Coming soon from Clarins: Rouge Eclat lipstick, Mineral Loose powder and a super pretty limited edition compact

Ooh la la, darlings; Clarins has some beautiful new goodies that will be hitting the counter towards the end of August and I thought I’d give you a little sneak preview. Let’s get stuck in shall we?

Clarins Rouge Éclat lipstick, R235

The first ‘age-defying’ lippie from Clarins, Rouge Éclat promise juicy-looking, long-lasting colour as well as hydrating and anti-aging benefits thanks to the inclusion of nourishing jojoba wax and cocoa butter, antioxidant collagen-encouraging vitamin E and circulation-boosting gamma gryzanol, a liquorice derivative.

Rouge Éclat lipstick
Clarins Rouge Éclat lipstick in Nude Rose.

I got a few shades to try and loved how each lippie felt as though as I was wearing a lip balm but could serve up a nice punch of colour. Finish-wise, you’re getting a nice dewy-looking, satin-like effect but this doesn’t mean it slides off fast; this lippie definitely does stick around.

From left
Shot with flash and going from left to right: Petal Pink, Nude Rose, Juicy Clementine, Pink Fuchsia, Hot Chocolate, Passion Red and Red Wine.

Each sweet-tasting lippie also boasts a yummy yet inobtrusive blackberry scent and let’s not pretend the pretty gold tube doesn’t make these babies even more lustable.

Clarins Mineral loose powder, R375

Clarins Mineral loose powder

First up, don’t get this confused with Clarins Skin Illusion mineral powder foundation. If you’re looking for that boy, pop on over here. Their new mineral loose powder is different in that its an ultra-fine, super-silky translucent powder best used to eliminate shine and ‘set’ your make-up. It’s also not going to dry out your skin thanks to Clarins’ unique plant-based micropatch* and – wait for it – it smells like lilacs! *Swoon*

Limited edition: Clarins Palette Éclat Face & Blush powder, R375

Clarins Palette Éclat Face & Blush powder

Want a bit more coverage and seriously swayed by prettiness? I give unto thee Clarins Palette Éclat Face & Blush powder. You have no idea how long it took me to finally sully it’s mooiness by sweeping my powder brush over it. I’m glad I did though as the powder itself is lovely in that it offers sheer to medium natural-looking coverage ever so slightly enhanced by the pink and peach ‘colour bars’ that run through the compact.

I really like that the bars aren’t just superficially embossed on top of the compact; they run all the way through so you can get your colour mix fix right up until you hit the bottom of the pan.

Again, it also benefits from light-diffusing particles, the hydrating micropatch plus antioxidant white tea extract.

So, you see anything you like? These will all be on counter come the 28th of August so keep an eye out.

Love, love


*Clarins micropatch is a blend of plant-based ingredients that create an invisible barrier on your skin to help it retain it’s natural moisture.

2 thoughts on “Coming soon from Clarins: Rouge Eclat lipstick, Mineral Loose powder and a super pretty limited edition compact

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of Clarins makeup, I think their skincare range is absolutely fantastic however their makeup I find lacks passion, with that being said the lippie looks good. It may be worth trying some…

  2. Red Wine is definitely the kind of shade I’d wear. Thanks for this. I’m going to go try it on over the weekend.

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