Hot Polo hunks

I’m v. v. excited about the Veuve Clicquot Masters next mo… Reckon I’m really getting into polo, ‘the sport of kings’… I mean, sure, I have no clue as to what the rules are – or how to tell who’s winning… but hey, that’s all so trivial… I prefer to focus on the most important aspect of the game… the hot horsie boys!

Kelly, a reader of mine in the States, happens to be the PR peep for the glamtastic-sounding International Polo Club in Palm Beach. She says they’re bang in the middle of polo season right now and, if I liked Mr Figeuro, I’d appreciate the hotness that is Nic Roldan. He’s the number one player in America and just so happens to be a client of theirs. 

Check out the drool-worthy piccie she sent me: 


This totally cements my theory that polo players are the biz-nizz…

Girls, don’t waste your time hanging out at sports bars looking for a ‘rakby’ player… get on down to the Veuve Clicquot Masters and sink your claws into a polo stud. 😉

x x x

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