Kiss All or One artificial nail remover

Remember how I used those awesome Broadway falsies the other day? I swore blind after putting them on that I wouldn’t resort to my usual removal method; pulling them all off the moment one starts to lift… but I totally did. And I regret it so much because I’ve definitely damaged my nail bed a tad and now have to wear polish every day to hide the wear n’ tear…

Wish to goodness I’d had this guy…

Kiss All or One artificial nail remover

This dude makes removing falsies ridiculously easy. He’s basically a big tub of acetone with an ergonomically Β die-cut sponge in it. You can insert just one finger into the little round holletjie in the sponge and soak off the nail, or dip all of them into the comma shaped slot.

I haven’t tried it myself, but definitely will toss it in my trolley next time I buy a pack of Broadway Petites. It’s gotten great reviews online with peepsΒ raving about how it takes fake nails off in record time without drying out your own.

Look out for him at Dis-Chem and Clicks.

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