45 thoughts on “Making the switch to Capitec bank was super easy and it’s saving me a fortune in bank fees

  1. Great post! Had’nt realized the amount of banking fees I was paying!! I’ll be happily making the change to Capitec… Thanks for the great post once again 🙂

    1. Only a pleasure! I just wish I’d made the move sooner. The last few years I’ve been with ABSA has literally just been throwing money in the bin.

      1. Leigh well done im for yrs with Capitec love it. I see u love travelling. We can assist u with investments,savings,life and retirement( R/A long term insurance. Feel free to mail mr and my financial advisor will assist free of charge. We individual brokers for OLD MUTUAL,LIBERTY ND DISCOVERY. Hope to hear from u. Regards

      2. Why on earth would you visit Mexico ain’t you afraid of the drug cartels ,that country it’s not save

  2. I love how your account number & branch code is listed on the card – that is always helpful!

    Great post! I might be swayed to switch from Standard Bank to Capitec as well 😉

    1. Switching will save you a fortune Also, just so you know, I edited and removed some digits in Photoshop so it’s perfectly safe to display that 😜

    1. Nooo, that’s crazy. Go into the bank and find out why. The vast majority of their customers pay less than R50. Someone in the bank can tell you why and give you good advice on how to minimise that in a dramatic way.

      1. That’s crazy. Are you with Capitec? Go into the bank and they’ll explain it and show you how to get them down to the minimum. They’re great that way.

    2. Oh no! That doesn’t sound right. My advice is to go into the bank and chat to them about it. They’re very good that way and can show you where those fees are coming from and show you how to bank in a way that can reduce them dramatically.

  3. I’ve been using Capitec bank for years now.I love my bank,their friendly staff even on Sunday they are open.This bank is so amazing.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story, it’s like you talking tome . . . your story same exactly as mine. I once use ABSA BANK I can confirm that what you shared is what I know. But I was lucky enough to quit as soon as I realized the charges. I won’t lie to you I am using CAPITEC BANK and the charges are mncwaaaa believe me or not. This is the right Bank for the people like you and me . . . that Bank is CAPITEC BANK ***** rated 10/10.

    Just go there and find out for yourself, their consultancies are so smart and friendly, patient and very professional.

    Big up ladies and gentlemen there, you’ve got my vote.

  5. I opened my bank account with Capitec and closed my account with FNB a few years ago and it has saved me a fortune! I love Capitec, it is really a peoples bank! It’s not just the fees that are lower, the branch people are so helpful and friendly too!!

  6. It is true Capitec is very good. I was with FNB, I discovered that there is a person who is debiting me R99,00 per month. I went there to complain, they said i must trace the person because even though they can stop the debit order it might come back after 6 months because this scams change references. The process of was tidious. They stopped it but I never got my money back. I traced the company via the reference number. They said they are only doing debit orders for that particular company, then they gave me the numbers. I called, every time I call I find the same person. That guy was so fearless, he’s a white collar criminal. I was shouting at him, saying you must bring my money back otherwise I am taking legal action. He was just calm, and fearless. At the end, he brought back only R99,00. That’s the time I left FNB. 4 years down the line using Capitec, I discovered a different scam deducting from my CAPITEC account. I went into the bank, they reversed it same time back into my account. Now it’s very easy to reverse it using the Capitec App. So my duty is to monitor my bank statement, if I notice any debit order that I don’t know I despute and reverse it same time. Capitec is the best, I am happy with it.

    1. Well I am also one very happy guy ever since I went to capitec, when ever I had a problem they sorted it out straight away and you never waited in long ques and waited more than one hour to be served at standard bank, the bank fees were a ripp off each month at standard bank, I will never close my account with capitec as they always helped me when I needed it, you are awesome capitec!

  7. I’ve also been with Capitec Bank how nicely they keep you informed of everything that’s happening with your account even if you do not check , they let you know I just LOVE MY BANK,,,,,,,,,

  8. Duidelik capitec you have what it takes to manage my cash. I also have Global One it’s made my life really easy.

  9. Best bank ever captec I truly love it.. If you still using other 🏦 you are lost.. Just switch on captec and enjoy the benefit

  10. Capitec is mncwaaaaa,they always there for you as a client in every question you have.They have friendly cashiers.I’m saving already it gooood

  11. Very true, simple but sophisticated enough to be simple to everybody. Press button and waalla! no need to have sore feet in the que…in a flick raise your limit and solve your problem. Safe.
    Ola Leigh!!

  12. Capitec is the best Bank ever in South Africa. The first time I walked into the Bank I was looking for a loan ,from the time you walk in they offer assistance give u a specified number in terms of your enquiry. My loan was declined but did not feel bad about it. The guy who assisted me advised me to change to Capitec so they could monitor my account. I didn’t hesitate to change the account from FNB Bank to CAPITEC. My salary got paid to it. In 3 months I qualified for a loan. Saved monthly R99 from FNB cheque account with limited swap fees n transaction fees to free Capitec Bank gold savings account with unlimited charges . Linda is right you save a lot with Capitec. Now that there is a credit card life has never been Easier with my Bank. I love my Bank, its for life. Not forgetting easy to use App its wonderful. Thank You Capitec and all your staff. Proud!!!

  13. Yes that’s so good I have started to use capitec bank last year on September but now I see the difference why is the bank for people like me and u

  14. I love Capitec Bank and advise people every day, wherever I meet someone using a different card, to move to Capitec Bank. Capitec’s call centre is open 24/7 which I’ve used on two or more occasions with professional results. Your story from Absa to Capitec is similar to mine, the only difference is that I moved years ago! What I love about Capitec is that they send you a notification with your bank charges for the current and previous month and which includes how much interest you accrued. In the beginning, my interest covered by bank charges but now that I’m using Capitec for all my banking needs. I’m still surprised at how much I save compared to Absa. I also love how they include your expenses that have not gone through yet on your bank statement in a lighter font so you needn’t worry that you have overspent. About a year ago, I also convinced my husband to move from Absa, which he did although he still kept his Absa account, which I encouraged. Reason being is that I loved using the Cash send facility… but guess what? I figured out how to send cash to a cellphone number using Capitec’s facility. Guess where I’m sending my husband this week? To close his Absa account, once and for all! My only fear is that Capitec’s infrastructure will not be able to cater for the 100 000 bankers that move over to Capitec continuously. I would like to hear what you think about that? What are Capitec’s contingency plans where their infrastructure is concerned, please?

    1. Hi Bernice! I don’t know anything about their infrastructure but I know they’re anticipating lots of customers due to their epic service so I’m sure they can provide for that. If you’re very worried, however, give them a ring. But it’s nothing something I would stress about it. Right now I’m their happiest customer.

  15. Thanks capitec bank for saving on the fees not so much as FNB bank I use pay 150 fees pm lve my bank CAPITEC

  16. i must say i have peace of mind with Capitec being my bank i have no unneceAbsa we had as my son got drained by it,no insurance paid out for his car that got in an accident and instead they followed him with demands to pay while the car was written off and he also lost his job in the process
    I have one bank to satisfy all my personal needs

  17. Capitec is the best Bank ever and I wish they keep the good work for as much as we want. Yesterday I went to Standard Bank with my friend I couldn’t believe the old system they use and how slow is the line. The Cashiers don’t care about the clients service is so bad compared to my Capitec. I was using FNB Bank before until I switch to Capitec and since im with Capitec I cant complain.

    1. R300 x 5 is R 1500. Are you asking about the interest rate on a positive balance? If you want to earn interest on your savings it’s best to put them into unit trusts or something like that. Your bank would be able to advise you.

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