Kluk CGDT celebrate new store opening in Cape Town (with lots and lots of Belvedere vodka)

Last week I popped into the launch of Kluk CGDT’s new store in Cape Town.

It's in 47 Bree Street and the clothes are to die for gorgeous...

Naturally, my most fashion-obsessed friendie, Clouds, was my date. She’s the only non-celeb I know who owns real Louboutins…

See our 'crazy eyes'? That's 'cos we just realised it was an open bar...

It was a Belvedere vodka sponsored affair so, as you can imagine, the bar was awash with cocktails… Remember that fab cranberry one I mentioned last week? I didn’t manage to spot it on the night, so I ended up drinking a yummy litchi and cinnamon one instead.

It was totally worth the whole 'jirre vok, there's cinnamon on my lipgloss' dramz...

According to Malcolm (Kluk) and Christiaan (de Toit), they’ve been dying to have a spot of their own in Cape Town for ages, a proper flagship store that isn’t ‘wedged between a hair dresser and coffee shop’. The new spot’s nice and big and kinda like a cocoon of couture where you can escape and indulge in gorgeous, beautifully made clothing. They’ve also got seamstresses working in the back so if you needed anything altered, they can do that for you on site.

The manne of the evening...

I also grilled them for a few summer style tips and they reckon a great way to colourblock is to keep your hues all in the same family. For example, team orange with red, fuchsia or yellow… or blue with purple or green…

We then got down to cruising the racks:

Clouds fell in love with this beautiful beaded jacket...

…and I was quite taken with this simple elegant blue dress:

Merrily, Kluk CGDT's prices aren't horrifying; many of their pieces are just a bit more expensive than Country Road.

When the fabulosity got too much for us, we nipped out for a sneaky smook with Fairlady’s fashion ed Chu Suwannapha.

I adoooore this boy. Adore, adore, adore...

Chu told Clouds and I about a fab new store in Canal Walk called Cotton On. (It’s an Ozzie brand that’s got lots of cute on-trend clothes for us ‘young folk’ at prices that won’t break the bank.) We also had a bit of a skinner about the fact that Durbs is getting a Zara before Cape Town… I mean, seriously?! Come on now…

After a bit of a smooze, the models, clad in Kluk CDGT’s new line, filed into the room and swanned about so as to show off their mooi rokkies.

Beautiful ne?

This was also lovely:

Totes gonna wear this to my next bring and braai...

All this went on while their recent showing at New York Fashion Week was screened up against a wall:

Having been to a few duds this week (no names mentioned), I’m pleased to say I really, really enjoyed this event (and not just because they had little platters of Bar One’s scattered about…)

This tray's half full 'cos the rest are shoved in my handbag...

Thanks Vivid Luxury, you guys know how to throw a seriously fab partytjie.

Love, love


7 thoughts on “Kluk CGDT celebrate new store opening in Cape Town (with lots and lots of Belvedere vodka)

  1. Where in Durban will the Zara be? Gateway?

    I don’t get the hype, I’ve been a few times to Zara over the years and was never really impressed, just bought jerseys. I think people just go along with hype and same-minded thinking. I’ll check out the Durban one but don’t have high expectations, the Esprit store we got sucked ass, they had reject clothes that didn’t sell overseas or something and hardly any of the range, Esprit is one of my favourite shops and I was kind of glad the Durban one closed down, dont want other people around me wearing my brand 😛

    1. Just did a quick google and it looks like Gateway.

      Ja, I agree that Esprit in SA was kak. Same goes for Mango. That’s ‘cos they don’t bring in the proper line. With Zara, however, we’re going to get the real deal. Was in one of their Paris stores the other day and their stuff really is beautiful and very reasonably priced, even in Euros. When it arrives, I’ll be very surprised if you don’t like it.

      X x x

    1. Ag nee… The stuff I saw overseas was incredible. I really hope we get that here. Popped into Cotton On yesterday and there stuff is cute in general, but I didn’t find anything specific. Hope they get new things in regularly so I can see what’s in the next ‘shift’ as such.

      Flip, we really are desp for places to shop in SA, hey? Our local chain stores (aside from Woolies) are absolutely dismal.

  2. yeah, the chain stores are dismal! I loathe Truworths, mainly shop at Foschini, Woolworths has some really ugly clothes and some nice stuff. I really like Forever New but their stuff is just a bit too expensive to buy as regular everyday wear :/

    I went to the Zara in Germany quite a few times and didn’t like it, maybe the Paris one has better stuff, could be….. Glad to hear we’re getting the “real deal” heh will definitely check it out.

  3. I found Zara Jhb’s first round of stock wonderful, but it sold out immediately. It’s been a bit tatty of late, I think because the good stuff sells so quickly, but hopefully the hype will die down a bit and they’ll restock the better things. I love that they have great quality basics at very affordable prices – cheaper than Country Road.
    They’re opening in Durbs before CT because they only go into the premium spaces, and there was nothing available in CT, that’s why they’re only opening there in June/July (I don’t know where, though)

    1. Ja that’s been a concern of mine; that we’ll get amazing shizz and it’ll sell out within seconds and I’ll be left having to pick through the size 16s etc. Eeek!

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