A closer look at Essie’s new spring nail colours (2014)

When it comes to ‘salon’ nail colours, Essie will always be my favourite. It totally pains me (in the ass) that you can’t buy the brand in Sorbet anymore – just that streaky, overpriced Morgan Taylor kak. Fortunately, you can still snap it up in Clicks and Dis-Chem which I suppose is okay ‘cos I feel like I spend half my life in those two stores anyway.

But ja. Let’s take a look shall we?

From left to right:
From left to right: Truth or Flare, Hide & Go Chic, Fashion Playground, Spin the Bottle and Romper Room.

The above shot is a pretty accurate colour reflection, save for Hide & Go Chic. This shot makes it look like it’s a bright, sunny kinda blue but its actually a bit more medium-to-dark teal-looking, possibly the only colour that actually feels a bit more ‘autumn’ to me.

As for the two paler shades, we all know they’re going to fly off the shelves. Both are ideal for creating clean-looking, nude manis and maybe even a French one if you’re still livin’ it up in the 90s, possibly cruising around in a Ford Fiesta, blaring The Corrs ‘Talk on Corners’ album on repeat…

But ja, getting back to the kleure, let’s talk about the mooiest of them all – Fashion Playground. When I first saw it I was all ‘Oh really? Mint Candy Apple all over again, eh?’ and my feelings could best be described as ‘meh’. And then I slicked it on – a lot. It’s one of those shades that needs a good four coats to get where you want it to be but it’s totally worth the schlep – and then I was all ‘Ooooh! You and me are going to BBFs fo life, yo!’

Pretty, pretty!
Lovely, ne? For the record, Mint Candy Apple is more on the blue side, while Fashion Playground is more pistachio.

Every time I wear this colour, it attracts compliments like bees to honey and gives me that whole ‘fresh, spring has totally sprung’ feeling – just two reasons to love it. Also, I like that all it needs is a slick of Rimmel’s Nail Nurse top coat and BOOM – it wears like iron.

Want, want, want? Like I said, you’ll find these babies in Clicks an Dis-Chem going for R110 a pop.

Love, love


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