze tinted fluid that’s a lot like Clarins’ Instant Bronze self-tanning tint. (I love the tint as I’m the type of person who really wants to know if she’s missed a spot.) If you sniff it from the bottle you can pick up a warm, slightly caramel-esque scent but when it’s on your skin it’s odourless and stays that way, regardless of which stage of ‘development’ you’re at.

To show you the colour result, I put two coats on my left arm and one on my right. And nooo, I’m not naked, I’m wearing a bikini, okay? Probably not the cleverest styling solution but I’m too busy and stressed out right now for a re-shoot.

Latest blog shizz2
Right, you’re looking at two coats on the left and one coat on the right. The top shots are in natural light and the bottom are with flash. Clicking on this piccie will enlarge it. Then you can revel in my seriyas whiteness.

As you can see, the colour result is incredibly natural-looking and even, even at two coats which is my favourite way to wear it. It’s been four days since I took these shots and while the single coat patch has faded a tad, the two coat arm looks exactly the same as it did the morning I took off the top coat. I’m trying to think of another self-tanner I’ve used that’s lasted just as long or longer but none are coming to mind.

In all, this is seriously impressive stuff and now, their large bottle of TanOrganic Orginal self-tan (R419), has joined the list of self-tanners I’ll happily spend my own money on*. Nice one TanOrganic! Very, very nice!

Love, love


*FYI, it reads like this in no particular order: Famous Dave’s Gold Edition tanning mousse, Xen-Tan Mousse Intense, St Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing mousse (if I want something a little lighter than the others, it also looks great on your face) and Model Co tan mousse. Clearly, I have a serious thing for mousse…

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