Review: Lux Soft Touch softening body wash and beauty soap

When it comes to soap, it doesn’t get more iconic than Lux. It was one of the first mass-market bar soaps in the world and one of the first brands to pioneer celebrity faces, one of their first being Sofia Loren.

Love this!
Lips, lashes, brows… that woman got everything!

Lux has come a long way since the 60s. Now, as one of the biggest brands in the world, it could merrily rope in some of the world’s best perfumiers to create signature fragrances for it’s new line up. This includes beauty soaps as well as softening body washes and I was sent the prettiest pink press pack to experience Soft Touch, their ultra feminine rose-scented variant.

The macaroons survived all of three seconds...
The macaroons survived all of three seconds…

While I’m usually not a floral kind of girl I have to admit there’s something quite lovely about Soft Touch’s fragrance. Its top notes are candy apple, mandarin, blueberry and bergamot; the heart is all about violet and French rose while the base notes are praline, amber, musk and wood. While I can’t pick out all the notes individually, I get an ever so slightly sweet mix of soapy white florals. To me, it’s a timeless scent I find incredibly nostalgic as something about it reminds me of playing in my glamorous grandmother’s enormous white bathroom as a child. (She was the kind of woman who liked to house her cotton balls in glass apothecary-style jars and used sterling silver pill boxes.)

Since receiving the pack I’ve used both products and like that the shower gel foams up nicely but doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped as is very highly fragranced so you’ll still smell it on your skin as the day goes on if you lean in really close. It’s formulated with something called SilkEssence that, Lux reckons, can help hydrate your skin. I have no idea if it’s a complex or not or what it contains but the ingredients list does tell me their are hydrating goodies in the mix, things like glycerine, castor oil and sericin, a moisturising protein made by silk worms that has good antioxidant properties.

As for the soap, I’ve enjoyed using it too. The formula feels like it’s a lot more gentle than what I remember experiencing a few years back. Again, there are several hydrators in the mix, including sericin, as well as pleasantly surprising amount of flower extracts including French rose, jasmine and lotus. A rather luxurious blend for a bar that’ll cost you less than fifteen bucks!

Keep an eye out for Lux’s new ultra-fragrant line up in store, view all their variants online and, if you’re on Twitter, take advantage of Lux’s Love Hour (Mon to Fri from 12 to 1pm). All you have to do is tag your loved one and use one word to describe your relationship followed by #LuxIgniteTheSpark and the brand will create them a personalised ‘love note’.

Love, love


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