St Tropez Self-tan bronzing mousse review

Being a zexy shade of albino, I’m a total freak for self-tan. I’ve tried just about every brand on the shelf but celebrity favourite St. Tropez had eluded me. I finally got to give it a bash the other day when their self-tanning mousse was sent my way:

St. Tropez self-tan bronzing mousse, R555.

Application-wise, using this baby was a breeze. The mousse turns into a light bronze fluid the moment it hits your skin. It’s very easy to spread and has a nice tint so you can see exactly where it’s going. When I was done, I washed my hands with a little soap, applied a bit of hand cream and cuffed* each wrist to ensure I didn’t create a visible tan line. My bod dried super fast and within three minutes of application I could slip into a little dress without feeling sticky in the least!

What really impressed me, however, was the smell – or lack of one! St. Tropez has a very light, fresh floral scent and makes use of something called ‘Aromaguard technology’ to minimise that horrid ‘developing’ smell by up to 70%. Initially I was a bit sceptical. Most of the self tan’s I’ve used have resulted in a ‘sweaty potatoes’ smell of varying intensity. With St. Tropez’s mousse, however, I couldn’t pick up even a hint of a smell! In fact, I used it in the morning of a day where I had to go to a beach wedding in the avie and by the time it got to 2 o’ clock, I still couldn’t smell a thing! As a result, I decided to just sommer throw on my rokkie and go to the wedding without bothering to shower it off and nobody was the wiser. Check it out:

Shame… how much do you love my poor, embarrassed boyfriend running away in the background…

Colour-wise, I liked that the result was very natural-looking. However, as it was a bronzing mousse (which is usually higher in DHA, self tan’s active bronzing ingredient) I expected a slightly darker result. (To give you an idea, it was darker than Caribbean Tan’s lightest shade, A, but not as dark as their medium colour, B.)

My St. Tropez self-tan brings all the boys to the yard…

In all, if you’re looking for a very dark self-tanner, this isn’t it, but if you want a light very believable-looking shade of bronze without a hint of orange or yellow, this is your baby. I also liked that it didn’t streak and took a good five days to disappear, wearing off nice and evenly without going patchy towards to the end.

Price-wise, St. Tropez self tanners don’t come cheap but you can kind of justify the expense in that you need to use very little to cover your whole bod so I reckon it would take a while to finish up. Want to try one yourself? You’ll find St. Tropez products in selected salons and can also buy their products in their SA online store over here.

X x x

*When you’ve finished applying self tan and have washed your hands, you can end up creating a very visible line around your wrists. To prevent this, wash your hands, rub a teensy bit of hand cream to your palms and then use your index finger and thumb to create a ‘cuff’. Place this around your wrists and make a pulling down motion to blend the self tan on your wrists down over the back of your hands. This way you’ll ‘blur’ any tan line and end up with a more even-looking result.


I’ve used this self-tan three times now and can tell you with confidence that you really can’t smell any weird developing smell. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s very, very clever and super useful. This is now my go to self-tan for days when I’ve woken up and realised ‘Oh my God, I need a tan now’ as I was too dronk the night before to remember to slap one on before getting into bed. I love that I can put it on in the morning and create an instant bronze hue thanks to the colour guide which then develops into something ‘real’ by lunch time. Very, very cool…

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