French sensitive skin pharmacy brand Mixa hits South Africa and the price is very, VERY nice

I don’t know about you but I love French pharmacy brands and I’m thrilled every time a new one pops up on South African shores (Can Biotherm just rock up already? I love their fresh, uplifting fragrances.)

I hadn’t heard of Mixa, however, despite the fact that it’s been going strong since 1924, but got to learn all about it at a recent launch. Created by a French pharmacist called Dr. Roger, his first product was a soothing salve he whipped up using a special mixing technique that sprung the brand’s name for the washer women in his area that were suffering from super dry hands. (Washing rich people’s clothes by hand using super harsh olde worlde detergent will do that to a person.)

This contains coriander oil but it’s completely scentless. Promise!

Today, Mixa is the number one body care brand in France but it’s line extends to facial care, sun care and baby products. Locally, only a selection of body care products are available but I think that, when it takes off – and it will – we might see more Mixa goodies hit the shelves.

Aside from the fact that Mixa’s formulas are all clinically tested for tolerance, 100% paraben-free and have been slightly tweaked for ‘proven efficacy’ for sensitive South African skin, what makes it brilliant is it’s super accessible price point. The lotions start at R45,95 for 250ml, the body cream tubs are R65,95 and the Cica Repair Balm (that can be used anywhere on the body, face included) is R79,95.

The launch was at Roots restaurant at Forum Homini in Jozi. It served up views as gorgeous as the food.

I was given the three lotions to try (the blue line is for dry skin, the orange for very dry skin and the pink line for dry & sensitive skin) and, from a texture point of view, it’s very difficult to tell them apart. Each feels feather light and refreshing, even the one for very dry skin, and absorbs in a flash.

At the launch I thought one of them had a baby powder scent but now that I’ve tried them all at home I can’t smell it anymore (a good thing as I’m not a fan) so I’m wondering if I wasn’t just standing next to someone rocking a powder fresh deodorant. They don’t contain any perfume, but do smell nice and ‘clean’.

Orange for very dry and pink for dry and sensitive.

Formulation-wise, all three creams contain hydrating glycerine and Shea butter as well as soothing allantoin but the blue one, for dry skin, also includes odourless coriander oil that, Mixa reckons, helps to ‘maintain hydration’. The pink one, the super soother for dry, sensitive skin, contains oat milk which has been relied upon for centuries to calm. If you’re suffering from something like eczema or psoriasis it would be my top pick. (The PR at the event looked very sincere when she deals with psoriasis, had been using it for a few weeks and felt like it made an improvement.)

As for the Cica Repair balm, this is the most hydrating and repairitive of the lot (thanks to the addition of soothing panthenol) and can help restore your skin’s barrier function. In short, it seals up your skin’s outermost layers so moisture can’t escape and irritants can’t get in.

This is the Cica Balm. For the record, Mixa is perfectly safe to use on kiddies provided they’re older than three.

I gave it to my flatmate who’s become an avid rock climber and merrily tearing up her mitts in the process. She likes to use it morning and night and has said it’s definitely making way more of a difference in terms of helping her soften up than the random (highly fragranced!) Woolies hand lotion she’d been using prior. It’s got a much thicker, balm-like texture than the lotions (no surprises there, it is called ‘balm’, after all!) that feels slightly oily at first, but absorbs after a few minutes so you’re not left feeling ‘greasy’.

Told ya! The food was great!

Mixa is in Pick n Pay as I type, heading to Clicks soon and ready for your lovin’ online via The latter is serving up a bundle promo where you can save R25 if you buy a lotion as well as the balm.

Whether you’ve got sensitive skin or not, I think you’re really going to like Mixa. A few weeks ago it was something I’d never heard of, but now, when I find myself in the position of needing to buy a body lotion, I’ll probably toss their anti-dryness lotion (the blue one) into my trolley.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “French sensitive skin pharmacy brand Mixa hits South Africa and the price is very, VERY nice

  1. I bought a bottle of the pink Mixa. My hands are so sore being constantly in water and bleach. This product is amazing my skin feels lovely. Going to buy the balm for my face.

  2. Can I rub Mixa sensitive skin expert on my face? Cos there is a caption behind the bottle do not rub on your face. Pls I need an answer

  3. I have not been able to purchase these products for months in South Africa Has it been discontinued?
    Many thanks,

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