Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense review with swatches

Ah Clinique

I’ve been a fan of their make-up since high school and consider High Impact mascara to be one of the best money can buy. Their long-wearing Superfit foundation was also amazing and I’m still kinda traumatised that they discontinued it. Oooh! And let’s not forget about their True Bronze facial bronzing gel! It’s been a few years now since they rukked that off the shelves and I’m still chasing down the very last tubes on eBay… (And yes, I know they’ve got a new facial bronzer out, but it’s just not the same, okay? Not! The! Same!)

Anyway, moving on… this month (February) Clinique is launching a brand new long-wearing highly pigmented eye liner; Quickliner for Eyes Intense, R180. If you’ve used their eye pencils before you’ll know they’re all fabulous. I love how their super-creamy formulas glide onto your skin and never pull or tug at your eye lid. Naturally, their new edition is just as delish, but even more exciting in that they last FOREVER and deliver big time on the pigmentation front.   

From top to bottom; Intense Plum, Intense Ivy and Intense Charcoal.

Each pencil is retractable so it never needs sharpening and comes with a little ‘smudger’ on the back-end. This way you can smoke it up a little after application, but you’d best move fast; from the moment you slick these babies on, you’ve got about five seconds to get smudgy and then they’re not going to budge. In fact, you’re pretty much getting the same colour intensity and long weary-ness (if there is such a word) as you would from a liquid or gel eye liner. All the radness without the tricky application…

Now get a load of some of the shades: 

This was shot with a flash. From left to right we've got Ivy (a very dark khaki green shade) Charcoal and Plum.

To give you an idea of just how ‘vibrant’ the shades are, I took a snap of Clinique’s Charcoal next to another grey eye pencil I own:

Plain grey on the left, sparkly sexy charcoal on the right. Oh yes...

Another reason I’m now a Quickliner Intense convert? Aside from lasting for ages on your upper lid, it also sits vas for yonks on the inner rim of your eyes. If you wear eye pencil here you’ll know that not every one you use in this area can go the distance. 

Makin' ma blue eyes pop with Intense Plum...

Next time you visit the Clinique counter, be sure to try these babies out; there isn’t a chance in hell you’ll be disappointed. Also, if you hustle, you can take advantage of the brand’s new blockbuster gift set offer (its worth R1 100!) like my friend Clouds did. Check her spoils out over here

X x x

6 thoughts on “Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense review with swatches

  1. I received one as a gift from a fabulous friend;-). It’s amazing how this has been made. Super-soft texture; the sponge smudges beautifully yet it stays on for yonks.

    1. Hi Simone! Sorry about that, it’s R180. (I’ve put the price in the post now too.) It’s not cheap, but it’ll last FOREVER and the colour pay off and longwearing-awesomeness make it totally worth. 😉

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