Interview with Michelle Mountain

Ever wonder what happened to Michelle Bruce? (She was an ex-Miss SA back in 1986 and my dad always thought she was a hottie… )

As it turns out, girl’s still a stunner and is now called Michelle Mountain. She’s a seriyas eco-warrior and the founder of Strawberry International, a company that imports and distributes organic beauty goodies that includes Jane Iredale, one of the world’s biggest mineral make-up brands.

I was invited to the launch of the Jane Iredale flagship store in the Piazza de Luz in Sea Point earlier this year and remember being struck by two things – the total awesomeness of drinking Villiera champers on an empty stomach and Michelle’s incredible, enviable skin. Seriously. Even though I was stationed towards the back of the crowd (so as to fill my face/handbag with as many canapes as possible), I could see her ‘radiating’ from the front, giving off the kind of glow us mere mortals only get with a little help from Benefit’s High Beam luminizer.

Glow baby, glow!


Look at her. You can just see she’s one of those higher beings who knock back eight glasses of H20 a day and say no to an evil, preservative-riddled, aspartame-addled bag of Doritos Collisions with ease. You just know she drives past McDonalds with her kids and they’re all like ‘Mommy, what’s that freaky, weird M thing?’

Anyway… I decided to ask her a few beauty related questions, hoping to gleam a some easy au natural beauty tips.

What beauty goodie are you most excited about right now?
Jane Iredale Tantasia! Now you can have a gorgeous, natural-looking, customised tan all year long! It’s amazing natural ingredients actually work together with your own melanin and create your very own, unique, tan colour! The wheat protein in Tantasia also gives you the most divinely moisturised skin! And to top it off, it smells delicious and citrusy! Love it!

What do you use on your skin? Tell, tell, tell!
I use very little … I cleanse with a Jane Iredale Magic Mitt then use either an organic jojoba or rosehip oil as a moisturiser. Once in a blue moon I will treat myself to some coconut oil, also as a moisturiser, and that’s it. I don’t believe in eye creams and lip creams and night creams. My skin is all the same organ from head to toe!

What’s the one beauty item you’d feel lost without?
I absolutely cannot be without my Jane Iredale PureGloss lip glosses…. They’re heaven on your lips. They taste and smell delicious and contain natural, moisturising ingredients that really do help with dry lips.

What beauty goodies do you always have in your make-up bag?
My make-up bag contains the follows essentials (all Jane Iredale of course!): PurePressed Base mineral foundation and applicator sponge, PurePressed Blush in Cotton Candy, PureGloss lip gloss in Soft Peach, Basic Brown Eye Pencil, the Bitty Brow Kit and that’s me done!

What products do you use to keep your hair in such gorgeous condition?
I tend to have dry hair and don’t visit the hairdresser much. I shampoo and condition with a natural, organic shampoo and conditioner and once in a blue moon I may use a dab of jojoba oil or coconut oil to give it a little sheen or extra moisture.

Last, but not least, what’s your beauty philosophy?
I really believe in keeping it simple – keeping all the products that come into contact with my body and skin only natural and organic – and in using as little as possible! The aim is to keep the toxic burden as low as possible.

And there you have it girls!

Gotta say, I totally agree with her regarding the PureGloss. I own Cherry Sparkle, a pretty lollipop red, and actually get compliments on it when I wear it. And it lasts and lasts and lasts!

Smells minty fresh, moisturises beautifully and clings to lips like mad...

Love, love



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