Good friends, a mountain of cheese and Two Oceans Quay 5 low-alcohol, low-calorie wine

Recent break up aside, it’s hard not to believe the universe is looking after you when, shortly afterwards, a big box of vino lands on your doorstep.

Two Ocean’s Quay 5; red, white and rose.
Better yet, Quay 5 is a low-calorie wine so you can binge drink and cry to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that you’ll still be able to slip into your skinnies when you’re done; a must if, like me, you suddenly find yourself tossed back into the dating pool. It’s also low-alcohol (5,5%) so you’re not likely to get blind drunk and do stupid ‘ex girlfriend’ things. You know, like tossing his beloved flatscreen TV off the side of your balcony…

Anyway, Quay 5’s range consists of three ‘refreshing blends’; a Rose, White and Red. They all clock in at around 64 calories (240 kilojoules) a glass which is roughly the equivalent of a large apple. Nice, very nice…

I invited a few of my girlfriends round for a last minute cheese and wine and used it as an excuse to open up the bottles and get a few opinions.

Cheers almal!

As it turned out, the rose (a blend that includes berry, Turkish Delight and Candy Floss notes) was the clear favourite.

Two Ocean’ Quay 5 Rose; while it is a bit on the sweet side, you kind of expect it to be so it wasn’t an issue.

The red (spicy berries, traces of chocolate – yum!) was also pretty good but some felt it tasted a bit ‘watered down’. I didn’t mind this actually; it makes it the kind of rooi that I could easily drink outdoors on a hot summer’s day; fab for a picnic. The white, however, (tropical fruit and citrus), didn’t get much love from my crowd and was deemed too sweet. Still, my friend Shelley, who’s a bit of a foodie, says that if you like sweet white wines (and many people do), it should go down very well.

If you’ve given these babies a bashing yourself, let me know which one you liked best in the comments section. For more info on Quay 5 and other Two Ocean’s wines, pop on over to their Facebook page.

Love, love


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