Patron Silver Cape Town launch party

Sooo, if you like the luxe life, chances are you’re familiar with Patron XO Cafe… And if you’re a fan soos ek, you’ll be glad to know that the premium tequila’s big sister, Patron Silver, is now available in SA. Unlike it’s coffee-infused predescessor, Patron Silver isn’t flavoured. It’s a crystal clear, light, zingy tequila that mingles surprisingly well with mixers like Appletiser.
Did you know that each bottle of Patron is hand-finished and comes with it's own serial number? Fancy...

To introduce the brand to le party peeps, Patron are throwing exclusive li’l partytjies across the country. I was lucky enough to be invited to the Cape Town launch held in the penthouse suite of Elkay house in Loop Street.

My oringal date, Karisa, had to drop out at the last min as she’s had throat dramz and her doc’s recommended that she take an oath of silence for the next two weeks. (Ja… we’ll see how that holds up…) Luckily, my Young Friend Paige, was keen to jump in.

Upon arrival, the first thing we did was get hooked up with two Patron cocktails.

My Patronizer on the left and P's 'Rude Cosmo'.

A Patronizer is a blend of Patron Silver and Appletizer, while a ‘Rude Cosmo’ involves Patron Silver, Patron Citronage, a twist of lime and cranberry juice. Initially, I couldn’t think of anything more revolting… tequila in a Cosmo? Sounds miffalicious to me… but Paige, being brave, decided to give it a bash. Gotta admit, it was actually freaken delicious. So fresh and sweet and citrusy… I didn’t have to think twice when it came to ordering drink number two – Rude Cosmo’s totally rock!

Ooh, and look at the fancy ice bar.

Nice icy baby..

They also had a huge Patron ice sculpture.

See that little funnel at the top? That’s where the promo peeps gooi the tequila and then it comes out of a little tube at the bottom. My zexy friend Giuseppe Russo, editor of Cape Town hipster bible, One Small Seed, tried to snap a couple of piccies of me ‘funneling’ Patron Silver, but it turns out I’m not so quick on the draw gulp and ended up with most of it all over my face.    
Looking hot bitch face! Oh, and you scrub up nicely too Meneer Russo...

People-wise, P and I spent most of our time hanging out with my friend Lara and her bestie Gina Athens.

P and I look like li'l Jack Russell's next to Gina and La.

The blogger bunch was there too…

Jasna Zellerhof AKA as Fashion Jazz and felow beauty blogger Elouise Dreyer.

…and celeb expert Clayton Morar.

PE peeps forever!

Was v. bummed when Clay Clay got kicked out of Tropica Island of Treasure the other day. Sorry about that cooks! Let’s go somewhere dodge and drink the pain away, mmkay?

Actress Lee-Anne Summers and her envy-induging hair was also there. I never used to believe her when she told me that all she did was shake it out of a pony to get it looking glam for big nights out until I saw her do it in front of me.

Right now, you can catch Lee-Anne acting alongside Colin Moss in a play called Fat Pig.

TV personality Tammy-Anne Fortuin was also up for a party.

Can you believe her teeth are that white naturally? Totally thought she'd hit up the BriteSmile...

I tried to snap a shot of her gorgeous Louboutins, but the booze had kicked in and I couldn’t work an angle that didn’t give her what she refers to as ‘rhino ankles’. (For the record, biets, has killer legs and not one drop o’ the Big 5 in her…) You’ll be able to catch her later this mo, presenting All Access on the Mzansi Magic channel.  Also, you might have spotted her in a ‘Woolie’s Eat In for Under R100’  ad on TV the other day. I actually wrote that script, just so you know. (Brag, brag, brag…) ;-P 

I spent a full morning writhing in a fit of stress about it ‘cos I had to squish in a thousand ingredients plus a host of stipulated adjectives into mere seconds…I sat there reading it aloud with a stop watch, over and over, thinking, ‘there’s no way that this girl’s gonna be able to ream it all off in 10 seccies… they’re sooo gonna have to cut this bastard’, but chica pulled it off like pro.  

Another rad chick on the scene? Zolani from Freshly Ground. 

I like me hair with a touch o' Oros... yessirree...

Love her hair? She couldn’t remember the name of the salon that did it for her, but gave me the name of the mall, which I’ve also forgotten, and told me it’s ‘the salon opposite the Ocean Basket’. Will dig out my notebook later and clarify.

Naturally, Jeff ‘The Bod God’ was on the prowl…

Jeff, who's your friend? He's a total sweetheart, but I've forgotten his name. Sorry man!

…and fellow lipgloss lover, eTV’s Tanya Nefdt, was also there, getting jiggy with a Patron-infused margarita… 

Look how long her hair's got. It felt like she was rocking a bob, like, just the other day...

As it was a school night, not to mention the night before I had to start my new job, I decided to duck out early. Didn’t want to rock up on day one reeking of booze with me phuza-face on… but then again, I suppose it would be nice to let them know what they’re getting themselves into right from the start…  

Tequila... it makes us happy...

After saying our goodbyes, P and made our way out the building. Our tummies where full of yummy canapes (the fried baby calamari was delish!) and we’d made fast friends with tequila ‘new kid’, Patron Silver… but still, we had one lingering question gnawing at our souls…

Why didn’t anyone introduce us to this guy?!!!

Nighty night girls! And a big thank you to Cecily McLane from Splash PR who organised the event. We had a total blast. 😉


x x x

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