Blinc mascara and eye liner review – love it!

Was v. excited to receive a fab new mascara and eye liner from blinc cosmetics the other day. It got sent to me all the way from Palm Beach, Florida, but you can get hold of them locally for R215,00 a pop by calling Paul Werner on 082 469 4993. He says he’ll deliver them anywhere in SA for 65 buckeroos.

Anyway, let me give you the low down…

Blinc mascara, (formerly known as Kiss Me), works a little differently to most other mascaras in that once you’ve slicked it on, it sets vas, forming little ‘tubes’ around each of your lashes.

Blinc mascara. I LOVE the little tin container it comes in. So cute!

Once set, these ‘tubes’ can’t smudge, clump or flake. In fact, the only way you’ll get them off is to hit ’em up with a little warm water. Then, each one kinda ‘melts’ and they slide off of your lashes in a flash.

Now get a load of my eye all dressed up in blinc mascara.

Forgive my bloodshot, tragic little oogie... this was taken around 6:30am as I had to haul ass to the office for a 7am review.

I love that the formula is a shiny jet black that doesn’t dry to an almost charcoal finish like other mascaras I’ve used. The brush creates a very ‘defined’ effect as opposed to a voluminous one and if two of your lashes get ‘tubed’ together, they’ll stay that way, so be sure to use either you fingers or an eye lash comb to fan them out a bit before application.

Now this piccie was taken THE NEXT MORNING! (Yes, yes… I came home a bietjie bronk and face planted into my pillow without taking my make up off… ) Hideous, yes… but it does a fab job of showing you how my eye shadow is smeared and worn, while my mascara DIDN’T BUDGE.

Around 9am the next day and not a smudge in sight!

Still, taking it off was all too easy. I simply ran the hot tap over a cotton pad and gently swiped each eye with a downward motion.

You can actually see the rubbery little tubes as they come off. Initially it's a bit freaky as it looks like your lashes are falling out, but trust me, it's just the tubes.

Tres, tres impressive. Blinc is definitely the perfect mascara for Pilates class, a hot, sweaty club, weddings or any movie where le pet winds up dead.

Their liquid liner, however, is my favourite product.

Blinc eyeliner

As it’s applicator makes use of a thin little ‘hair brush’ thing, it’s super easy to apply. (Seriously girls, if you’re useless with a pen or pencil, try a brush-on liner. It looks like it would be so much harder to use than anything else, but all you need to do is lie it flat against your lash line and drag it out towards the outer corner of your eye. After a few practise rounds, you’ll be a pro!)

See the liner on my hand?

It takes a mere minute to dry...

…but once it’s set, it doesn’t budge.

I took this shot AFTER I ran my hand under cold water AND rubbed at it. As you can see, it sat tight. Sjoe!

Only once I applied warm water to it, was I able to peel it off with ease.

In all, I adore the innovativeness of this product and love the cute packaging. Reckon it’s the ideal gift for any make-up lovin’ girl who’s got absolutely everything ‘cos it may well be something she doesn’t own just yet and is sure as hell to impress.

Love, love


x x x

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