Joe Malone’s new Tea Fragrance Blends collection – review

Heard about Jo Malone’s new Tea Fragrance Blends Collection?

Pinkie fingers extended girls...

A set of five limited edition colognes, they’ve all been inspired by the very English concept of afternoon tea. There are three different ‘tea type’ scents to pick from; iconic Earl Grey & Cucumber, zesty Assam & Grapefruit and refreshing Fresh Mint Leaf. Then, as everyone takes their tea a little differently, Jo’s included two more colognes that you can either add to your ‘cuppa’, or wear separately; Sweet Lemon and Sweet Milk. (Each 30ml cologne costs R525,00).  

I was lucky enough to be given Fresh Mint Leaf and Sweet Lemon.

As I’m cray-cray about most lemony scents, I immediately assumed the Lemon cologne would be my favourite. (It’s notes are lemon, pineapple, peach and fresh, green cyprus). However, on me, the lemon top note is v. v. subtle and the mo it dries down, which is quickly, I’m left with a sweet pineapple scent. For those of you who like tropical fragrances that aren’t over the top syrupy (a good example is Sean John’s Unforgivable Black – it contains a subtle pina colada note), I reckon you might appreciate this.

As for Fresh Mint Leaf… wow!

It opens with a zingy burst of herbaceous, minty freshness that isn’t synthetic or mouth wash-y in the slightest. Instead, it immediately conjures up the image of its namesake, freshly crushed mint leaves. Then, within seconds, its soft, floral heart notes spring to the fore and I’m left with something that reminds me of one of my all time favourite summer scents, Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea.

In fact, the two scents have a lot in common: both include peppermint and jasmine resting on a bed of soft, pretty musk, which adds a touch of depth and warmth to the mint. Still, there’s something a bit more delectable about Jo’s concoction… Her mint is fresher… and her musk is a tad more grown up. With Arden’s Green Tea, I spritz and go, but Jo’s Fresh Mint Leaf see’s my nose permanently glued to my wrist.

In true Jo Malone style, I decided to experiment with my scents and added a dash of Sweet Lemon to my Fresh Mint Leaf. The result, for some uncanny reason, makes me think of an incredibly light version of Thierry Mugler’s Womanity. I think this is because Thierry’s scent has fresh, green top notes and contains a bit of pineapple somewhere in the mix.  

In all, I’m devastated that this is a limited edition collection – Fresh Mint Leaf is my new baby. I also wish it was extended across Jo’s products… would love to pick up a Fresh Mint Leaf body lotion so as to layer the scent. 

As I’ve already used up a good tenth of the bottle, (as it’s a cologne, it’s not as long-lasting as I’d like, so I tend to top it up throughout the day), I think I might ring up the Jo Malone Express Line  to nab a back up. (You can order up to five products at a time and delivery in Johannesburg is R85,00, while to anywhere else in SA is R125,00.)

If you’re in Jozi, pop into Jo Malone and give the Tea Fragrance Blends collection a sniff – you’ll find a shop in both Hyde Park and Sandton City shopping centres. And think of me while you’re there – as a Cape Town meisie, I’m v. v. jealous. Would love to give the Assam & Grapefruit cologne a bash. (It’s notes include grapefruit, black tea, cardamom, almond and patchouli. Sounds delish, right?).

Now all this tea talk’s got me craving a cuppa, so I’m off to put on the kettle…

Love, love


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