A little something for the weekend

So I’m going to the Belvedere Vodka/Kluk CGDT bash next weekend mostly ‘cos I’ve been tempted by the lure of free Belvedere cocktails… They’re having a li’l fashion show at their new flagship store in town (47 Bree Street) to show off the zexy klere they showed off at New York fashion week.

Anyway, the darlings at Belvs sent me the recipes of the drinky poos they plan to dole out that night (‘cos they know that busy kilojoule counting meisies like myself like to plan their binge drinking sessions). I was most taken with le Summer Breeze – a drink that now makes a regular old Cosmo look boring and sad – and felt obliged to share the love.

Belvedere Summer Breeze

1.5oz Belvedere Vodka
1.5oz cranberry juice
1.5oz pink grapefruit juice

Pour cranberry juice into the bottom of an ice filled highball glass. Shake Belvedere and pink grapefruit juice and pour over the cranberry juice. This will create a layered effect. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge.

Cheers to the weekend girls, hope you’re in for a goodie! (And should you wish to indulge in excess cocktailage please ensure you’ve got a designated Dave. And don’t forget to take off your make-up before you black out hit the sack. Right now I’m loving Neutrogena’s… they even take off waterproof mascara!)

Oh yeah... I'm the best selling wipe in the states for a reason...

Love, love


X x x

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