There’s a new club in town: The Loop

So there’s a new club in town called The Loop. I was invited to check it out after the Kluk launch so I popped in for a bit with a few friends.

The Loop is situated at the top of Loop street.

To be honest, I don’t think I’m the spot’s target market (i.e. its a bit of a younger crowd) and I felt supremely old bitching about the fact that the music was too loud to have a conversation that wasn’t in sign language.

Lucy et moi

Still, once my li’l groepie had got a few complimentary Vawters down the hatch and stationed ourselves outside, we got more into the swing of things.

This is the first time I've had one of these; it's actually really nice.

Plus points? The dance floor is HUUUUGE! You’re not cramped in the least. The bar’s are also nice and long with lots of attentive bar men so you don’t have to queue ten peeps deep to get a drink. Also, the loos are nice and clean and new-looking.

If you plan on hitting up Long street over the holidays, end up smashed off your face and decide you’d like to go dancing, the Loop could be what you’re looking for. R50 will get you through the day and this month you can expect to catch a DJ line up that includes Crazy White Boy, Digital Divas,  Dino Bravo, Dean Fuel, Roger Goode and more. 

X x x

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