Review: Prevage City Smart Double Action Detox peel-off mask

Ah, peel-off masks! I used to love these guys in high school. My besties and I would buy them in cheap ass single dose sachets, slap them on to an Alanis Morrissette soundtrack and then have fun picking off the bits while debating super important stuff like ‘who’s hotter – Pacey or Jordan Catalano’. (For the record my heart belonged to Billy Zane which is now kind of tragic to type as a 36-year old.)

Anyhoo! Prevage’s new City Smart Double Action Detox peel-off mask (R850) is a lot more advanced than the drugstore versions of my fading youth. (Can you tell I’m feeling melodramatic today?)

Hello new friend!

It aims to help rid your skin of microscopic dirt, oil and dead skin cells mechanically (literally peeling them away as you remove the mask) while leaving an antioxidant residue in its wake to protect your skin from pollution. In that way, (and I’m talking about the antioxidant shield bit) it reminds me a bit of Dermalogica’s Superfoliant which also helps your skin fend off free-radicals even after its left your face.

So, aside from the peel-off polyvinyl, what else is in the mix? An antioxidant mega-cocktail for starters, one that’s led by Prevage’s ultra potent Idebenone (boosted even further thanks to thiotiaine) and supported by a bioflavanoid-rich botanical mix that includes broccoli! It also contains lots of soothing aloe leaf juice and a mushroom extract that has a mild astringent effect on your pores.

You’ll see it dries to create an egg white-style film.

I’ve used it a few times now and I freakin’ LOVE the way it smells. It’s got that very specific ‘Prevage scent’ but it’s a much ‘cleaner’, ‘fresher’ version of it. It’s crazy but it they created a shampoo with this fragrance I’d probably buy it just for that alone. Like, the first time I used the mask at the launch (I stuck it on the back of one hand) I just couldn’t stop sniffing it. I could also most definitely notice that the post-mask hand was a lot smoother to the touch than the other that wasn’t quite as lucky.

But ja! Since I’ve progressed to putting it on my face I’ve found it’s definitely best to apply it in a thick-ish layer, not a thin one. This means it’ll take longer to dry (you’re supposed to leave it on for twenty minutes but it does dry faster than that) but if you spread it out too thin its harder to peel off as it tears away in itty bitty pieces. Rather be more generous and it’ll come off in large sheets which is very, very satisfying.

Bringing sexy back.

Also, just a quick heads up to those who have very sensitive skin. This product contains a high amount of alcohol so if that bothers you maybe give it a skip. I didn’t have any problems with it (I don’t have sensitive skin by nature) but did notice that the one time I used it after hitting up the retinol and AHAs a bit too hard (which caused my skin to become sensitized) I did experience a mild burning sensation. If, however, your skin’s a happy bunny you don’t have anything to worry about. Like I said, I’ve used it several times now and it hasn’t been an ish.

Anyway! Once it’s peeled off, my skin feels clean and smooth and yes, my pores do look smaller but as this is due to an astringent effect it’s only temporary. What I do like, however, is knowing that my skin’s then microscopically protected from pollutants and that’s always a good thing. And yes, I know there are lots of ways to add antioxidants to your face, but none of them are as fun as using Prevage’s new peel-off mask.

Love, love


4 thoughts on “Review: Prevage City Smart Double Action Detox peel-off mask

  1. Great stuff, Leigh! Will the broccoli in this count as part of my three veg a day? I get such a kick from peel-off masks. Recently discovered Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Mask. So good! Will check this one out too. Thanks. R

    1. It will most DEFINITELY count as part of your three veg a day. In fact, it’s so potent it will replace all three and you need never eat anything green again ;-P ;-P ;-P

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