For realzy?

Today, I went to Beluga for lunch to abuse their half price sushi, dim sum and cocktails. Was lovely, except for the fact that KP and I rocked up in SAME FREAKEN DRESS!
Again?! For realzy?!

To Karisa’s credit, she did buy the rokkie first… but still, it was tres embarassing. And look at her in that pic… happy as a clam to be getting her Sister Wives, ‘I’m, like, so amish’ act on, while I’m clearly pissed off.

Luckily we got over the fashion fiasco quickly – the sushi was just too yummy for us to be bleak. 

The Green Plate Sepcial, a mere R50 each if you share it with a friend.

Their new dim sum menu is delish too. I particularly like the beef fillet pakkies… 

Yummy dim sum...

Dim sum looks like the fast track to fat camp, but is actually pretty low in kiloujoules. If you don’t opt for the deep fried shizz, you’re looking at around 150 kJ a pop.

Love it!

x x x

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