Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector review

Clinique have discontinued their Pore Minimiser line and replaced it with three new Pore Refining Solutions products:

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum, Instant Perfector and Stay-Matte Hydrator.

I was given the Instant Perfector (R250) to try and it’s found a permanent home in my make-up bag as it’s definitely one of the nicest pore minimising/silicone-based/primer type products I’ve tried. Somehow, it tends to stay matte-looking a bit longer than others I’ve tried in the past. Still, in saying that, I’m not throwing out my blot powder any time soon.

I like to use it by applying my make-up first and then using my finger to swipe the teensiest, tiniest amount over my pores. Also, while Clinique doesn’t say it, it works just as well for blurring the look of fine lines. (I mean, a silicone primer is maar silcone primer mos.)

While it looks great the moment I apply it (and it doesn’t mess with my make-up in the least), a few hours later, my oil slick of a skin starts to get shiny again. It’s tempting to swipe it on once more but I find it then combines with my oil and make-up to look a bit ‘cakey’. Thus, once it’s magic has worn off, I start using my MAC Blot powder or oil blotting tissues again. If your skin type is drier than mine, you might find it manages to keep waving the Photoshop wand all day.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a new complexion perfector, this is a very nice one. I also like that it’s available in three different shades; Invisible Light, Invisible Dark and the one I tried, Invisible Bright. Many darker-skinned women end up looking ashy if they use your stock standard one ‘white’ shade only primers and Clinique’s colour options ensure you won’t be one of them.

Love, love


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