Behind the scene’s on a ‘pin up’ shoot using SA Playboy bunnies; beauty secrets abound

My friend Leah Hawker is a hot shot photographer (brag, brag, brag) who specialises in shooting naked chicas. Because of this, she does a lot of work for Playboy and has made friendlies with le bunnies. In October, however, she’s exhibiting a ‘pin up’ collection featuring a bunch of bunny girls styled as 1950’s ‘vintage’ pin ups soos hierdie:

Alice totes regretted blowing her all cash on sletterig silk suspenders as opposed to signing up with the AA…

Leah invited me to pop in on one of the shoots so I could whore her exhibition out on my blog while snapping up a few ‘how to look super hot when you’re naked’ beauty tips from the make-up artist, hair stylist and the girls themselves.

It takes a village, people…


One of the style sheets.


Mpho Tsila, Playboy SA’s Miss August 2011, strike’s a pose.

The make-up artist the day I popped in was Colleen van Rensberg who’s a freakin’ wizard when it comes to painting faces.

Colleen working her magic on Playboy SA’s Miss July, Yolandi Malherbe


Told ya, wizard…

Colleen’s top ‘so you’re going to be showing a bit of skin’ tip is to exfoliate your entire bod to stimulate blood flow. This will ensure your skin has a nice, healthy-looking glow that’ll pick up on camera.

When it comes to things like spider veins, bruises or stretchmarks, these usually get rukked out in post-production. Still, if you want to hide them with make-up, don’t do it with foundation. ‘Rather use concealer as it’s thicker and then set it with a bit of translucent powder so it doesn’t budge’, she says. Her favourite concealer-powder combo?

Jemma Kid Make-up School concealer duo (not available in SA) and MAC Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder.

Hair-wise, I got to watch celeb hair stylist Chantal Morgan create the most amazing rolletjie­­-thing (as seen on Yolandi in the pic up above) and turn Mpho’s extensions into a head of glamorous curls (and yes, she got a rolletjie thing too…)

Mooi, ne?

When Chantal’s not doing hair on Top Billing or Espresso, she works as a mobile hairstylist and will actually come to your house to sort you out, be it for a cut, colour or a sexy-style for a big night out. Kiffness, ne?

If you’re into any kind of regular heat-styling, she reckons you should invest in a good heat-protection product and hair repair masque. Her favourites are these guys:

Sebastian Trilliant thermal protection and thermal complex on the left and Kerastase Masquintense Nutri-thermique masque on the right.

In regards to the actual bunnies’ beauty secrets; Yolandi Malherbe was quick to recommend Bio-Oil. She says she uses it for ‘absolutely everything’; in the bath, in her hair as nourishing treatment, all over her bod. She even uses it on her face at night when she needs an intensive moisture boost.

Bio-Oil; when it comes to multi-tasking beauty miracle workers, this is SA’s most successful export.

She’s also a fan of Dirty Worx Bling It On! shimmer lotion, exclusive to Clicks:

What’s nice about this is that it’s subtle shimmer is warm and golden as opposed to a cold pearly pink.

Mpho’s is a big Bio-Oil fan too and likes to mix it with Lux body lotion. She was rocking the most lush-looking eyelash extensions and says she got them done at a salon called Casablanca in Matjhabeng, Welkom.

Fierce darling, tres fierce…

Yolandi Wiggett, Playboy SA’s Miss February, reckons having a tan, which is easy to fake, is a great way to disguise any flaws. She also says it’s best to forgo eating two hours before a shoot or at least avoid anything that could cause a little bloat; think wheat, dairy, fizzy drinks and the like.

Make-up artist Colleen on the left and Yolandi W on the right.

I’m now dying to see how all Leah’s piccies turned out so I’m looking forward to seeing them displayed at Exposure Gallery in Woodstock as part of the Nostalgia Now exhibition that starts in October. For more information, pop on over here.

Pink, pink, pink!

Love, love


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  1. Leigh you are brrrrrrillaint! I love this post its hysterical 🙂 It was so great to have you (and your koeksisters) on that shoot! Mwa!

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