Vaseline’s new Total Moisture body lotion and cream review

Yesterday I attended a Ponds/Vaseline launch at the 12 Apostles hotel. Aside from a delish lunch, I got to learn more about Vaseline’s new and improved body care range as well as the new goodies that have been added to Pond’s Age Miracle and Flawless Radiance ranges. I’ll be chatting about the latter in another post but today I want to talk about new Vaseline Total Moisture body lotions and creams.

The range consists of three different nature-inspired variants; Aloe Fresh, Total Moisture (which uses oat extract) and Cocoa Glow (with cocoa butter).

These guy’s have a clever new formulation that makes use of Stratys-3, a patented hydrating complex that can hydrate all three ‘levels’ of your skin. To explain, the first ingredient, Glycerol Quat, was ‘engineered’ by Unilever to attract up to four times as much moisturiser as regular glycerine but be less likely to absorb into your skin. This is a good thing because it lingers around the upper levels of your skin to keep them nice and moist. (It doesn’t, however, hang around on the surface of your skin so don’t worry, you won’t be left feeling greasy or sticky in the least!) The next hydrator is regular old glycerine which sorts out your skin’s core (middle layer) while the last is hydrating hydroxyl ethyl urea (HEU) which is able to reach the deepest layer. Clever, right?

Of all the three variants I’m most keen on Total Moisture, the oat one. I like it’s super-light floral scent and love how it hydrates like a bomb but sinks in fast so I get slip into my clothes immediately after application. It doesn’t leave any gross greasy residue on my bod and better yet, its formula includes a decent concentration of lactic acid, an AHA that’ll help slough off old, dead skin cells. (For the record, I’ve looked at the aloe and cocoa butter formula’s ingredients and don’t see any AHA’s in either of them. I’m not sure why Oats is different.)

Anyway, despite being cheap as chips, Vaseline’s using a very nice formula here. You’d be surprised by how many other ‘drug store’ brands that are supposed to be super hydrating yet list alcohol (often as alcohol denat.) at the top of their ingredients list. Aside from being an irritant, alcohol can dry your skin out while damaging your cells.

Want to give Vaseline’s new body line up a bash? You’ll find them in store as I type. Each variant is available as a light body lotion (R20 for 200mls and R32 for 400mls) and a richer body cream in a tub for drier skin (R28 for 350mls and R37 for 500mls).

Love, love


P.S. Did you know Vaseline now have a local Facebook page? Check it out over here.

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One thought on “Vaseline’s new Total Moisture body lotion and cream review

  1. I’ve been a huge fan of Vaseline Intensive Care for YEARS! Have tried practically every fragrance they’ve ever produced. It’s high time they brought out a new formula and range of variants. These all smelled yummy. Can’t wait to try the ‘oats’ one.

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