Model Co’s new Tan Mousse and One Night Tan review

The other day I get sent two new products from ModelCo, an Aussie brand exclusive to selected Edgars, Red Square and Dis-Chem stores. They’ve been rather innovative in the self-tan arena for a while and where one of the very first lines to produce a ‘tan in a can’.

Anyway, Kirsty, their PR peep, told me I’d become obsessed with the awesomeness of their new body bronzers; Tan Mousse (a tinted self-tanning foam) and One Night Tan, an instant bronzer that washes off when you hit the shower or bath.

Having used both of them, I gotta say she was right – both products are fabulous. In regards to the Tan Mousse self-tanner, I love, love, love its delicious caramel scent. It’s as though someone liquidised my beloved Toffifee and stuck it in a bottle. This goes a long way towards helping to mask the slight ‘self-tan’ smell that pretty much all self-tanners emit as they develop on your skin. I also like that the product is tinted so you can see exactly where you’re applying it and doesn’t feel sticky once you’re done. As far as results go, due to it’s high DHA content, the colour it provides is nice and deep, but not so dark that you look dirty or worse yet, an extra on Jersey Shore.